About CryptoandFire

CryptoandFire or “Crypto and Fire” is a blog authored by CryptoFIRE about building income streams through investing in traditional assets, cryptocurrencies, blogging, optimizing taxes by going Digital Nomad and using the right Credit Cards to help reach your dream of Financial Independence easier.

Crypto And Fire


The mission of CryptoandFire is to document the journey to financial independence and retire early through blogging, investing and making smart decisions in life.

Through monthly passive income updates, smart credit card choices updates and blogging as a side hustle, this blog chronicles the journey to financial independence and shares different ways to gain more time now.

CryptoandFire History

CryptoandFire began on 4th of July in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic during a full lockdown work from home situation. The usual commute hours went into researching and writing quality content on the website.

I have always wanted to be the creator of content but never really took the leap until the Independence day. I thought if I really cared about Financial Independence, there is no better day to start sharing my knowledge and creating an income stream.

What is CryptoandFire here to help you with?

  1. Cryptocurrency – Technology and Investment
  2. Financial Independence and Retire Early 
  3. Personal Finance
  4. Putting Credit Cards to your maximum advantage
  5. Optimizing Taxes by going Digital Nomad
  6. Passive Income

Goal of CryptoandFire

I am here to help others learn how to build income streams through blogging, investing and making smart decisions in life through optimizing Credit Cards usage, lowering Taxes by going where you’re treated the best and other personal finance techniques that can help keep you in top financial shape.

A millionaire has an average of 7 different income streams. Additional income streams opens up further options and becomes a flywheel in itself.

You will see yourself taking baby steps to a more flexible, balanced lifestyle, growing confidence, fulfilling work, and eventually financial independence.

To show how to build an income stream through investing, I will be sharing detailed passive income updates, what cryptocurrencies I have invested to secure my future, dividend stock analysis and discuss my overall aggressive investment strategy.

Money is just a tool. The underlying reason for building income streams is financial independence and to retire early and go do things I like. In addition, I’m making some smart investment decisions by choosing the Credit Cards that provides me free travel. Call the country home where you’re treated the best and who badly wants your business and work on ways to legally lower your taxes.

About The Blogger

I am a data analyst by profession who loves to crunch numbers at daytime and come home wondering how my passive income numbers for the day look like. Slowly making progress towards the dream of financial independence gets me high every morning. I believe in being rich rather than looking rich. Follow me for Cryptocurrency, FIRE, Personal Finance, Credit Cards and Digital Nomad updates