Sorare NFT : Sorare Token, Best Sorare Crypto Review

Are you a big soccer fan? Do you love playing soccer all the time? For some people, soccer is just a pastime game to play in free time, but have you ever thought of playing soccer for trading purposes?

Yes, you heard it right, it is possible, and we have the best recommendation of Sorare for you! Introduced in 2019, Sorare is a complete fantasy-based football platform working under Ethereum Blockchain. It includes some most significant leagues from North America, Asia, Europe, and South America. Let’s get into more discussion of what Sorare token is all about!


What Is Sorare?

Sorare coin is a fantasy football game which revolves around Blockchain. Through this platform, users can enter into exciting tournaments, trade players, and compete to win countless prizes every week.

It is merely a fantastic process in which the supply of cards is limited. Hence, this means you have to own the best players to get rewarding results during trading. Once you get to register, you will get around ten free cards.

Every season, you will get a limited supply of cards that won’t expire. You are free to enter into different tournaments unlimited times.


Who Created Sorare?

Sorare coin was developed by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018. This platform is all about buying, selling, and trading virtual teams by using digital player cards.


When Was Sorare Crypto Created?

Sorare coin Crypto was founded in December 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort.


SoRare Investors

The list of Sorare investors are:

  • Chris Hitchen
  • ConsenSys Ventures
  • Kima Ventures
  • Seedcamp
  • Thomas France
  • Fabric Ventures
  • Andre Schurrle
  • Partech
  • Semantic Ventures
  • Cygni Capital
  • Cassius Family Fund
  • Benchmark
  • Accel
  • Alexis Ohanian
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Andrei Brasoveanu
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Oliver Bierhoff


Is Sorare Decentralized?

On the Sorare NFT platform, it is believed that individuals fully empower public blockchains. Decentralization is always available at the high cost of performance and complexity. Sorare is aiming to support the primary stream adoption of blockchain technology.

With the help of Sorare NFT, you are free to play and collect, by using officially licensed football (a.k.a. soccer) player cards. Combining the world’s famous sport with Blockchain technology is a recent advancement. But there is still a need to include it with some latest technology choices in future.

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How Does Sorare Crypto Work?

All the soccer NFTS are filtered with four various positions. Hence, this includes midfielder, goalkeeper, forward, and defender. There must be at least one player from every position and the last player from another position to form a team.  To view all your cards, you can head over to the gallery.

As soon as you collected enough players to form a team, you can click the option “compose my team.” A new page pop-up in which you have to choose the players for each position! Click on the star symbol to choose a captain of your team. Once you have finally assembled the team, click the “validate” option.

Each player from the team will be available in 111 supply and three types of rarity. The overall breakdown will be 100 rares, ten super rares, and one unique.


How Many SORs Are There In Sorare?

The total number of SORs available in Sorare is 108 as of 16th January 2021.


What Makes Sorare Crypto Unique?

Sorare NFT is operating on Ethereum’s underlying blockchain networking system for securing distribution and ownership of cards. Every single player card is unique and is personally owned by the gamer.

Player cards at Sorare coingecko are validated through Blockchain, where the value deprecates or is appreciated based on market rates.


Is Sorare Crypto a Good Investment?

The best thing about Sorare token is that you don’t need to think about depositing any money. All you have to do is enter bank details, and in just a few minutes, you will successfully register yourself on Sorare token.

Once you become a Sorare token member, you have to choose ten free bonus cards. You can use these cards to enter all tournaments or choose one tournament out of various options. Hence, you have to use standard cards for the rookie league, which a team manager can use almost eight times. If you want to transfer or move to a higher league, you need to invest in your account.


What Is SOR Token?

SOR token works as a digital collectible card. It is quite similar to a limited-edition printed card or artwork with some tangible value inside the online marketplace.

You can freely sell or trade the Sorare token or cards. Similar to the Blockchain-assets, they cannot be stolen.

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How Many SOR Tokens Are There?

SOR tokens act as a representation for specific football players. A SOR token includes:

  • Unique: 1 copy
  • Super Rare: 10 copies
  • Rare: 100 copies


Is SOR An ERC-20 Token?

ERC-20 is an Ethereum Token! It has made itself a technical standard where it is mainly used for all sorts of smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain to implement the token. It even provides you with some basic rules which all Ethereum-based tokens have to follow.

Furthermore, ERC-20 is quite similar to Litecoin and Bitcoin in terms of trading. These tokens work as blockchain-based assets which you can send and receive seamlessly.


How Do I Get SOR Crypto?

To buy SOR crypto, you should have a wallet that is an online app to hold your currency safely. You have to create your account on the exchange and then transfer all your real money to buy the SOR token.


Can I stake Sorare Token?

You can stake SOR token through Blockchain technology. You can also call them cards which act as licensed digital collectibles. Players can use and trade the token safely.


How Do You Make Money With SOR?

You can earn points and make some money in almost all the SO5 league games. The league’s score is derived from the data on Opta, where the awarded and deducted points are calculated of each player.

By scoring one goal, you will earn seven points where one missed penalty or a red card will lose you 5 points. Captains will also receive some bonus points. Captain will get the rewards for each tournament which includes Rare as well as Super Rare Cards.


Is Sorare Crypto Legit?

Sorare token is a legit platform that is all about a fantasy football betting system. This Sorare token platform is working under the official partnership with various teams such as Juventus and 100+ others. You can use the Ether to play against the rest of the players by making your team.

You can trade your winning by using your ether card, which you can sell in the market based on your wallet’s real either. Through this platform, you will get ten free cards for joining. This whole Sorare token website runs as an affiliate program.

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Sorare Prizes

Sorare prizes are categorized into 4 divisions based on the latest primary market prices:

Star 2%
Tier 1 10%
Tier 2 25%
Tier 3 50%


SOR Crypto Login Process

  1. First of all, you have to first right-click on the top button on the right, displaying you 0.000E. Hence, this is the balance that is in your Sorare token NFT Wallet.
  2. Now click on the map account so you can associate your Sorare account with your Ethereum account.
  3. Now click the ‘Sign’ option to finish the connection.
  4. Next step, click ‘Deposit’ to quickly send the ETH from your Metamask into your Sorare account. Now, confirm the transaction. In just 15 seconds, your transaction process will come to an end.

Sorare Crypto Alternatives

The best alternatives of Sorare token are Salad Technologies, Varady, or Wager Games, and EON Foundation.

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Takeaway – Sorare Crypto Review

We are sure that with this helpful guide on Sorare review, you will have a better understanding to trade on this platform. If you find it exciting and fun to try on, then sign in to Sorare right now without wasting any time!

Create your account and claim ten free common cards to enter in a few rookie tournaments. You can have full access to this Sorare guide platform without depositing any funds. Dabble with Sorare token and see how it feels to use NFT as an early adopter. Are you ready to play soccer?

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