Badger DAO Review :Pros, Cons, Wallet, Price Prediction

A Quick Guide on Badger DAO Review: Benefits, Risks, Pricing & Final Verdict

How many of you already know about Badger DAO? Have you ever thought about it or either planning to invest in the future? If yes then you are at the right place, here you will get a chance to know everything about Badger.

You can see that there has been an overall fastest growth in the decentralized finance (Defi) field in the last few years. It has introduced some fascinating projects to the world. Being an ERC-20 token, it is able to easily communicate with other blockchains and having smart contracts on ETH helps. 

Apart from it, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the Defi has increased sharply. Badger DAO and its BADGER token are the two most interesting projects to accelerate Bitcoin usage in Defi.


What Is Badger Dao?

Badger is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that plays a vital role in creating products to accelerate Bitcoin in Defi (decentralized finance) fully. The main purpose is to be the one-stop app for all basic things Bitcoin in Defi. This includes swap, borrow, mint, liquidity, and elasticity. 

Badger’s main foundational product is Sett vault. Users are free to deposit various types of tokenized Bitcoin such as tbtc, wbtc, or sbtc for generating automatic yield.

The second important Badger DAO product is DIGG, which is a product that concentrates on rebasing Bitcoin. All they are responsible for is building various products that are essential for Bitcoin to become much more smart and not rely on its store of value capability alone.


Who Created Badger Dao?

Builders are the main backbone of Badger DAO. They act as dedicated community members who collaborate to introduce some new products to life. The builder can either be a single developer, a group of people, or even a company. The main door is open to all those who wish to create it. The Badger operations team has an open-source code.


Is Badger Dao A Defi?

Badger works as a DAO dedicated to building various products or infrastructure for accelerating Bitcoin in decentralized finance. The main purpose is to be the one-stop app for all basic things Bitcoin in Defi. This includes swap, borrow, mint, liquidity, and elasticity.


Is There A Cryptocurrency With Badger Dao?

As in conjunction with the $BADGER token, there is a second community product, namely Digg. Digg is the non-custodial synthetic Bitcoin on Ethereum. It works as an elastic supply cryptocurrency that has been fully fixed at the price of Bitcoin.

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What Is Badger Token?

Badger DAO has already started describing their token with a disclaimer where it does not have monetary value and often strictly governs Badger DAO DEFI. Finance’s YFI token, $BADGER, might even kick off with some major fair liquidity mining launch. This means there will be no such centralize control over the protocol upon launch and no raising VC funds.


Badger Fair Liquidity Mining Inauguration

By gaining vast knowledge from the market and adjusting to its quick speed, the Badger team has finally decided to release v1 of our Badger DAO liquidity mining details.

We call it V1 because it is mandatory to get insight and guidance from a community to its structure. Badger DAO is all yours, so make sure you are better involved in all its major decisions pre-launch.

You can know more insight details about the Badger DAO work and its benefits by learning it on their website


Badger Founder Rewards 1 Year Lock

The Badger DAO team has a firm belief that basic incentives will always lead to success. In this way, they will be allocating 10% of the whole supply (2,100,000 $BADGER) to the founder rewards and yet distribute them incrementally among the public wallets.

90% of it will distribute in the community. Founder rewards will be having a 1-year time lock over the wallet to release the tokens evenly every week all across 12 months to prevent any rug pulls.


Pros and Cons Of Badger DAO


  • Align developers from various incentives to fully align their incentives.
  • Bring all the builders together for collaboration and encouragement.
  • Community members can generate revenues by staying in-house. 


  • Badger token value can hit real returns by dropping itself down.


Badger DAO Benefits

There are no such obligations or restrictions for the Badger DAO participation requirements. If you want to create it, the door is always open for you. As you know that the Badger operations team has an open-source code in which new builders will collaborate to gather community-created products.

The next important benefit of Badger DAO is the off-chain vote. With this vote, you will decide whether the idea should move to the greater community or not. An official vote required for getting approval. Once the proposal reaches the approval stage, the dev-ops team will eventually collaborate just to help build, fully fund, and market it.

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Badger Risks

Nevertheless, if the Badger token has been dropped in terms of value all against the Bitcoin, then real returns will have a more hit. This is the point where the real risk will hit! 


Is $BADGER A Good Investment?

The community team of Badger believed that most of the active DAOs are the Venture DAOs. DAOs will eventually learn from Venture DAOs to ensure that the community members participate in every stage and share the entire value given away by all these products. 

Overall, Badger is trendy and focuses on creating an environment where there is a collaboration with community members.


Badger DAO’s SETT

Real badgers always build their homes out of grass and leaves. You can call them as SETT, which can last for long centuries. It even provides a home for the generations of badgers. 

Badger is making an effort to do the same for the crypto holders by using SETT as the automated Defi aggregator. The Badger DAO exists for creating a Bitcoin focused product known as SETT models Yearn.

Nevertheless, SETT is the only approach for the members to earn some $BADGER tokens. Users will be depositing the assets to earn some yield, whereas the smart contracts will also execute some basic strategies for putting all the assets to work all across multiple Defi protocols. 

Users will be depositing funds to the SETTS to receive yields and $Badger for a restricted time frame. 


Is Badger DAO Legit?

Yes, Badger DAO is 100% legit! Badger DAO formation has completely accelerated as the projects have sought to follow the community-led governance trend. In the real world, DAO’s have attracted little community governance participation. There are various reasons for it, such as things like high gas fees for simply voting on-chain. If the vote doesn’t matter, then possibly people can lose their interest.


Badger DAO Price Prediction – 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030

As of February 09, 2021, the current price of Badger DAO is around $69.415, and this data shows that the overall asset Badger DAO price has been completely stagnating for the past 1 year or might be since its inception.

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Badger DAO displays a declining tendency, so we might believe that similar market segments were somehow mildly popular in the given time frame.

Still, it is hard to conclude whether Badger DAO will be a good portfolio addition for the future or not. These predictions will consider various variables, including price change, volume, similar coins, or market cycles.

This Badger DAO asset will have a future price of $206.459688 (163.211%) results concluded based on the prediction system. It means, if you invest $100 now, then your current investment will be $263.211 by 2022 February 09.


$BADGER Price Prediction – 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030

Price in 2020 $84.07 USD
Price in 2021 $125.62 USD
Price in 2022 $146.14 USD
Price in 2023 $167.11 USD
Price in 2024 $205.69 USD
Price in 2025 $255.13 USD
Price in 2026 $286.31 USD
Price in 2027 $351.69 USD
Price in 2028 $369.72 USD


Takeaway – Badger DAO Review

So, this was the end of Badger review and a complete discussion about the development team and builders. But still, different other advocates are responsible for the success of Badger DAO! Since this amazing virtual currency has an entirely positive outlook, we definitely recommend it as a major part in your portfolio. Trading in the bull markets is quite a lot easier but make sure you always read up on the optimal investment strategies if you are a beginner.

Badger Dao Crypto

Stay tuned with us to have more information about Badger. By having vaster knowledge with Badger DAO review, you will be more excited to involve yourself in such a project. If you are looking to learn about more DeFi projects, take a look at Curve Finance, BalancerNotional Finance, Saddle Finance, Zerion, Ox Fina. Zapper, Alpha Homora and many more. Make sure to stay away from crypto scams.

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