BreadWallet Review 2021 – Secure Mobile Wallet For Crypto

Bread wallet is a simple and secure bitcoin wallet. The breadwallet is synchronized with the blockchain and is a non-custodial wallet with a digital mobile app. Bread often denoted as BRD cannot be hacked because they do not have any assets themselves and the wallet is just only an interface. I am going to tell everyone about the breadwallet review which is interesting to read.

The app has around 1.1 million users in 160+ countries and $7B+ protected by BRD. It is striving to be the service for the first time buyers of crypto. It is open-source, and the app is available on the App Store and Google play too. The app is simple to use.


What Is BreadWallet?

The breadwallet or the BRD app is a secure and the simplest way to store the crypto making. It is ideal for beginners to send and receive assets anytime and anywhere with complete financial privacy. With BRD not only can one store their bitcoin but they can also purchase it using different ways.

It depends on their location including the credit card in person, purchases at Bitcoin ATMs or fire bank transfer. Plus they even support converting their Bitcoin into Bitcoin cash ethereum and large numbers of ERC 20 tokens.

There is no sign-up, logins or personal information required to store the crypto. One needs to download the app, write down a short recovery phrase to store safety offline and the bread’s hardware encryption ensures that your funds are safe even if one loses their phones.


Who Founded Bread Wallet?

Bread wallet has laid its path first with the iOS users in the year 2014. A year later, with many efforts to provide security for android users, breadwallet introduced the following year. Well, Bread wallet founded by Aaron Voisine, Adam Traidman in the year 2014.

Adam Traidman is the CEO and co-founder of breadwallet. Previously, he was the CEO of WearSens is a wearable startup focused on monitoring eating habits. He is also the CEO of the Chip Estimate, acquired in 2008 by Cadence Design Systems.

Aaron Voisine is also the president and co-founder of bread. He led mobile app development at Yammer and Banjo. He is also the co-founder of Light, which is a video sharing app which sold in 2014.

The team continued with others including Aron Lasher and James MacWhyte, Samuel Sutch and Brent Traidman.


BreadWallet ICO

An initial coin offering, or ICO, is a new way for companies to raise capital through cryptocurrency. They create a digital coin and sell it to the investors in exchange for cash or more likely cryptocurrencies, usually ethereum or bitcoin.

These coins, like most tokens, do not come with any ownership stakes. That allows founders to keep control of their companies. So, how to convince investors to onboard? Well, the first step is to release a white paper that details the business model.

That way, investors can decide if they want to involve. Hundreds of ICOs launched each month, but only a few are heard, and one such is Breadwallet.

Through the ICO, Bread aims to raise funds needed to build the world’s largest decentralized bank. The breadwallet will stay free, but they will introduce additional financial services as a full features banking platform.

First of all, their pre-sale rose to $12 million already. The accepted tokens are the Ethereum, ETH. Through ICO, they rapidly expanded into all global finance. It supports Ethereum, ERC20 tokens with portfolio management. If you missed the Breadwallet ICO, then read the Breadwallet review further how you can still take advantage by using it.


BreadWallet Review

Bread is trying to build the world’s largest decentralized bank. Bread sees retail, and investment banking is a complete change due to cryptocurrency. Instead of banks holding the money, one can hold their own money by using a private key and a decentralized wallet called breadwallet.

Banks still offer key financial services that one wants as a consumer, for example taking out loans, paying the bills, receiving the wages, buying different products and having credit cards. So, the question bread asks is how do you deliver the benefits of decentralized banking with all the services that we enjoy provided by bank’s today?

So their model is to partner with services around the globe to provide the financial services that everyone needs. From the Breadwallet review it is intended to be the window of those financial services. As mentioned, bread is competing with coinbase to be the onboarding exchange for beginners in cryptocurrency.

Hence this is the Bread wallet review and is quite interesting to know all about it.


BRD Ease Of Use

The first step is to download the bread wallet, and anyone can get it as it is available on both Android and iPhone. So click on the breadwallet app download button and install it which is quite easy. The app interface is simple, and one can buy cryptocurrency right through the wallet.

The standard interface shows users with getting started options and also a restore wallet option. If people are new to this, then click on the restore option. Then restore and recover the old wallet in just a second. 

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After a little introduction, set a pin which is a 6-digit by clicking on the browse button. Next step is to write down the paper key and it is unique for every user. It is the only way to restore one’s BRD if their phone is lost, stolen, broken or even upgraded. 

After noting down all the 12 words, the interface asks for the random words to be written. If it matches only then the BRD wallet is verified. Then the home screen of BRD is displayed. One can use a fingerprint for additional security.

There is an option to add more wallets into the breadwallet. Several wallets adding options are available and some wallets like Ethereum, bitcoin, Ucash, QASH and many more.

If one wants to buy, just click buy and then add a payment method. We can buy bitcoin, DAI, ETH. There is a trade option to trade. 

If one wants to manage wallets, hit the menu button, click on manage wallets option and hide unwanted wallet to avoid clutter. There is a preferences option, bitcoin menu and many more options. Rewards applied to all the transactions made by an individual. 

This is all about the bread wallet and usage of BRD.


Is BreadWallet Secure?

Breadwallet is more secure since an individual control their private keys. With coinbase, individual funds stored in the coin based wallet. So if coinbase were to get hacked, their funds could be at risk.

Using bread, this is not the case. On Light coinbase, bread does not sell cryptocurrency. But they can still buy in the app because they are partnered with Gildera which is a broker that integrates seamlessly with the application.

Well, this is all about bread wallet being an example for other financial services. Hence breadwallet is very safe and secure.


Bread Wallet Privacy

From the Breadwallet review, one can say that it offers privacy to its users. The data of every individual is kept private. Even the management won’t be able to see or use the individual financial data.

It is completely secure to use. The app only receives and transmits information to the bitcoin network. That is the reason why people find a syncing notification on the home screen. 

BRD does not lower its standard by compromising on users’ private data.


BreadWallet Coins And Token Support

Bread answers this is two ways. One is bread token provides discounts on fees for financial services within the app. One can consider Binance coin as an example of this. If one is on Binance platform and they buy cryptocurrencies. If they use BMV token, they charged less.

The second way is the tiered status with premium benefits granted based on the number of tokens held within the app. The more coins held, the better the rewards and discounts. The team has a little bit of a different approach to how they want to roll out these perks.

They want to have a top-down approach where they deliver the perks starting with tier one, and as soon as those perks are realized and scaled, they add another perk and then push the first perk down to the second tier and so on.

The BRD token is supported inside the breadwallet so one can easily hold them within the app. These things are observed from the Breadwallet review.


BreadWallet Mobile Apps

BRD Bitcoin wallet is the breadwallet mobile app used by many individuals around 160+ countries. With almost 6 million users, breadwallet is the secure cryptocurrency and the bitcoin wallet. One can buy and sell the Bitcoins whenever they need it. They can transfer money from millions to even a single dollar anywhere in the world.

BRD is the safest wallet as it does not rely on any servers. Hackers cannot attempt to steal your money as it is secure. A person needs to handle his own money, and there are some risks involved in it. Most people do have a basic question, to why use Bitcoin. If they couldn’t find the answer, then the whole concept of breadwallet is not relatable.


Is BreadWallet Anonymous?

Yes, BreadWallet is anonymous and allows its users to send and receive bitcoins in its default form. The main advantage of this bread wallet is to maintain anonymity. But, if you want buy or sell bitcoin inside Breadwallet, you need to complete their KYC and you don’t remain anonymous anymore. Blockchain itself is pseudonymous One cannot know who is sending money to whom.

Coming to the other side is the disadvantage. It is the best way for illegal activity. The doer of the illegal transaction details is unknown and these wallets are paving a path for them. 

These are the pros and cons of Breadwallet anonymity.


BreadWallet Rewards

As we know, BRD token is the base for the rewards-based in breadwallet app. It implies not only earning tokens and trading. One can earn discounts and other added advantages for the users. Bread is free and is decentralized.

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It provides benefits for free users too. Bread has launched a platform known as the rewards program, which helps users to gain special offerings. It is different from other reward programs and has a fixed number of BRD tokens.

One should meet the tier-1, known as the Perk 1. This is the first tier and is the start point. If one meets the tier-1, Perk 2 is unlocked, and users should move on and on. This entire process is known as rewards waterfall.


Can You Buy Bitcoin With BreadWallet?

There are several breadwallet supported coins like the Ethereum, Binance coin, Augur, SALT, OmiseGO and Bitcoin. So, yes, Breadwallet app supports buying of bitcoin. One can buy it through the app interface directly.

The app accepts the fiat currency like the USD, CAD, EUR, DKK, GBP. So users can use their fiat currencies to buy bitcoin. There is another option of using credit cards too. The only drawback is that a fee of 5% is to be paid while buying a bitcoin through the app.


BreadWallet – Coins Supported

Bread wallet app supports various cryptocurrencies. It is one of the best apps currently running with more than 6 million users worldwide. More than 100 cryptocurrency wallets are available inside the BRD itself.

So users simply need to add the required wallet and can use it for various purposes. Some coins supported are the Ethereum, Binance, CUBE, AVM Ecosystem, BIX Token, Bancor, Aeron, Amber, Atonomi, Gnosis, Ethos and many more. 

So download the app and check out the various wallets and get a user-friendly experience.


BreadWallet Fees

Well, both buying and selling of the bitcoins have a fee that charges right away. So let us have a look into the fee taken for buying and selling BTC. One can buy a $100.00 worth BTC. With the bank transfer, it is going to take around 5 – 6 business days. The fee is $1.21. The BTC obtained is 0.0105.

Compared to other wallets, BRD charges less fee for buying bitcoins. Similarly, if a user wants to buy a $1000.00USD worth BTC, then the BreadWallet fees are $0.791 which is decreasing for the increasing amount. The BTC is 0.1055.

Coming to the selling part, if users want to sell a $100.00 worth BTC, then it charges a fee around $2.37 which is like 2.370%. It is quite high when compared to other wallets and it takes around 1-2 business days. 

Similarly, if they want to sell a $1000.00 worth BTC, then it charges around $20.50, which is 10 times higher. I would recommend buying BTC through the breadwallet app.


Pros And Cons Of BreadWallet

# Pros Cons
1. It is a chain of command wallet. Breadwallet regulates the flow of BRD tokens and other cryptocurrencies. It is unregulated which is a great disadvantage for breadwallet users.
2. It has an easy access nature on all the platforms. Breadwallet for pc, Android, iOS. Even though the wallet is decentralized, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks.
3. The account registration is simple and easy. It requires a simple signup. The BRD tokens are fixed and it is variable only with increase in users exponentially. 
4. It has ease of connectivity with different networks of blockchains. The syncing to blockchains is very slow while setting up the app.
5. Users can purchase various cryptocurrencies through the breadwallet app. It has less functionalities for users who want an easy to access interface.
6. Bread wallet is the safest app and easy to use app. It has no live chat support or other programs.


Bread Wallet Alternatives

Coinbase is the best alternative for bread wallet. There are a lot of good pros of using coinbase. Also, Exodus is a good alternative because it is independent and does not find blockchain as beneficial.

Other best alternatives for Bread wallet is the Trust wallet and Gatehub Wallet. There are around 5 to 6 wallets that work simply perfectly and are legit with no scams.


MyCelium Vs BreadWallet

# BreadWallet MyCelium
1. Bread wallet provides users with control over their money. Mycelium does provide control over one’s money to the users.
2. It has simplified the validation process throughout the usage. Well, Mycelium has a centralized validation process which has a risk of theft.
3. The basic transparency here involves no server and the problem of hacking is omitted. It has the transparency which is basic for security, speed and other features.
4. The secure environment of breadwallet is best as the iOS strong security protects from viruses, black holes. This has unique features that manages the users keys and stores them for security purposes.


How To Recover BreadWallet?

When a user loses their phone or crashes unexpectedly, there is an option in the BRD app, to restore their account from the Breadwallet review. So this feature is convenient and easy to perform. By clicking on the restore wallet option on the breadwallet PC, it prompts to a new page.

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Users simply need to enter the 12 words shared with you at the time of wallet set up. The 12 words should be typed in order and click on next. If the order is correct then you are signed into the account and set up a pin to protect from fraudsters. 

This is the process involved in the recovery of breadwallet.


BreadWallet FAQ

Now that you’ve extensively our Breadwallet review, you may still have some questions and want to take away a summary of this information. Check it out to know more about the BRD wallet.

How Do I Transfer Coinbase To Breadwallet?

From the Breadwallet review if a user wants to transfer bitcoin from coinbase to Breadwallet, then open the coinbase website or app. Now click on the Send option from the accounts and it shows a tab which asks for the recipient’s address.

So, enter the breadwallet address there in the block. One can find the breadwallet address when they swipe the home screen from right to left. 

Copy and paste the address in the coinbase window and enter the amount. One can click on the Send Max button, to send the entire BTC directly. It has a network fee on the coinbase platform. So click continue, and enter the 2-step verification code. It’s done.


How Do I Cash Out My Bitcoin On BRD?

To cash out bread bitcoin from the BRD app, tap on the Sell button located on the top of the screen. All one needs to do is select the bitcoins from the wallets present and then enter the required amount to be likely.

Now select the bank transfer option as the payment method and hit the next button. Once again check the status and confirm to proceed. Enter the pin to confirm the request for sale. This is the process that involves how to withdraw from breadwallet.


What Is My BRD Wallet Address?

A BRD wallet address is the address assigned to its users for the transfers from one account to another account. This provides the complete transferring of currencies into the individual’s hands. As the breadwallet is decentralized, individuals have control over their money.

When users swipe from right to left on the BRD app home screen, they can find the QR code along with the wallet address at the bottom. So, one can email it or copy the address and share with others or oneself. I have stated this in the Breadwallet review.


How To Use BreadWallet?

Using the breadwallet app is very simple. It requires a simple signup procedure to follow. Note down the keywords as security and set up the pin or fingerprint. Then simply receive coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin and other wallets that one uses.

One can trade the bitcoins, to buy, sell to people around 170 countries. It is super simple. Unlock the perks of the rewards waterfall and enjoy the amazing discounts on charges etc. Send and receive money through friends and this is the best wallet used for many businesses. This is how to use breadwallet easily.

If any queries regarding the BRD wallet, one can contact through their bread wallet support number or can send a mail.


Takeaway – BreadWallet Review

BRD or the breadwallet download is easily done through the play store in Android and iOS too. It is easy to use the mobile version and the web version too. One can add the BRD wallet bitcoin and other cryptos too. So all the FAQs and other information is provided as a breadwallet review.

Well, breadwallet Github is used as a platform for development both on Breadwallet Android app and Breadwallet iOS app. It has a process of installing the JAVA version above 7 on the PC and follows the process. Also, the breadwallet bovada is an online platform that supports online betting on sports, poker and other online games.

You can use breadwallet litecoin to boost your portfolio and the app provides the usage of litecoin for iOS users. Soon the android users can experience it through their wallet. This litecoin is used as an alternative to bitcoin for more transaction speed.

People can find solutions to their problems by contacting breadwallet customer service.