Somnium Space Review: 1 Step To Crypto Virtual Reality World

Somnium Space is the first equity crowdfunding social Virtual Reality world. It attracts users to monetize their experience in an advanced alternative reality. Furthermore, the user can buy land, import avatars, and immerse themselves in the virtual world. 

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This article will help you to understand all about Somnium Space. Through this Somnium Space guide, we will cover all related aspects. Let’s explore.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is the second largest out of all virtual blockchain worlds. It is an open-source, social, and persistent Virtual Reality world (VR). Also, its foundation is built on the blockchain on which users can buy land, import object avatars, and monetize their experiences into an alternative reality.


Who Created Somnium Space?

Artur Sychov is the creator and CEO of Somnium Space. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Artur worked as an investment trader. Furthermore, he has also founded certain startups. He also holds patents for hardware inventions. Artur is a firm believer in the advanced future of virtual reality worlds. 


Somnium Space Investors

The investors of Somnium Space include Indiegogo. However, other investors are undisclosed in the public domain. Furthermore, the participating round of Somnium Space Indiegogo is through crowdfunding and undisclosed investors are through seed funding. 


Somnium Space CrunchBase

According to details on CrunchBase’s information of Somnium Space review are mentioned below:

Somnium Space Founded Year: 2017

Founders: Artur Sychov

Operating Status: Active

Last Funding Type: Seed

Company Type: Profit Funding Amount

Total Funding Amount: $1M


Is Somnium Space Safe?

Yes, Somnium Space is safe and secure for its users.


Is there a Cryptocurrency Associated With Somnium Space

Ethereum cryptocurrency is associated with Somnium Space. CUBE (Somnium CUBEs) is the game currency linked on the Ethereum blockchain.


Somnium Space Token Airdrop

The contest of Somnium Space Token Airdrop is worth $5,000 with CUBE total tokens. Furthermore, randomly users are picked who will receive 50 CUBE for each Token. Moreover, it also constitutes leaderboard prizes. It specifies as 500 CUBE Token as 1st Prize. For 2nd to 5th CUBE Tokens, the prize is 2500 CUBE. Also, from the 6th to the 15th CUBE Tokens, the prize is 1000 CUBE Tokens.

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Pros And Cons of Somnium Space

Here are the pros and cons of the Somnium Space review. Let’s check them:

Somnium Space Benefits

Below are the Somnium Space benefits:

  1. With a 2D model, Somnium Space provides access to a new virtual reality (VR) world.
  2. Allows users to shape, build, buy virtual land according to their vision example cinema, games, parks, and more.  
  3. It offers interconnection and seamless experience to its users in the Virtual Reality experience. 
  4. Accessible with any device. Besides, it could be 2D/VR modes on the user’s mobile and desktop VR mode.


Somnium Space Risks

Below are the Somniun Space Cons:

  1. Somnium Space is relatively new. Therefore, it is hard to attract more users to its platform.
  2. It is an untested platform, which could be risky.
  3. A compared to its competitors, Somnium Space lagged in terms of certain features.


Is Somnium Space A Good Investment

Somnium Space is a good investment. If you join Somnium Space that would be your first step to becoming an expert in Virtual Reality(VR) experience. The Somnium Space review shows positive aspects and offers free experiences. Also, if you purchase land then you multiply possibilities. Ultimately, investing in Somnium Space controls is like investing in oneself.

Somnium Space Virtual Reality

How Does Somnium Space Work?

Somnium Space allows users to buy and take ownership of land. Somnium Space allows users to buy land parcels. Furthermore, it works as a backbone of Blockchain. It also allows users to generate fully body avatars as they like. Below is a detailed overview of purchasing land and Map.


Somnium Space Buy Land

There is a limited number of parcels available for every Phase. Additionally, players could purchase them via auction during Land offerings. Also, the players could purchase land and reserve them before the Initial Land Offering (ILO). Though, it took place in February 2019. Furthermore, the date and time have been announced initially. Then gates are opened for the auction and players get a chance to place their bids for a single parcel.

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Furthermore, it could be done for several other parcels. If the player is bidding for more than one parcel, they have to separately place bids. Besides, players could choose if they want to win those slots in ‘all or nothing’ mode. If the player wins more than one parcel then they will automatically get free buffer land. It is between those parcels, and then they are free to build on it.


Somnium Space Map

Somnium Space focuses on the land that is available for sale. It offers an excellent zoom function that allows the user to reach land level. It helps the user to perceive an idea from each location. Moreover, users could navigate around the map with the CTRL and mouse.

Moreover, the Somnium space review states that it consists of 5,026 purchasable land. It is available in three different sizes. Furthermore, each land is parcel is a non-fungible token. It means that each of them is unique and cannot be duplicated or forged.


Somniun Space Cubes

CUBES is a game currency. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The in-world currency of Somnium Space is known as Somnium Space Cubes. It is designed to be decentralized, safe, and interchangeable with the other virtual reality worlds. Furthermore, the Somnium space coin adds valuable addition to blockchain, which is based on the economy. It provides easy access to transfers among the players. And, it makes the process easy. Besides, Somnium Space is also a member of the Virtual Reality Blockchain Association (VRBA). 


Somnium Space Vs Decentraland

Below is the comparison table for Somnium Space and Decentraland

Somnium Space Decentraland
Build using in-world building tools. Also, it offers more functionality.  Not an in-world building tools. Instead, it is an extended website. 
Users get efficient and more realistic graphics in Somnium Space. Users don’t get efficient realistic graphics. 
Provides better and more pictures in the new Somnium Space 2.0. Hobbled with constraints placed on builders. Though, not a high possibility to match the level of Somnium Space.
Somnium Space cost of land parcel varies from 0.3 ETH to 3 ETH (USD 54 to USD 540). The cheapest available parcel of LAND on Decentraland. The LAND market place at 12,900 MANA (USD 412).
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Is Somnium Space Legit?

Yes, Somnium Space is legit, safe, and secure for its users. However, make sure to add a strong password to your login credentials. Also, check the Somnium reviews to have a complete understanding.


Somnium Space Login

Somnium Space has easy login methods. The user needs to input a username and password to login if already has an existing account. Also, users need to make sure to keep a strong password to avoid online hackers.

Furthermore, if anyone is new to Somnium Space. They need to register on Sonmium Space. Additionally, the system asks to provide personal details. It includes name, email, date of birth, and country of residence. Furthermore, it also asks for account information.


Takeaway- Somnium Space Review

Somnium Space is a platform that fulfills the dreams of Virtual Reality lovers. Somnium Space is a technical roadmap that offers certain features.

Also, based on Somnium Space reviews, the users could entertain with the idea of the interconnection and seamless experience of Virtual Reality. Furthermore, users could monetize the creations that make them unique and independent.

Blockchain can build digital real estate place without much effort with decentralization.

With new updated features, users would be able to enjoy several other interesting features of the Virtual Reality world. With the new 2.0 version, Somnium Space oculus quest and Oculus GO versions will also be accessible. 

Somnium Space has managed to stay strong in terms of features and has attracted the attention of many users around the globe. 

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