Crypto Kirby Review : Is Crypto Kirby A Scam? 7 Shocking Truths

Crypto Kirby anonymous team provides tips for scam investments and has gained an enormously bad reputation in just one year. If you didn’t know about them and the word Crypto scam gains your attention and you want to know more about Crypto Kirby and get an unbiased Crypto Kirby review, you are at the right place.

CryptoandFire is the best blog to educate yourself and help keep yourself safe from Crypto scams. If you are here raging with fire after being scammed by Crypto Kirby, then I’m sorry for your loss. Please read between the lines when signing up for any shady program and before sending your hard-earned Crypto to them.

If you are here to take precaution and protect yourself from Crypto scams, then I welcome you! We cover it all for you, so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Crypto Kirby Reviewcrypto kirby review – is it a scam or legit?


Who is Crypto Kirby?

The “Crypto” in the name suggests it has to do something with the cryptocurrency but it is not that simple when it comes to Crypto Kirby. Ever heard about the team of Crypto traders having a fake understanding of the mechanisms related to the crypto market and the fake knowledge of the technical analysis? Well, that is exactly who or what the channel Crypto Kirby is all about.

The team has provided fake calls about scam coins trying to artificially pump and dump. Also, since the channel is anonymous and no one knows who is the real owner behind the channel, this made them change admins and channels multiple times.

Also, they have high prices to make people think they provide quality signals that commands so high price. After providing dubious investment tips for almost a year, their true face is coming out. Finally, they gained an extremely bad reputation in the recent past.

One major reason for which they are different from their competitors is the YouTube channel that they own. Generally, Crypto trading channels operate out of Telegram. They quickly understood the whitespace in Crypto Trading in YouTube and took advantage of it. But, this is the first modestly successful Crypto Trading scam YouTube channel so far.


What is Crypto Kirby YouTube Channel About?

The Crypto Kirby YouTube Channel is all about posting trade forecasts with trading charts and setups for beginners to take advantage. The major use of this YouTube channel is to attract new users to check their Crypto Kirby Vip Elite Channel present on Telegram. It is like a sales funnel to build awareness through free signals and make the customer pay for Crypto VIP signals.

I am writing this Crypto Kirby review because the YouTube channel proved a success for the team with almost 56k subscribers and has almost thousands of views on every single video.

This is rare as people tend to unsubscribe a channel as soon as they learn their ulterior motives. But, they could have purchased bot subscribers and views too. So, who knows? Only they will know what tricks they do to make the channel look successful to others. But, still on regular basis, the channel uploads almost 20 to 25 minutes long videos.

Title of every video are click-bait ones that makes beginners who don’t understand Crypto to click and watch. This makes them gain the Crypto expert credibility in the eyes of unsuspecting newbie traders. So, always be on the lookout for “expert” traders and don’t believe in anything without verifying.


When Did They Start Their Crypto Trading?

It is still not clear when exactly the trading started. However, the crypto Kirby review revealing scams was published on 17th March 2019 on Medium. An anonymous subscriber left a review sharing his awful experience about his experience as a VIP member of Crypto Kirby Trading group.

The channel has changed hands multiple times behind the scenes according to public unverified sources. But, it doesn’t matter when they started but what did they do to acquire paying customers and how they executed this business model.


What Is Crypto Kirby VIP Elite Telegram Channel About?

In our Crypto Kirby review, let’s move to the Crypto Kirby VIP review and check what it exactly offers. It is a Telegram channel that provides so called reduced risk trades with more upside left for you

  • Crypto Kirby VIP offers risk management. It helps you reduce the risk of making wrong trades
  • Additionally, it offers Market analysis. It helps you not to be influenced by market manipulation and other factors
  • The owner shares his trading positions like the steps he has taken and the steps he is going to take
  • It shares the technical analysis for different crypto Kirby bitcoinor other cryptocurrency positions
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However, it is still unclear if the admin of Crypto Kirby is a great trader himself who is accused of scams or is a leaker and a scammer stealing the signals from other traders.

As like any other trading channel or group, they have a private VIP group with the name Crypto Kirby VIP Elite that provides everyone with exclusive access to their trading calls. Most paid crypto paid groups try to post in their premium channel and make VIP members accumulate and then post the same call in free channel to pump and dump on their own free and paid customers


Crypto Kirby VIP Cost

If your next question is “how much is Crypto Kirby VIP”, I’ve got the answer for you. The VIP elite channel of Crypto Kirby has almost 7k+ users, where they share their insights and ideas.

However, they only have two scam posts inside the channel. Paid subscribers are in for a surprise once they make the payment. And remember, the cost to enter their VIP channel is huge.

Let’s check the amazingly high prices of Crypto Kirby VIP.

1 month usage = 0.15 Bitcoin

3 months usage = 0.85 Bitcoin

Lifetime usage = 3.5 Bitcoins

We are not going to guide you on how to join Crypto Kirby VIP trading group because it has no value. Beware of any such group before spending your hard earned money.


Crypto Kirby VIP Review

With all the information shared previously, you will have idea of what my Crypto Kirby VIP review is going to be. Crypto Kirby VIP is not worth the price because other services are providing higher quality real trading signals at lesser prices.

Crypto Kirby VIP Leaks Trading Signals

To choose the cryptocurrency trading signals, there are certain strategies to follow and the first thing to do is to identify the source. It is necessary to choose a source having great security and caution. Do your own due diligence before trusting any premium or paid trading signals.

They are here to make money for themselves. If they truly have a strategy that works, they will not sell it to other people and use it as a cash cow for themselves.

Unfortunately, Crypto Kirby failed to assure this because of the Crypto Kirby VIP leaks and spam. This ensures that the quality of the signals that Crypto Kirby provides is not worthy.


Does Crypto Kirby Scam Innocent People?

If you are thinking to join Crypto Kirby VIP, let me assure you it’s absolute spam. The team of Crypto Kirby is an expert in manipulating inexperienced traders and scamming them. They ask innocent people to pay them thousands of dollars worth in Bitcoins, for getting leaked signals which is a total scam.

Crypto as a new asset class is difficult to understand. People don’t know the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the network and Cryptocurrency is the value. Cryptocurrency works on top of blockchain to move value or money in the network.

Traders like them are targeting naive people who will believe everything they will say, by posing as Crypto experts. Please be on the watch out and question everything before believing. In Crypto, once you send a transaction, there is no customer service or anything to get your payment back, if you are not satisfied with the service.

This is because Crypto is trustless and no third party to escrow. You take full responsibility of storing and transacting your assets.


Crypto Kirby Anonymity and Disclaimer Saving Them

The admins of the channel have never allowed anyone to conduct an independent audit. This indicates that there is something that they want to hide and don’t want others to know. However, for now, their anonymity is surely saving them.

Hopefully, someday we will all get to know the truth behind this channel. But, until then, be safe and safeguard your friends and family from getting into bad experiences like this when they onboard into Crypto.

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Crypto Kirby Review
Crypto Kirby Review


Crypto Kirby Trading Exposed

An anonymous user published an article on Medium exposing the scam of Crypto Kirby. Although being a VIP member, he claimed he had an awful experience. When the anonymous user paid the Bitcoins required, he just got a link for Telegram chat in return.

Also, without any warning or reasons, he was then kicked out of the group after 3 weeks. He then sent multiple messages to Crypto Kirby but got no reply. Having no choice, he decided to expose Crypto Kirby Trading.

Disclaimer: We have no way to verify this claim. This is an unverified review with no blockchain proofs of their payment and needs to be taken as such, to just educate yourself of scams in the Cryptocurrency space and not against any brand.


How to Not Fall For Crypto Scams?      

This is exactly what I want you to takeaway with this article. How do you learn to not fall for scams in Cryptocurrency space? It is not an easy task because scammers put in a lot of effort to make it look legitimate with social proofing and testimonials. Once you see them, you start thinking ‘wow, this guy/girl should be a Crypto expert’.

The scammers will always want you to send them money by appearing in emails. They will either try to threaten you or give you some business and investment opportunities. When they ask you to send money or tell you how the amount you invest will increase magically, know that it’s a scam and you have to avoid it.

Here are some steps to recognize the spams and avoid them.

  • Be aware of the blackmails where the scammer tries to threaten you as a mean of extortion in exchange for Bitcoins
  • Always search before investing in exchange and go for a reputable exchange when buying or selling cryptocurrencies
  • You will need to double-check the authenticity and never indulge in free giveawaysthat just grabs your personal information for free
  • To avoid hackers, always double-check the addresses you are sending Bitcoin to
  • Never reply to strangers that ask for help moving their money. You never know what you will get back
  • There are multiple scams in Crypto Twitter and Crypto YouTube impersonating famous people and asking to send Crypto to get double the Crypto back. Remember, there is no free lunch.

Don’t fall for these scams and repent later. Be alert and learn as much as you can before sending someone any Crypto.


How to Follow Trustworthy Crypto Traders?

As an investor, the first and foremost thing to do is to check reviews on the traders and find good current information. Stop and think if the opportunity sounds too good and beneficial for you. Also, put your time and efforts into checking the company and individuals better. Make sure to interact and question them on complex concepts to see if they are truly experts in trading Crypto.

If you are convinced they are legitimate, now is the time to ask questions about trading groups before investing. Then, it is better to verify your information through government agencies or legal professionals, if you are making a big investment. Also, make sure the traders have a transparent withdrawal system. Finally, read the contracts or terms of service thoroughly and don’t sign them blindly.

Let’s now see how we can use two famous trading platforms for Crypto and help you with some legitimate traders that you can follow for free


Trading View Expert Crypto Traders

TradingView is the best congregation place for all asset traders. They have the best community for Crypto, Forex and Stock market traders. TradingView charts are famous and are integrated within multiple Crypto brands now.

The main advantage of TradingView is that it not provides charts but allows authors to share their trading strategies with others and encourage discussion. A lot of people lurk on the site just to have discussion on experts’ trading setups to learn and flourish.

Here are the Top 6 Best All Time Crypto experts according to TradingView who trade Crypto majorly and whom I have personally subscribed to

  • DLavrov
  • AlanMasters
  • MagicPoopCannon
  • Botje11
  • Goldbug1
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I can assure that if you follow them, you will get great quality crypto signals based on my experience. Remember, these are just to watch other opinions on where the Crypto market is going to move. You need to do your own research and be an adult to make your own investing decisions. As we say fondly in Crypto, DYOR!

Don’t just blindly believe anyone. Learn from the experts but develop your own strategy over time and test your strategy against theirs and see how you perform. Once you gain expertise, learn how to do high frequency trading in bitcoin


eToro Copy Trading

eToro is a stock and Crypto trading company that provides financial trading services to their users. One of the major reason why I like eToro is their Copy Trading feature. It will allow you to check what the traders are doing and to automatically copy their trading.

You can see how an expert is trading and emulate their portfolio to see the same gains or losses as them.

Copy trading is as simple as when they trade, you also make a trade.When you are still learning the basics of Cryptocurrency, this can come in handy. But, don’t invest heavily when you are relying on others ideas.

Moreover, this is available for you for free. No extra cost or any asset under management fee like in the traditional finance world. Beware of their Cryptocurrency fee though.

Similar to TradingView, they also have a community feature which is a place to share trading ideas, connect with people and learn.

Etoro helps you view any traders’ portfolios if they participate in the Copy program, their statistics, trading risk scores, strategies and much more. You can directly chat, discuss Crypto trading strategies and gain ides from their abundant  knowledge and experience.

It is not restricted to Cryptocurrencies. eToro has all of these features for Commodities and Stocks too. It is best for beginners but it is recommended to use this feature as stepping stone to developing more knowledge and your own strategy, rather than getting comfortable with what is shared there. Finally, learn to build your own Crypto bot and take your profits to the next level.

Crypto Kirby Review
Crypto Kirby Scam Review


Conclusion – Crypto Kirby Review

So, you know that we don’t recommend going with Crypto Kirby Trading based on public Crypto Kirby reviews shared on Medium or other scam listing websites. Their trading signals are not strong and based on what I have seen in their public YouTube channels, they are wannabe experts posing as experts and attracting newbie investors.

We are posting this Crypto Kirby review of ours to educate anyone entering the Crypto space to not fall for scams and think the whole Crypto space is a scam. Obviously, with any new technology, there are bad apples trying to make money through hook and crook.

Be diligent, do your own research and don’t believe in anyone. Don’t trust but verify is the mantra of Crypto Trading and Investing community. With some public evidence, it is clear that the Crypto Kirby team is following unethical practices and luring users to pay high Bitcoin fee to join their Crypto Kirby VIP telegram channel and then not providing value.

To keep your Cryptocurrency safe, you first need to know about the trustworthy traders that allow many questions to verify their expertise. You can join the list of traders in TradingView that I mentioned, as a first step in your Crypto journey. I am sure you will learn a lot from them just like me and develop your expertise in Crypto over time.

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