Gnosis Crypto Prediction Market Review

Gnosis is a prediction market that enables users to predict the outcomes of future events. Users produce decentralized tokens that can be sold or exchanged based on their predictions. In other words, users are wagering and betting on the outcome of events. Gnosis crypto is based on the Ethereum blockchain network of ERC-20 tokens.

If you are right on their prediction, you win more Crypto from a pool. There are odds to each prediction based on the likelihood of an outcome. If you go contrary than many people and win that prediction, you expect to earn Crypto heavily from that prediction.

, but this does not mean that the crypto gnosis is Ether. However, the Gnosis crypto used are GNO and OWL. Gnosis company uses smart contracts to produce its tokens, where someone who predicts or buys a token, when the event is resolved, will get back to this smart contract and get back their deposit fees or winnings.

Token value by time will increase or decrease, when tokens are created for an event and the matter is resolved, the token that represents and matches the correct prediction receives a high value, and the other tokens become worthless and reflect a loss for the purchaser or keeper.


What Is Gnosis Crypto?

The Gnosis Prediction Market uses two cryptocurrencies, GNO and OWL. The primary use of the GNO crypto is to acquire the other Gnosis crypto, OWL. Users can purchase GNO crypto from global exchange markets such as Kraken, either by buying it from USD or Bitcoins.

There are two ways to get the another crypto gnosis, OWL. Users may either buy OWL directly from GNO crypto, or earn OWL rewards as a result of stacking GNO crypto. GNO can be stacked up to one year, and the more it’s stacked, the higher the rewards of OWL crypto.

OWL tokens used to pay fees and receive cash while producing or exchanging tokens. They are often transferred to dollars, where one dollar is equivalent to one OWL.


Gnosis Prediction Market Value

In 2017, during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Gnosis’s Prediction Market Scores $12.5M In the ‘Record-Breaking’ Crypto Auction, it was the first profitable and special one in crypto at the time of the fastest crowd sale.

The price of Gnosis crypto is around 108.03$ and its market cap is projected to be  164,664,043.62$ and is expected to rise in the future. However, the current CoinMarketCap is ranked #116 and has reported 1,504,589 GNO coins in circulation and a maximum supply of 10,000,000 GNO coins.

If we want to know a little about its future, there is expected a raise in Gnosis crypto, where GNO will may be about $149.8505 in 2023 and $343.6839 in 2025. With such expectation and analysis regarding its value, it’s considered safe to invest in Gnosis (GNO) for the long term.

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Gnosis Tokens – GNO and OWL

As stated earlier, Gnosis company uses Ethereum blockchain to generate its tokens, GNO and OWL Gnosis crypto tokens. GNO can be stacked using smart contracts, locked for a period of time, rendering them non-transferable. And the amount of OWL obtained later depends on the duration of the GNO crypto stocking.

These tokens can be traded and exchanged on the basis of the Gnosis Protocol, a fully decentralized protocol based for ERC20 tokens. Often, these tokens are used to pay fees with OWL tokens.

However, fees can be charged using any other ERC20 Ethereum related token, and all fees not paid by OWL are collected and then burned for GNO. This is perfumed in the approach of increasing GNO value.


Top 5 Exchanges By Gnosis Trading Volume

Gnosis crypto can be traded using any cryptocurrency exchange with other currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. The crypto value of Gnosis differs with regard to the cryptocurrency traded. Here comes the top 5 exchanges that promote the exchange of Gnosis cryptocurrencies.



Balancer is software that works on Ethereum, facilitates cryptocurrency exchange, where they can buy and sell any cryptocurrencies for another one, including Gnosis crypto. Balancer cryptocurrency is BAL, it’s crucial for distributing operations and for ensuring that no party can interfere in platform operation.



Kraken and its cryptocurrency is the most trusted one on the network for exchanging different cryptocurrencies including Gnosis crypto. All you have to do is to enter the Kraken website, connect and select the currency you are willing to exchange for GNO crypto. Kraken also facilitates buying, selling, and exchanging GNO crypto from fiat currencies.



Uniswap is another decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a trading protocol, provides liquidity and facilitates exchange between ERC20 Ethereum tokens. GNO is an ERC20 token and based on Ethereum blockchain, thus exchanging gnosis crypto is facilitated using Uniswap.



Bittrex platform is the perfect choice for beginners in crypto exchange, where it’s very safe and fast with considerable very low fees. Gnosis crypto can be exchanged with BTC or ETH easily and it’s a platform that allows buying cryptocurrencies from USD and vice versa. 



It’s a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 800 trading pairs. hitbtc is from the cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that facilitate GNO crypto exchange with other cryptocurrencies. 


Gnosis Crypto Team

Gnosis was founded in 2017 by Martin Koppelmann and Stefan George and headquartered in Gibraltar. Currently, the whole team is made up of ten members.

  • Martin Köppelmann: Co-Founder, CEO
  • Stefan George: Co-Founder, CTO
  • Matt Liston: Chief Strategist
  • Denís Granha: Full Stack Engineer
  • Milad Mostavi: Full Stack Developer
  • Vlad Todirut: Art Director
  • Giacomo Licari: Full Stack Engineer
  • Alan Lu: Researcher
  • Friederike Ernst: Director of Operations
  • Rami Khalil: Security Engineer
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Gnosis Crypto Development

The developer of gnosis crypto began working on the platform in 2015, but it was officially launched in 2017. After collecting funds using the Dutch auction style, the team managed to reach a $12.5 million hard cap in 10 minutes, keeping 95% of the tokens.

Gnosis crypto price was 30$ at its beginning which is equal to 0.6 ETH and increased to 109$ approximately to this date. And since that time several changes and enhancements have occurred, where Gnosis protocol, smart contracts, and Gnosis oracle have been implemented to promote gnosis crypto token generation and secure trading.

In addition, the company has integrated with other ventures to purchase and manage gnosis crypto through platform wallets, such as Gnosis safe wallets.

However, by searching the Gnosis website, you will find a timeline that reflects all current and project accomplishments since it was launched.


GNO Crypto Token Trading 

Gnosis crypto tokens can be exchanged and traded with other cryptocurrency tokens on platforms such as Kraken. Once Gnosis  is deposited in a trading platform account, it can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

Gnosis crypto GNO can be traded with ETH and BTC, for example, or traded in USD and EUR as fiat currency.

Gnosis protocol was developed for ERC20 token trading, which made Gnosis dex safer and easier. Users may simply order one token in return for another token set out in the protocol and charge 0.1 per cent of the sum of trade executed by OWL.


What Are The Best Wallets To Store GNO?

As stated earlier, Kraken is a trading platform that was first signed with gnosis and at the same time acts as a GNO wallet. However, the Gnosis creator offers the best option for storing GNO by introducing a Gnosis safe wallet.

Gnosis Safe is a wallet of cryptocurrencies and has a high level of securities. Safe wallet which is a Gnosis wallet download is designed for users holding ERC20 tokens that function as a contract wallet with many features. There are other wallets that can be a good option for storing GNOs, such as

  1. MetaMask
  2. MyEtherWallet
  3. Ledger
  4. Trezor
  5. Argent Wallet
  6. MyCrypto Wallet


Gnosis Vs Augur

When we talk about Gnosis, we can’t do without considering its biggest competitor in the forecast market, Augur. A major difference is that Augur allows traders to use ETH currency while Gnosis does not. Gnosis uses its own GNO and OWL token, but is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Also, Augur’s team has a less centralized token than Gnosis. However, two years ago in Gnosis Crypto Reddit debate, some argued that Augur does not use decentralized oracles at all, and this needs to be addressed in order to address their demand for predictions.

Gnosis betting events can be Sports Betting, Entertainment, Art, and Stocks while Augur wagered events can be extended to Politics and Economy. Worth mentioning that Gnosis allows the third party in contrast to Augur that doesn’t.


Gnosis Alternatives

Gnosis is not the only market in the forecast market, as we know, besides Augur there is another competitor and alternatives for Gnosis software.

Polymarket is another alternative to gnosis in the US. It enables its users to bet and wager on debates and to make money for them.

Omen eth, also a competitor in the prediction markets. Omen eth uses Gnosis tokens, where users can create a prediction market using it in fields similar to those in Gnosis, such as crypto, entertainment, and politics.


Takeaway – Gnosis Review

Originally, Gnosis means knowledge. It allows its users to use their knowledge to analyze and predict events outcomes but for money. Anyone with Gnosis Crypto can start a debate and produce tokens, one can hold one of the tokens and sell others in an effort to win.

Gnosis crypto price prediction value has a bright future, where there is no prediction of its decrease or collapse in the near future. Completely the opposite, the price of Gnosis crypto is expected to rise over the next 5 years, so investing in the Gnosis market is a very good option.

Since its creation, the company team believed that they could develop Gnosis apps for forecasting and decision making purposes in many sectors. Such a brilliant idea.

You can follow Gnosis crypto Twitter and Gnosis crypto Reddit to always be updated on Gnosis crypto news and participate in the debates and discussions regarding it and widen your knowledge.

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