Decentraland Review – What Is Decentraland? Beginners Guide

Decentraland is a virtual platform where you can do commercial business with any kind of Virtual Reality application. In simple terms, it is a whole new virtual world. A user can roam or build anything like land, environment, outfit, models, game items, rules, applications, and more. They even hold ownership of their creations. Look into our Decentraland review to learn more about their services.

The platform runs through an Ethereum Blockchain technology. So, there is no possibility of losing any digital item. Everything in this virtual world is yours. A user can buy Decentraland assets and use them in any profitable way.

Most of the blockchain markets offer only trading like buying, selling, or exchanging. But, Decentraland is different from others. It is not only a blockchain-based commercial platform but also a virtual world itself. They offer creative creation, ownership, and all sorts of customizations.


What Is Decentraland Coin? Is Decentraland MANA An ERC20?

Let’s talk about decentraland coin review. Coin means regular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, and so on. Coins can be used as real currencies to deal with different payments, buying, selling, exchanging, and more. Decentraland coin is nothing different either. You can complete all sorts of blockchain transactions using them.

But, there is a major difference in terms of usage. Even though most virtual platforms allow many cryptocurrencies, Decentraland only allows a certain token known as MANA. Mana is a certain type of token that is made of ether currency.

It can be used in an Ethereum blockchain. Unlike a coin, a token has higher functionality than just being a currency. It is used to operate functions for different applications and DApps.

Here, the coin is actually a token named MANA. There are many types of token-category but MANA is an ERC20. ERC20 is a form of token that can be used to record the transaction and used for DApps. Although, the decentraland coin price is not stable and may change over time.


Where Can I Buy Decentraland (MANA)?

Here are our decentraland reviews on MANA. The total amount of mana is limited. It is 2.6 billion and there will be no extension. You can buy Decentraland MANA from different cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Some popular platforms like,, are worth mentioning.


How Do I Buy Decentraland Land?

The procedure to buy land in decentraland is pretty common like any other commercial crypto platform. You need a metamask account along with valid currency to buy Decentraland lands. As all the property comes as nifty, you need a metamask account to transfer the currency into the Decentraland account.

Then, you can just buy Decentraland lands from the official Decentraland marketplace or Opensea marketplace. There was an auction system but everything has already sold out. Depending on the marketplaces is the only option now.

As a reminder, every land has unique coordination and code. It makes sure that you will get the land original and as unique as the real world.


How Do You Make Money On Decentraland?

There are many ways to earn from Decentraland. As it is an open world and ready for any kind of virtual customization. You can do anything here and promote them to earn as well. Let’s have a look at our Decentraland review to learn some popular usage and earning ideas.


Buying and Selling

Buy Decentraland items and sell them at a higher price. It is the most efficient way of making money in Decentraland. You can sell any of your Decentraland assets. It is possible to even customize your place to create any virtual program or item and sell them.

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If you are capable of creating different games, eye-catching scenes, or even something interesting with the environment, you can rent them for others to have a close look at them. Users are often interested to enjoy different lands and everything in it.


It may not be direct earning but you can earn from lots of views. If you have a rare and great collection to show off then people would love to see them. Using a sponsored advertisement can be an earning opportunity for them.


Template for Trial

It is rather a specific way of earning money. You can use your land to create templates for games or any VR application. Publishers always look for templates to try their project at the starting phase.


Environment Exploration Charge

You can build a whole new open-world with a fascinating environment and funny stuff. If you can attract regular users and professionals to explore your world, you can earn a great profit from the ticket.


How To Sell Trade Or Buy Decentraland (MANA) In US?

There are many popular websites to buy Decentraland MANA. If you want to get a deal from the US then here are some popular websites for you. Crypto platforms like gemini, coinbase, and crypto are the most popular ones. There are some other websites to mention. Kucoin, coinswitch, kraken, sengo, yobit, binanceUS, zengo, changelly are some of them.

Top 5 Best Exchanges To Buy MANA Decentraland Token By Trading Volume

According to the coinmarketcap and coingecko’s latest Decentraland review, we have the list of the top 5 exchanges to buy bancor here. As a reminder, this list may vary every 24hrs depending on the popularity. Check the latest update every time.


HBTC is also known as Huobi BTC. It offers a 1:1 exchange rate.


Another popular token that can automatically be converted into another token as per choice.


It is one of the largest platforms that offer multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


OKEx is an exchange platform based on malta. It also offers Derivative and spot trading.  

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase offers cryptocurrency exchange in 32 countries with fiat currency. It is available in 190 countries for bitcoin transactions as well.


Step By Step Guide To Buy Bancor Network Token BNT

In the Decentraland review, we are offering proper guidelines to buy BNT through different platforms. You need Cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum to buy BNT (Bancor Network Token). The process is pretty easy and straight-forward. Follow our step-by-step instructions to get it done.

Register For A Crypto Exchange Account

There are many websites available to get Decentraland MANA Token. Go to any of your favorite exchange platforms’ official page.  Create an account on the website and verify it with proper information. False information may block your account temporarily or permanently.

Fund Your Account With ETH Or USDT Or BTC To Buy MANA

Store fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency as you need them to buy BNT. After funding, exchange the fiat currency with a cryptocurrency like ETH, USDT, or BTC. Go to the exchange service to get it done. Finally, fund them into the account or card.

Buy Decentraland Token MANA With ETH Or USDT Or BTC

Now go to the exchange’s trade order page and provide your desired values to limit or market buy MANA. Later, confirm the exchange with the necessary credit and information about the transaction.

Move Your MANA Decentraland Token To A Hardware Wallet

Store the MANA into a hardware wallet for the highest safety of the token. Check your storage to confirm the MANA availability. I recommend Ledger Nano or Trezor for the hardware wallet.

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Decentraland Price Prediction

You may wonder about the need for price prediction but it is the most important thing in the cryptocurrency world. The Decentraland currency is known as MANA. Many websites update the current pricing stat and prediction if the value will rise or go down.  

Getting the cheapest price and waiting for the highest profit is the way to the crypto world. If you want to earn sufficient profit through Decentraland, it would be a great idea to track the price with predictions. According to the users’ Decentraland review, most of the time they are quite true.


Decentraland Review – Is Decentraland A Good Investment?

Talking about Decentraland review, the first thing that comes to mind is an initial profit. The profit depends on the usage of your property. If you don’t have a plan to go for the development then there is a risk of losing the value of it. The greatest profit comes from VR development.

Practical implementation like app development, VR environment, game, scenery, animation, and many other things possible in Decentraland. Developers need such features and many of them want to explore to experience any possibility.

As the crypto world is growing and the limited land availability of Decentraland, investing in the development is the safest profit option. Although, it is not the only way to invest. Other possibilities hold greater risk for a long investment duration. Check out our Decentraland review to learn about possible earning projects.


Decentraland Map

Decentraland map comes with both private and community spaces. They have a different marking. Each land has a unique address so there is no duplicate virtual place. All the combined land is known as Genesis City. There are 90,601 land parcels available. There is an interactive map with highlighted locations.


Explore Decentraland Land Map

You can register as a guest or verified user of your choice. Guest users can only explore. Exploring is pretty easy though. Just click on the marked area on the map. You will be teleported right into the place. Follow our Decentraland review to learn more about their land markings below.

  •         Dark grey colored lands are marketable and privately owned by someone.
  •         Purple color defines private districts.
  •         Green squares are known as PLAZAS and players respawn there.
  •         Light grey and straight-lined colors define roads.


Decentraland Builder

It is the service that lets you build any scenery and all the customization around it. It offers 4 different scene pools, land, and name setting. There are ground, nature, and all the other necessary 3d sprites to work with.


Decentraland Districts

Districts cover a large area of land and you can own them as a Decentraland user. It has different sizes as well as different themes depending on the owner and developer’s choice. You can play games or experience a rouge-like city. They are usually purple-colored on the map. There are 39 Decentraland approved districts. Check their list on the official website.


Decentraland Casino

Some users allow playing casinos in their private lands. In a decentraland casino, players can use MANA as their value to play the casino. The game strategy has made it a fair way to enjoy. It is one of the fun things to do in Decentraland.

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Decentraland VR

As everything in Decentraland is 3d technology virtual maps, it is the VR that allows users to build anything virtually. You better learn more about virtual reality if you want to invest and do great business in Decentraland.


Decentraland FAQ

There are many questions regarding Decentraland review and its discrete usage. We will answer a few of them depending on the user’s experience. Check the decentraland forum to learn even more.

Where To Buy Decentraland?

You can buy Decentraland items and services directly from the Decentraland marketplace or Opensea marketplace.

How Do I Buy Land In Decentraland?

It is as we have already mentioned in our Decentraland review. To buy land on decentraland, use fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency then use them to exchange with Decentraland MANA. Use mana to buy Decentraland lands from recommended marketplaces.

How Much Does Decentraland Cost?

At the time of writing this article, The recent decentraland price is $0.1161/MANA. It may change within 24hours. Usually, it stands between 0.10-0.11$.


Takeaway – Decentraland Review

Concluding our Decentraland review, it is one of the most popular Virtual Reality platforms. Unlike most platforms, you can use this open world to do anything like showcasing or development. It offers lands and services. MANA is the only currency to buy Decentraland items and services. You can buy it through cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

As a reminder, everything in Decentraland comes with a unique code and there is only one of it. So, whatever you are buying is original and there is no duplicate or fake token. You can use it for commercial investment, practice your development skill, or even passive advertisement business as well. Follow our Decentraland review to have deeper learning on them

There are many things like map, customization, wallet, trade, investment, advertisement, template, and so on available here. So, you have to take the time to learn them step-by-step. It can be a great investment depending on market stability. Make sure to keep an eye on the Decentraland price prediction before doing so.

Surprisingly, as blockchain transactions are getting popular every day, there is a promising future ahead of them. Decentraland has already taken attention from many users who are interested in learning Virtual Reality or even experiencing them.

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