Easiest Home Improvement Card To Get In 2021

There are situations where a person is planning to build a new house or to renovate the old one. Nowadays, the cost of living has increased a lot and to renovate a house is not a normal thing to say. Some of the easiest home improvement card to get for remaking or new constructions stated here.

These credit cards provide benefits for its users with good discounts, and the acceptance is easily acquired. From food to furniture, everything is fun with these instant credit cards. The best home improvement credit card 2021 and the entire process is discussed in detail. Do check out the article stated below.


When To Apply For Home Improvement Credit Card?

People who want to build a new house or to remodel a house can apply for a credit card. They may have one or more credit cards also. They can apply for the easiest home improvement card to get as early as possible.

But before applying for the easiest home improvement card to get anywhere, do not be in a hurry. Check out for the card that meets the requirements. Do research more about discounts and credibility. The APR is one such factor to notice.

The annual percentage rate depends on the sum of the compound interest and the interest fees, to the total loan taken. It is often known as the effective APR. Choose credit cards that provide a low APR rate. Better if you can get 0% APR on balance transfer cards to float balance.

The process implies the pre-approval of the application. And then maintaining good credit is another criterion. Now the rewards offer is obtainable and used for many purposes. Beware that some credit card issuers have their own rules. For instance, if one has credit cards more than five within the past two years, then Chase Bank rejects your application as it violates their 5/24 rule. It is five cards within a 24 months period.


Which Home Improvement Card Is Easiest To Get Approved For?

There are ways in which one can apply and use credit cards easily. These have good pros similar to other credit cards which are best in the US. Some of the easiest home improvement credit card to get explained below are as follows


Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card – 640 credit score

Lowe’s Advantage credit card is one of the easiest home improvement cards to get online. It has a pre-qualify option to check whether the person qualifies for the Lowe’s Advantage card. The process involves entering the last four digits of the SSN (Social Security Number) and the respective mobile number.

It does not affect the credit score, and if they are qualified, then they can apply instantly for the credit card. It has its everyday advantages like a monthly financing or more fixed monthly payments and offers. 

Well, coming to the credit score of 640 is fair as it says. The only thing about Lowe’s advantage card is that it has an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 26.99% is high. However, it is the easiest home improvement card to get.

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Home Depot Credit Card – 640 credit score

The Home Depot credit card is one of the easiest home improvement card to get in the United States. For home repairing and improvements, one can choose between the cards, and I recommend consumer credit cards.

It extends the budget and offers six months financing with a minimum order requirement. One can undergo a pre-qualify check without altering the credit score. They need to fill the form asking for name and the email address, street address, and the last 4-digits of the social security number.

However, a Home Depot Credit Card with 640 as a credit score is fair enough to remake the house. It often has a credit of $500, and people can contact the support line to increase the credit limit. But it involves more efforts. It is the easiest home improvement card to get for house renovation.


Ikea Credit Card 

Ikea’s Visa credit card is the easiest home improvement card to get, and it offers exclusive earnings. Ikea is the easiest home improvement store to get a credit card with 5% cashback in rewards, 3% cashback and rewards related to groceries, food, etc.

A 1% cash back rewards on all the purchases are done with the Ikea credit card. The best thing about this Ikea Visa credit card is, it has no annual fees, and they can instantly apply. 

If an individual has a pre-approved credit card offer to gain access to an Ikea card, then click on the pre-approved offer option and enter the prescreen ID for validation. The APR is 21.99% which is less than the Lowe’s Advantage card.

This card is available to users in and around the United States and is the best choice to opt.


What Is The Best Home Improvement Credit Card?

As discussed above some of the easiest home improvement cards to get and use it for home remodeling is fine. But, they have few drawbacks too. One such is the high APR’s and the annual fees.

Also, the offers and the discounts are quite less. It is beneficial but not perfect for home remaking purposes. One needs to maintain a good credit score for the discounts stated above. Why not choose credit cards that provide more offers, zero annual fees and much more.

Few best home improvement cards are discussed below. Check it out to know more about them.


Bank of America Cash Rewards For Fixer Uppers

Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card is the best rewards card for home improvement. It offers a 3% back in the required choice like online shopping, food, travel, medical stores, gas and the home remodeling furniture.

Similarly, 2% cashback on grocery stores and 1% cashback on the other orders and deals made every day with the credit card. There is a website or can download the requisite app to earn these rewards. 

It is treated as the best home improvement card because it has no annual fee with increased cashback. Another important point to notice is that the APR is 0% for the first 12 months period of purchases.

After a year, the APR ranges from 13.99% to 23.99% is less than the cards mentioned above. This is one of the easiest home improvement card to get online.

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US Bank Cash+ For Buying And Filling Your Home With Necessary Stuff

Yes, this is the best credit card for home improvement purchases. The US Bank Cash plus offers cash backs in simple three steps. One needs to simply activate the card each quarter with 5% and 2% categories.

Now earn the cashback of 5% on the first $2000 in the combined category. Other purchases award 1% cashback. Finally, redeem the cashback online into the bank. Do note that only the US residents are eligible for the card.

The APR ranges from 13.99% to 23.99% after the 12 months of billings. Until then it is 0% APR. Apply for the credit card at US Bank Cash+ for buying and filling the home with necessary stuff. It is one of the best home improvement store credit card.


AmEx Blue Cash Preferred For Stocking Pantry 

It is one of the easiest home improvement card to get mainly for grocery. The 6% cashback is the highest cashback offered ever by any banks in the US. Spending $125 for two weeks then they can get $195 cashback per year.

Also, spending $1000 in the first three months, they can earn $300 cashback which is great! As similar to the above mentioned best credit cards, the APR is 0% for AmEx blue cash. After 12 months, the APR varies from 13.99% to 23.66%.

6% back on supermarkets and streaming subscriptions from the US. 3% cashback on transit and Gas stations. Thus, 1% cashback on other purchases which are a great deal. I think this is the best home improvement cards.


Citi Double Cash – 0% APR Balance Transfer For Peace Of Mind

Double cashback is the theme behind the Citi Double Cash card. This is one of the easiest home improvement card to get. It offers 2% cashback on purchase which implies 1% cashback on every time one buys and 1% cashback as they pay for the purchases.

It has no annual fee. The APR offers 0% on the intro for 18 months. Later on, the APR falls from 13.99% to 23.99%. This is the basic cashback offered by the Citi double cash cards which are easy to use. 

But it does have a balance transfer fee of $5 which is relatively less adaptive than the others. It has no caps on the amount earned from cashback. 

 It does not have a track of them. But other cashback cards have a track of these caps which may alter future purchase offers.

One can earn the 1% cashback just by paying the due on time. However, They can obtain a maximum cashback of 1% on the payments done too. So, in total, it becomes a 2% cashback card on all purchases.


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 Amazon Prime Rewards Card For Amazon And WholeFoods

With the Amazon Prime Rewards Card, people can get 5% cash back at the whole food market. This is also the best home improvement credit card with 5%, 2%, 1% cash backs with different options.

By applying for the card, an instant gift card worth $50 is given on instant approval. A 3% cashback avail on the whole food market. Also 2% cashback on restaurants, gas stations, and 1% cashback on utilities. 

One can redeem the reward points while purchasing on the platform. It has no annual fee. There lies an option between 3% cashback or 0% promo APR for 6-18 months. After the term, APR varies from 14.24% to 22.24%.

It is the easiest home improvement card to get when compared to all other credit cards mentioned above.


Takeaway – Easiest Home Improvement Card To Get

The main theme of acquiring a credit card here is to improve the home conditions. From floor to furniture, everything is replaceable by using a credit card. So to acquire one, in the simplest way possible I have provided the detailed information above. 

Well, few easiest home improvement card to get is by applying for Lowe’s advantage credit card, Home Depot credit card and Ikea credit card. But these come with few vulnerabilities of high annual percentage rate with a non-zero annual fee.

Users should maintain a good credit score to qualify for a credit card. But replacing these few cons of the cards, I have noted a few best home improvement credit card 2021.

They are the Bank of America Cash Rewards, US Bank Cash+,  AmEx Blue Cash, Synchrony, Airline credit cards and others. Each has different uses of using it. 

The Citi Double Cash is a good choice too as it has no fees for transactions made. Also, it offers double cashback of 2%. This is quite fun using Citi Double Cash cards.

These cards have zero annual fees. The APR ranges from 13.99% to 23.99%. Only for Amazon Prime Rewards, the APR ranges from 14.24% to 22.24% which is a good range too. Well, offers and discounts on cash backs vary from bank to bank, but they work well and are legit. To maintain a good credit score to gain more discounts. 

Finally, choose a card that best suits the requirement and these are the best home improvement cards as of now.

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