This page will be a chronological collection of all Featured posts or round ups that CryptoandFire received. Featured page can also be used to thank the respective website owners back. So, they know that I really appreciate something that they have done.

I am generally a positive and grateful person in life. If anyone helps me, I will do my best to return the help in some favor. Sometimes, you can’t help them back. So,  all I can do is thank them publicly and give them a warm feeling that I absolutely relish their help and will not forget.


Ian Scott

Do you believe in magic happening in your life? I felt Ian Scott just magically reaching out to me on Instagram and offering to help for me is “God send” to me.

This is a small time blog run out of limited budget and he graciously agreed to even work for free and hone his email writing skills. I am going to start a new engaging newsletter campaign, all thanks to Ian Scott’s help. We already have 18 high quality email newsletter written out.

He is really patient with me even though I’m not able to successfully automate my email campaigns at this point. I’m sure world needs more kind souls like him. I truly appreciate him for the help that he has done so far. Ian Scott will be the first person to be offered a gift from the blog’s first few dollars of earnings. Accepting it or not is his own personal decision.

Thanks for being a positive hope in the worst year I’ve seen in my life because of the pandemic.



I want to thank the FeedSpot team for recognizing my work so early. I never thought I will be featured anywhere in the first 6 months and was focusing only on content creation. It is so amazing to know that FeedSpot team themselves spotted my list and have listed me in their Top 50 Financial Blogs, Websites and Influencers in 2020 in the world.

This is a prestigious list of all top financial planning blogs that ranks really high on Google for a competitive keyword. Feedspot is a highly respected business with really high DA and PA on Moz.

Feedspot is a feed reader that compiles news feed from various online sources. They offer a powerful product where user can have all the information in one stop.

FeedSpot has amazing customization that users can apply and regularly be informed about anything happening in their field of interest. Also, they make it easy for you to share your thoughts with many other social platform users.

For bloggers, they help with outreach and other lead generation campaigns.

Why Is This Important For CryptoandFire?

This is the first quality mention that CryptoandFire has got in its existence of less than 100 days.

Remember, the blog has been live only 3 months at the time of writing this section. CryptoandFire was born on 4th of July, 2020 marking the financial independence that I want to achieve. Also, I want my readers to arm themselves with financial planning and investing information so they reach their goals too.

As a result, you can already find almost 60 amazing quality long form investing, personal finance and credit card content on CryptoandFire. The blog will continue to expand rapidly. If there are other bloggers or aggregators kind enough like FeedSpot, please reach out to us. We need all your help to make this a combined success for the personal finance and financial independence community.