Tron Price Prediction – 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030 TRX Price

Tron is catching the attention of many enthusiasts nowadays. Tron price prediction is being made very often now with the bull market propelling up expectations. People are predicting that the currency will take a huge gallop in the years to come. It is currently worth only 0.035 dollars. Which translates into that at the moment it is affordable to the masses.


What Is Tron?

TRON is a cryptocurrency. The ticker for the currency is TRX. Tron was established back in 2017. The currency is ranked 24th among the cryptocurrencies by a market cap of 2.6 billion USD.


Who Created Tron? 

Tron was created by Justin Sun back in the year 2017 in Singapore. Justin Sun is the CEO of the non-profit organization which brought the Tron coin into existence. 


Tron (TRX) Historical Price Analysis

The following table gives us the performance of Tron coins over the years. We can see the highs and lows of the coin. The coin is currently at its all-time high being worth 0.03569 dollars and Tron crypto price prediction is that the coin is just beginning to climb. The Table tells us that the coin is here to stay.


Date Open $ High $ Low $ Close $ Volume
10/1/2017 0.002261 0.004173 0.001768 0.002814 16937039
11/1/2017 0.002782 0.002797 0.001684 0.002244 111194740
12/1/2017 0.002241 0.070908 0.002032 0.044752 5802443214
10/1/2018 0.022214 0.02805 0.02068 0.022192 3885442600
11/1/2018 0.022194 0.025835 0.01089 0.01439 2482616625
12/1/2018 0.014453 0.023671 0.012318 0.018826 3125722449
10/1/2019 0.014543 0.022818 0.013825 0.019898 26370300930
11/1/2019 0.019902 0.020579 0.013159 0.015505 32834579135
12/1/2019 0.01551 0.016066 0.012311 0.013306 33331827610
10/1/2020 0.026278 0.028631 0.024228 0.02577 29526998979
11/1/2020 0.025821 0.038744 0.023169 0.03232 33830815363
12/1/2020 0.03232 0.033996 0.024134 0.026833 26883396728
1/1/2021 0.026831 0.042852 0.026436 0.031603 47751190626
2/1/2021 0.031593 0.036416 0.031274 0.036256 7959078451
2/8/2021 0.035694 0.037837 0.035369 0.037484 1794050816


TRX Market Cap

Market cap is a term that is used by block chain industries. Market capitalization is a metric which measures the size of a cryptocurrency. Market capitalization can be obtained by multiplying the price of the coin with its volume. TRX has a market cap of 2.68 billion dollars. 


TRX Circulating Supply And Total Supply 

The total supply of TRX or Tron Token is 71.66 billion with a volume or circulating supply of 569 million as per report. Circulating supply is the number of tokens or coins that are traded in the last 2 hours whereas total supply is the total number of coins.


How Much Is 1 Tron Now?

As of today 1:23PM GMT TRX is worth 0.0369 USD which is basically the all-time high for TRX tokens. According to the TRX price prediction, this is just the start of the bloom that is yet to come.


Tron (TRX) Future Price 

Tron price prediction for the future are that the coin will continue to grow steadily but at a slow rate. Trading Beast is a platform for online trading according to their Tron price prediction the coin will grow throughout the year of 2021 and will eventually be worth 0.040 USD near the end of the month of December.

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Tron has caught the attention of investors due to many reasons, one being that it is a decentralized currency just as the top 2 cryptocurrencies as of right now. Tron price prediction seems to be all positive due to the fact TRX has all the traits needed to be a top cryptocurrency.


Tron (TRX) Short Term Prediction

TRX will continue to rise at a steady rate throughout the year of 2021 and will eventually be worth around 0.040 USD the growth rate in the short run is not very fast.

Due to the small rise investors are not interested in short term investment for the token. Tron price prediction for the short term is a slow rise but at a steady rate.

As of today 1:40 PM GMT there is an increase of 1.8% in the price of Tron.


Tron (TRX) LongTerm Prediction

The long term TRX price prediction is that it will continue to rise in the year 2022 at the same steady rate that the coin had followed in the preceding year.

It is speculated that the token will be worth 0.047 USD near the end of the month of December 2022. However the rate at which the price increases is expected to increase by multiple folds in the years to come.


Tron Price Prediction 2021

TRX Price Prediction for the year 2021 is that the Token will continue its steady climb and will eventually be worth 0.040 USD by the end of the year. Tron price prediction for the year 2021 indicates that the coin will not lose its value at all.


Tron Price Prediction 2023

Cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable as one might expect. TRX price predictions for the year 2023 is that the coins average price will continue to rise. According to Trading Beasts Tron price predictions the increment will continue, hitting the price at 0.055 USD.

But there seems to be a catch in this whole situation of 2023. If the acceptance ratio of the coin increases in the year 2023 its price could spike up to as much as 0.53 USD.


Tron Price Prediction 2025

TRX price predictions for the year 2025 are quite good. The Tron token can reach 0.73 USD according to Trading Beast. The 2025 Tron price predictions by investing PR is more optimistic than Trading Beast. According to them the coin might be worth 1USD. The Tron coin has a lot of supporters which are also loyal to it. 

Justin Sun the CEO of the organization seems to be catching a lot of attention on social media these days. He also had dinner with one of the most famous Billionaire Warren Buffet.

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Since the acceptance ratio plays a big role in the pricing of these types of currencies. The acceptance ratio is expected to rise in the coming years which translates into higher price.


Tron Price Prediction 2030

For the year 2030 TRX price predictions indicate that the coin will continue to grow its price and will be worth 1USD. Out of all the cryptocurrencies that have yet to rise to the top 5, Tron has the highest potential of them all. It has a popular community of developers which are responsible for the increasing adoption rate of TRX.


Is Tron A Good Investment?

If a person invests a 1000 USD and buys Tron at today’s rate of 0.036 USD he will get 27777.7777 TRX. If he sells these coins in the year 2025. According to the Tron price prediction for the year 2025 the rate will be 0.73 USD.

So, by doing the math the amount that he will get is 20277.778 USD. That is true if we assume that the Tron price predictions were true. Investment seems good enough.


Is Tron Safe To Buy

Well that depends on what you mean by safe. If you mean in terms of purchasing and receiving it solely then yes it is. It can be stored in your wallet or it can easily be stored on an exchange. Investments in digital currencies are not risk free though.


How To Buy Tron? Step By Step Guide

  1. Download the Tron Wallet app on your phone.
  2. Register on BINANCE Website and use a credit card to buy Ethereum. 
  3. Use Ethereum to buy TRX.
  4. Withdraw TRX from BINANCE straight into your Tron wallet on your phone.

This is a safe way to buy.

Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy From

  1. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are the best overall. 
  2. Cash App is the best for beginners.
  3. Bisq is the best Decentralized Exchange. 
  4. Binance is the best in terms of Altcoins.

 For further details and information on best crypto exchanges for US citizens and international people, please read our crypto exchange guide.


How High Will Tron Go?

According to Tron price prediction of 2030 it can reach 1 USD


Will Tron Go Up Tomorrow 

From 6 Feb 2021 to 8 Feb 2021 it’s been on a continuous rise. It can increase tomorrow but there is room for uncertainty. However in case of a fall it would be minor.


Will Tron Ever Reach 10$?

It will be worth 1$ assuming the Tron price prediction is true for the year 2030. Tron may reach $10 price in 2040 based on our estimates.

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Can Tron Reach 100$?

It seems very unlikely from the statistics and data that we have today. But, you never know, no one thought bitcoin will be worth more than 40000 dollars.


What Will Tron Be Worth In 5 Years?

The Tron price prediction that is made by investing PR claims that it would be worth 1$ in 2025. Whereas the Tron crypto price predictions made by trading beast claims it to be worth 0.73$


Is Tron Better Than Bitcoin?

TRX uses a transaction model that is similar to the transaction model used by bitcoin but TRX has added further security. From a strict investment point of view TRX is better. Why?

Because it is cheap at the moment and has yet to reach its full potential. Bitcoin might have reached its peak and if bitcoin collapses people will lose a lot of money as one coin costs 40000USD. In the case of TRX you got more to gain than to lose.



Tron crypto price predictions indicate that it can be a good long term investment. If the Tron price predictions turn out to be true and it reaches 1$ by the end of 2030 investors would end up being very pleased with their investments.

These currencies are not costly at the moment one should invest a small amount the very least. We all know something is better than nothing.

As Crypto degenerates, keep checking coinmarketcap for TRX prices to identify the best opportunity to buy low and sell high crypto. To up your game, you may want to take a look at how to build crypto trading bot that executes best trading setups for you.

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