How To Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit or Debit Card? 5 Best Strategies

Bitcoin is gradually becoming mainstream. Soon enough, it will be an ordinary way to transact daily. It would be nice to get on it now. However, there are still some hurdles at the moment, including conveniently buying bitcoins. It is natural to have this question in your mind on How To Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit or Debit Card?

The problem is not that there are no options. On the contrary, there are many. However, the most common way people want to pay online, which is using a debit or credit card, is still not widely accepted.

The main reason for the aversion is the irreversibility of Bitcoin transactions.

That doesn’t mean that these payment options are not available. It is just that there are only several Bitcoin exchanges that are into it.

The key is to know which ones they are so that your transactions will be more convenient. I have found a few of them, and I have tried some of them myself. Check them out and see for yourself.

Heads up, though. Some credit card companies do not allow Bitcoin transactions, like Citibank, Chase, and Bank of America.


How To Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit or Debit Card?

Before you understand how to buy bitcoin with your credit or debit card, just be aware, that there are many shady exchanges. If you pay money to them, you may not be able to get your crypto equivalent of your investment successfully. That is why I’m writing this article, so you can be aware of legitimate exchanges where you can invest without a doubt.

The following are the websites that accept debit or credit card for buying bitcoin that you make use of


If you are looking for a platform where you can buy Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, CoinBase is one of the best options. However, there is a catch: it caters to USA customers only.

For US consumers, this is among the best you have right now. You can use your Visa debit or credit card to buy the cryptocurrencies mentioned above instantly.

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Here is the step-by-step guide in purchasing Bitcoins using your cards on the CoinBase site:

Step 1: Register for a Coinbase account

Step 2: Accomplish the KYC form

Step 3: On the Payment setting page, tap on the Add payment method

Step 4: Choose “Card,” and then Add Credit/Debit Card.

Step 5: Wait for the two small transactions that CoinBase will make on your account.

Step 6: Check for the said transaction by logging in to your account.

Step 7: Verify the card by inputting the details on the payment page.

Step 8: Start buying cryptocurrencies to your heart’s content.



I believe that if you want the best value, go for Binance. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It serves almost all countries aside from the USA.

You may use your Visa or Mastercard to purchase bitcoins, which are credited to your wallet in an instant. It also has a platform for trading. So you can use your purchase for trading as soon as they appear on your account.

Aside from credit cards, they also support debit card transactions. They have two payment services: Simplex, which has 3.5% fees, and Koinal, at 2.5%.

If you will compare the charges, Binance still has the lowest across all platforms. It is because they have a huge market base. Many buyers and sellers of Bitcoin use their platform because they have many advanced tools that customers can employ.



If you are from the US, you may want to stop trading in and instead trade in website.

If you are an American citizen or US resident or US Lawful Permanent Resident, you have the option of buying bitcoin from three different payment methods in this website.

You can either

  1. Buy bitcoin with debit card
  2. Purchase bitcoin with ACH
  3. Buy bitcoin with Domestic Wire Transfer

Remember to buy some BNB before buying bitcoin to save on trading fee. But, there is no difference between and It’s just that they wanted to have a separate trading facility under BAM trading to make sure they don’t circumvent US laws.

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This is the only exchange where US investors can buy more than 50 cryptocurrencies with ultra low trading fees and is one of the best answers to how to buy bitcoin with your credit or debit card. is a trusted name in bitcoin exchange. It has been a forerunner for many years and has gained the confidence of the bitcoin market. It is also among the few legitimate sites where you can use your debit or credit card for the purchase.

Steps in purchasing via

Step 1 – Create an account. Wait for it to be verified.

Step 2 – Once your account is verified, add your card by filling out the details in the “Cards” section. Wait for the card verification, which can be up to two days.

Step 3 – Purchase bitcoins once the card is approved.

Bonus: may also be used to buy Ethereum (ETH) with your enrolled cards.



Bitit is based in France. It sells different cryptocurrencies, aside from Bitcoin. Their claim to fame is that they are the place to be if you want to begin your cryptocurrency journey. I would say, based on my personal experience, that it is true.

As for using a credit or debit card, Bitit is also an excellent place to go to. You can buy cryptocurrencies easily using your AmEx, Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro cards.

Here is the straightforward process of using this system:

Sign up

Fill out the necessary details to set up your account in a minute or two.

Complete your profile

Once your account is set up, complete your profile to activate your limits.

Your buying limits would be either of the two:

  • Via debit or credit card: 1500€ per week
  • Via direct banking, cash voucher, or e-wallet: 2500€/week


After the above steps, you may then begin buying. Their platform is so intuitive; you’ll get around conveniently.



You may also use Coinmama to purchase bitcoins with a debit or credit card. It is an excellent alternative if the card is your only option to pay.

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Coinmama does not have a Bitcoin wallet. You need to supply your wallet address when you purchase, and that is where your bitcoins will be delivered.

You may notice that it is a bit more expensive than some other shops, but it is still a good option, should you need a quick transaction.



If you are based in the UK, Wirex is an alternative crypto banking solution available for you.

It is an online platform that allows the use of credit cards or debit cards to purchase Bitcoins easily.

The process is simple. First, you need to signup and create an account with Wirex. Then, fill out and submit the KYC form. It will enable you to access the crypto bank accounts you linked to your profile. Top up using your card, and use the amount to buy your BTC.

More than just a place to purchase your Bitcoins, it is also a complete banking solution. They have physical cards available, but again, only if you are in the UK.



The world of cryptocurrencies is getting more significant and more dynamic. Sooner or later, it will be part of our usual way of transacting. It is therefore crucial that access to it becomes more convenient. I hope you got your answer to How To Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit or Debit Card question in detail.

Although not all platforms accept credit or debit cards for Bitcoin purchases, some of them do. The list above is not exhaustive. I will definitely continue to update the list as I discover more. But if you have any suggestions, just leave a comment below, and I’ll check it out.

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