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Many online websites and markets cater to the need to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. One such website is GateHub. This post provides a comprehensive GateHub wallet review to show all the pros and cons of this cryptocurrency exchange platform.


What Is GateHub?

Have you ever mentioned cryptocurrencies in front of digital enthusiasts? If so, then you are bound to have heard of GateHub wallet. We’re pretty confident that said enthusiasts might have even gone on to provide you with some GateHub wallet review as well.

This is because GateHub is very popular among cryptocurrency traders these and there is a reason behind this. We will discuss this in our GateHub wallet review in much more detail below. But first, if you’re a rookie trader and haven’t heard of GateHub before, then you have come to the right place!

Unlike other GateHub wallet reviews online, we will explain- in great detail- all of the features and functions of this website. This way, you will be able to understand precisely what GateHub is, how to use it, and how it can benefit you as well. So, keep on reading!

GateHub is an online e-wallet. It is a platform where you can make e-wallet transactions using different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Gatehub was created in 2014 and has taken over the digital market since then.

It was initially built specifically for the Ripple cryptocurrency, also known as (XRP). However, over the years, with its immense popularity and growth as an e-wallet website, it has also started dealing with other kinds of coins. 

Its primary purpose is to help people store their online crypto coins and also allows them to make various kinds of other transactions. Now you can buy and sell these crypto coins too and trade them with other crypto enthusiasts.

The wallet allows you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. It helps in storing and receiving each of these. The website can be accessed online through any web browser and supported by other devices such as iOS, Android, and many more.


Where Is GateHub Located?

As mentioned earlier, GateHub was created in 2014. It is a UK based company. It started in the business hub of London. Now GateHub is a multinational company with various branches in different parts of the world. However, in this GateHub wallet review, we will only talk about the platform itself and not its offices.

You will be happy to know that GateHub is open to all customers and users from all across the globe. Since GateHub is an online platform, you can access it from anywhere in the world. It is a digital wallet that caters to the needs of all global e-wallet and crypto policies.

Gatehub caters to all its users’ and customers’ needs, as per the region’s cryptocurrency laws. It is recognized globally by almost all countries and the crypto giants of the world.


Is GateHub Safe And Secure Web Wallet? 

Now that you know what GateHub is let’s move on to the part of this GateHub wallet review where we explain to you what exactly it is and how it caters to the crypto world’s needs.

The first question that most probably pops up in your mind is whether it is safe to use GateHub or not. The safety and security of GateHub is an extreme concern for most people. However, luckily you will be happy to know that there is no GateHub hack that will enable hackers to get around the system.

GateHub uses the latest, state-of-the-art security protection protocols to ensure that its systems, and your investments, are entirely safe and sound. The words “GateHub down” will never have to cross your mind when you use this platform. It has an extremely dedicated team to ensure that.

If you ask anyone for a straightforward answer, they would say that GateHub is very secure. To deal with its customers’ security concerns, the website has installed many helpful security features.

First of all, you should set your GateHub KYC, a security key feature, to ensure full security during login. This way, no public internet will be able to record your keycode as you log into GateHub.


How does GateHub Wallet work?

By now, you probably have realized that GateHub is an extremely safe e-wallet to use. So, in this part of our  GateHub wallet review, we will talk about how it works.

The GateHub wallet is user and customer friendly. It is straightforward to access and use GateHub wallet. The first and foremost thing you must do is go onto the GateHub website. The GateHub website can be accessed from all corners of the world.

It supports all desktop and devices such as iOS, Android, and much more. Once you go into the GateHub website, you can then signup for it. The Signup options are pretty much available and present on the website.

Once you click on the signup tab, you will be asked to write down your email address and then choose an appropriate password for your GateHub wallet account.

The password must be strong, and you must not pass it on to others to ensure that your account at GateHub is adequately protected. After this, you must click on the “I’m not a robot” box and then agree with the Terms and Conditions box.


Gatehub Recovery Key

You will be taken to the Wallet Recovery key. This is an additional security code for instances where you might forget about your login details. You must note down this security key. You can even download it and keep it somewhere safe so that you don’t face any issues.

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Once you have saved and managed your login details, you can easily click on the Activate button. The account now tends to be activated. You can then click on the individual button and can quickly sign into the website. Your account at GateHub is now ready to use. 

Once you have done so, you might want to explore the various features that the GateHub wallet tends to offer. In addition to possessing standard cryptocurrency e-wallet features, the Instant Payment feature, GateHub provides a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange platform.

This exchange tends to support eleven different markets, very extensive functionality, and a unique one. This sort of feature is not offered by any other multinational e-wallet website in the world. GateHub works with the Ripple Network and is supported all across the globe.

There are no specifications about the various transactions or dealings which are being made. Traders tend to make orders based on their own set of preferences. So, the website does not restrict you on these matters.

If you are afraid of losing your GateHub account’s password, then don’t worry. The next section of this GateHub wallet review will tell you how to log in if you have forgotten your password.


How To Get a GateHub Recovery Key?

The GateHub recovery key is a code you use to log in if you have forgotten your GateHub account’s login details. When you signup for GateHub, the Recovery key will pop up on your screen.

This recovery key is different and unique for everyone. It varies from user to user. So, you must save your GateHub recovery key the minute it appears on the screen. It would help if you wrote it down or downloaded the key onto your PC so that you don’t lose it.


GateHub Account Locked – What To Do Now?

In this part of our GateHub review, we will help inform you of the steps you need to take if your GateHub account has been locked.

There can be moments and times where you forget your GateHub login details, and you find yourself being locked out of your account. This is probably a nightmare because, unlike other sign-in websites, GateHub does not restore or save your login details.

So, the recovery key only appears during the signup session, and after that, it is nowhere to be found or seen. In case you ever do log out from your account, you must sign in using your recovery key.

However, in circumstances where you might have lost your recovery key, it is advisable that you immediately contact customer service.


GateHub Fees

One prominent feature of this platform, which we wanted to discuss in this GateHub wallet review, is the fees GateHub charges for using the platform. As you know, there are many platforms out there which charge a fee for the use of their services.

GateHub has no such fees. Instead, it requires users to have a minimum amount of XRP to be present in their accounts at all times. This way, if a user deposits 10 XRP, only eight will be available for use because GateHub won’t let you bring your wallet done to zero.


Is GateHub The Best XRP Wallet?

As we have probably established many times in this GateHub review, we believe that this cryptocurrency platform is one of the best- if not the best- XRP wallet out there.

It is one of the best websites and platforms that tend to the Ripple network and other cryptocurrencies. It is incredibly easy to use, friendly for customers and there are guidelines available for those who may not know how to access it.

If you are still not convinced, here is GateHub compared with CODEX, another extremely popular crypto wallet of its time:  

  GateHub CODEX
Founded 2014 2018
Type centralized centralized
Languages English English and other languages
Fees None. Depending on the amount, a percentage is charged
Mobile Apps iOS, Android None
Security Verification Available Available
Security Key Save the GateHub Recovery Key at the time of signing up No
Deposit options Many platforms available such as Paypal Depends on currency and volume


How To Use Gatehub?

Gatehub wallet is a digital wallet that allows ripple coins to store in it. Not only the ripple coins, but it has few cryptocurrencies listed in it. Some of them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple and the fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

One can buy ripple on gatehub or use a gatehub wallet as the source for XRP. One can trade on the website. Another option of exchanging the cryptocurrencies is available in this wallet. It is simple to use and require a simple sign up.

Then simply gatehub login and upload the requisite documents like license/passport front and back and utility bill. It is secure and is user-friendly. This is all about the gatehub wallet review.


How To Buy Xrp On Gatehub?

To buy XRP coins with gatehub, you need to sign up for an account and complete KYC requirements. Once you finish KYC and AML, then you will get the option to trade higher amount. From next time, simply log in to the account and click on the trade option. Then, click on the buy option and enter the amount in USD or EURO or other cryptocurrencies in the wallet. 

Then, you see the current market price of XRP and hit the buy option. It is easy to buy XRP on the Gatehub platform. Thus, Gatehub XRP partnership is a strong one and a easy user experience to buy, sell and hold them in the wallet balance.


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What To Do With Gatehub Error Validating Pin?

The gatehub phone verification is simple. One needs to ensure that the mobile number registered is available to receive messages internationally. The same mobile number allows for at most five accounts.

When logging into the account, always enter the correct GHV pin else it shows error. Sometimes users may click multiple times for a pin, and thus the GHV may or may not be sent to the user within a short time frame.

It results in gatehub not sending verification code in time. So, one needs to wait for 2 hours or more.


Does Gatehub Require Destination Tag?

Users can add more wallets within the gatehub platform. While adding, make sure to add a ripple gatehub wallet. It means the digital currency is controlled by oneself. On the other hand, opting for a hosted gatehub wallet is a bit worrying because the flow of money is within the gatehubs control.

In this case, a gatehub destination tag required for depositing money into the wallet. With a ripple gatehub wallet, no destination tag needed.


Gatehub Not Sending Verification Code – What Now?

As said earlier, make sure that the user’s computer time matches with the gatehub platform. Sometimes this may be a problem for the gatehub not sending verification code. Also, while entering the 6-digit code make sure it is correct.

Check for the mobile number used is the same on the screen too. Do check for the phone and make sure it can receive international messages.


Gatehub Verification Code Not Working

One can check for all the methods mentioned above for the user to log in. Sometimes the server might be busy and gatehub down. So do not panic. Wait for an hour or two. Try again and again.

Even if one is not able to log in, then contact the customer support of gatehub. Hence, it is the gatehub wallet review in case the gatehub verification code is not working.


Gatehub Login Process

I am providing a Gatehub wallet review and logging into the website is a simple process. Firstly, enter the gatehub home site and click on login if one has an account. Else create an account by clicking the sign-up button.

Now enter the email id, and password and click on the enter button. Then a pop up to enter 6-digit GHV is shown. The two-factor authentication pins are sent to the registered mobile phone and enter it in the pop-up.

Thus the wallets home screen is shown, and one is ready to rock and roll.


How To Transfer From Coinbase To Gatehub?

One can transfer from Coinbase to Gatehub with ease. A person with an account in Coinbase can send money to another person with a Gatehub account. The only requirement is the Gatehub address should be shared while transfer.

Now enter the Gatehub address into the Coinbase by hitting the send option. That’s it. Select the amount and hit the send button. 

After a few minutes, money was sent into the Gatehub.


Kraken vs Bitstamp vs Gatehub

# Kraken Bitstamp Gatehub
1. The trading volume of Kraken is 184,509,912 USD Trading volume of Bitstamp is 134,724,737 USD The trading volume of Gatehub is 146,330,257 USD.
2. Kraken is best rated as the 12th exchange on the market which is 9% of the market. Bitstamp is rated as the 14th exchange on the market with 6% of the market.  Gatehub is less rated when compared to the Kraken and Bitsmap but works safely.
3. Kraken supports fiat currencies like the USD, CAD, JPY, EUR, GBP. Bitstamp does support different fiat currencies like the USD and EUR. Also, GBP and swiss francs are used but cannot be traded. It supports fiat currencies like the EUR and USD.
4. Using Kraken users can trade with 17 different cryptocurrencies. Few implies BTC, BCH, DASH, XLM, XRP, GNO etc. Bitstamp supports only five different cryptocurrencies namely BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP. Gatehub provides trading with cryptocurrencies like XRP, BTC, CNY, ETH and others. 
5. Kraken has almost 50+ trading pairs Bitstamp has only 11 trading pairs less when compared to Kraken. It has around 17 trading pairs like the ETH/XRP, USD/XRP and others.


 Is GateHub Legit?

Gatehub is safe to use but it is definitely not the platform for beginner people to store their long term cryptocurrency holdings. From gatehub wallet review in public social media, I can say that many users find it as a wallet with many problems arising later on that’s not user fault. Instead, try to use a cold wallet like Ledger Nano if you are going for long term storage and huge amount of investment.

The gatehub recovery key provided while signing into the website do not work later on. Even the two-factor authentication fails and the GHV is sometimes hard to get. It is good to use and the gatehub buy ripple option alone works. Users face and report a lot of issues from around the world.

It is legit but not as efficient as the other wallets. So this is my gatehub wallet review and one can study more about the company at gatehub wiki.

One can know more facts and what users feel about using this wallet on gatehub twitter.


GateHub Spark Tokens

Flare Network recently took a snapshot of the XRP blockchain and gave everyone 1:1 Spark token for every XRP coin they hold in a supported exchange or wallet. This airdrop has a real significance which we may come to know after the SEC Vs Ripple lawsuit.

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You can access your GateHub Spark Tokens once the network launches in H1 of this year. They also support the deposits, withdrawals, trading, and exchange of Spark tokens. You can use and utilize them without any form of interruptions, after the Flare network launch. For now, there is no price discovery and we don’t know what the price of Spark token will be. 

However, if you want, after the Flare network launch, you can even directly cash in your Spark tokens by transferring them to online e-wallets, thus converting them into any currency of your choice. The alternatives to Gatehub comes slightly later in the Gatehub wallet review, so keep reading.


GateHub Hack

In June 2019, a scandal broke out after GateHub and EpicBot, another cryptocurrency e-wallet, were hit by a cyberattack. GateHub’s database was hacked into by the perpetrator, who then used around 18000 customer accounts, accessed the cryptocurrency wallets in them, and stole the tokens.

This led to significant monetary loss. However, GateHub is able to verify that there’s no compromise in user data. Furthermore, it proceeded to work with law enforcement to catch the hackers, as well as strengthen its security systems to prevent future attacks.

As of now, GateHub has fully recovered from this attack and is perfectly safe for use.


GateHub Alternatives

There are many different sets of alternative currency websites you can use to transfer money from GateHub.

Paypal: Paypal is an e-wallet website around the world. It does not only cater to online transactions, but it also has the feature of cryptocurrencies. It tends to deal with their set of alternatives as well. However, you can buy and sell your cryptocurrencies along with handling many other types of transactions there.

ShapeShift: Shapeshift is also one of the alternatives of Gatehub. It was founded in 2014 and is an instant digital asset exchange website that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Much like gatehub, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There is also a mobile app that is available for Shapeshift users.

Bitfi Wallet : The next best alternative for the cryptocurrency is Bitfi wallet. We already have a review about it in detail. It is a good wallet for users who have recent interest in cryptocurrencies with small investment.

Poloniex: Poloniex is the same as all the others. It was also founded in 2014 and has been a cryptocurrency exchange since then. It allows users to buy, trade, and sell all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

The website also offers popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you can make your trading more than $100 million. In Poloniex, there are few choices of cryptocurrencies to trade, and you only have to pay the blockchain fee for deposits and withdrawals.

 Check out other famous crypto wallets like MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto since Spark token is an ERC20 token. Learn the difference between a hot wallet and cold wallet, if you are planning to invest more than $1,000. So, do your own research and purchase a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano or Trezor.


How To Reach GateHub Support?

The GateHub support system is available 24/7. Their customer service is very friendly, and they do assist you in whatever issue you might have. They are fast to respond to all your problems and are also fast in responding to your calls.

If you have any issue with GateHub, all you have to do is call them or email them. They also respond to their emails. However, the fastest mode of communication is and always will be the phone service.

If there is an issue, you can call them up on their customer care service, where they respond in a matter of minutes.


What Is GateHub Customer Support Number?

The GateHub customer support number is not present on their website. It is easier to create a ticket on their website and have them contact you over email.


Takeaway – GateHub Wallet Review

After providing you with this detailed GateHub review, it can be a reasonable conclusion that GateHub is a legitimate, reliable website. For years, many people have widely used it, and even despite the hacking incident, the company has not lost its customers’ trust.

Despite these hardships, the platform has persevered and continued development. The GateHub wallet is preferable in the cryptocurrency landscape for a large number of people.

Of course, in this GateHub wallet review, we will mention that the only major problem is its customer support service, which has become slow when replying to users’ queries. This is because of the volume of inquiries, but GateHub is doing its best to make it efficient in this department as well.

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