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What is Ox Fina?

Ox Fina is one of the financial technology projects working on the blockchain platform, specifically on the Ethereum platform. The issue of OX ERC-20 tokens happens through smart contracts on Ethereum.

It is a part of the OX Fina Foundation that is based in Belize. It uses a unique reserve method, and through this method, it enables the Third Eye Project. This project aims to make all financial databases secure and accessible to all. It wants to be the future adoption of the masses who handle their finances in a unique and decentralized way.

Who Created OX Fina Fintech Project on Blockchain?

The co-founder of the OX Fina project is Mr.Darwin. At a recent milestone of OX Fina, Darwin appreciated the support his company got from other organizations. He also mentioned that OX Fina became the first organization that provided complete banking and fintech solutions through blockchain. He also announced in the ICO launch that now, users can exchange the smart tokens with others through them.

Where to Buy and Sell OX Fina Coin & OX Fina Price?

The company shares its profits through the OX Fina Coin. At the time of writing, the OX FINA price is low, $0.000556.

The total supply of the OX token is 1,000,000,000.

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You can buy or sell the OX Token through the Uniswap V2. The pair at which it trades is OX/REM. UniSwap is a decentralized platform that helps you store money and trade with other liquidity pools that will earn you interest. You can exchange tokens through the Sushiswap Exchange or Uniswap Exchange as well.


Where to Store OX Fina Token? OX Fina Coin Wallet Guide?

One of the best option is to create a wallet with MyEtherWallet to store your OX Fina tokens. Create an account on the MyEtherWallet website with a strong password, and click on ‘Generate Wallet’.

Then click on the ‘Download’ button and voila, the wallet is downloaded on your computer. Make sure you store this file in a secure location and out of access to anyone unauthorized. You can also print a paper wallet, which will have a QR code along with a key.

You will receive a Private Key through which you can unlock your wallet now. Remember the address of your wallet which you can use for different transactions. Make sure, you have to keep the private key to yourself only! Never share your private key with anyone.

Next, you can buy OX Fina at a price by paying through ETH. Go to the official website of OX Fina. Copy your official address from the Ethereum wallet, and send to this address the Ether currency.

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These are the Wallet alternatives to MEW Wallet to store your Ox Fina ERC-20 token

  1. Argent Wallet
  2. MyCrypto Wallet
  3. BreadWallet
  4. MetaMask Wallet
  5. Gatehub Wallet


How to Check Your Balance on The Wallet?

You can choose Etherscan.io for this. Enter the public address you have, in the search bar. Once you enter that, you will see the overview of the wallet. There, you will see the ETH balance and its value. Also, you will see other tokens you have stored in the wallet, this is where you will find your OX ERC-20 token balance.

Is OX Token Safe to Buy?

The OX Foundation has raised quite a lot of money for their Third Eye Project. It is a highly exciting project that aims to make system-to-system communication more standard and enable trust through enhancing integrity.

While the project seems legit, it is still new in the crypto scene. So, if you are planning to buy the OX ERC-20 Token, invest small amounts that you can stand to lose. If this project does become successful, and the price increases, you can stand to gain a lot of money because the prices right now are less. But again, invest at your own risk.

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Trade OX Fina in Zerion DeFi

Zerion is a platform that enables you to build your defi portfolio by trading with different tokens. If you are new to defi, Zerion is one of the best crypto platforms, to begin with. By contributing to liquidity pools, yield farming, you can earn interest and trade it with other tokens!

Through the intuitive interface, you can also manage and access your Defi on the go through your mobile.

Takeaway – OX Token Crypto Review

OX Fina is an exciting project for crypto lovers. If you want to know more, visit their website and understand how they work. Since they have also raised a round of funding, there are hopes for their Third Eye Project to create waves in the crypto scene. Exciting times ahead!

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