Helium Price Prediction : $HNT Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Helium (ticker HNT) is one of the most exciting crypto coins at the moment. We are seeing more and more people expressing interest in getting this coin’s price predictions. And that is the need we set out to address in this article: by giving both a short-term and long-term predictive outlook of Helium’s likely future prices.

What does the Helium price prediction indicate? Well, the price prediction for Helium is largely a positive one. We can expect $HNT to make modest gains in the short term. Thus, by the end of December 2021, we can expect it to be in the $54 to $56 range. And by the end of 2022, it should rise to the $110 to $120 range. That should go up to $240 by the end of 2023; $590 by the end of 2025 and as much as $1600 by 2030.

Of course, no single Helium crypto price prediction can claim to be 100% certain. But looking at things like past trends – while also subjecting the coin to technical analysis – consistently results in a positive HNT price prediction.

Helium Price Prediction
Helium Price Prediction – Hnt Price Short Term Long Term

We can thus expect the Helium coins price to continue rising in value, albeit with a few fluctuations at various points. All in all, the trajectory (for the long-term at least) should be largely upward.

This information can help you in figuring out whether or not to make an investment in the Helium coin. It may also help you in making decisions on how to manage your Helium investment.


What Is Helium?

Helium is a crypto coin that serves as the incentive for the folks who provide computing resources to run the People’s Network.

The People’s Network in question is a peer to peer network. It works through nodes. And it allows devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) to send and receive data on the Internet. It is a decentralized network. Now the people who use this network pay for the service through coins known as Helium.

And, people who provide their computing devices to power this decentralized network receive rewards – in the form of Helium coins. Like other crypto coins, Helium coins are tradable in the normal manner.


Who Created Helium?

The co-founders of Helium were Shawn Fanning, Sean Carrey as well as Amir Haleem.


Helium (HNT) Historical Price Analysis

The first thing we need to have some understanding of, before proceeding to look at Helium crypto price prediction data, is the coin’s historical price trends. Now while the Helium project started in 2013, it was not until 2019 that we saw the introduction of the Helium blockchain.

In September 2020, it started trading on Binance. It slowly but steadily gained value: attaining an all-time high (so far) of $55.22 on November 12th, 2021. This was remarkable, since it was trading at as low as $12 in June 2021.

In July 2021, it rose to $13, before rising further, in August 2021 to an average of $24. But then, there was a drop, to an average of $17 in September 2021, before a rally to $29 average in October 2021 and the historical high of $55.22 on November 12th, 2021. It has since fallen slightly, to arrive at the current price of $47.60, as at November 15th, 2021.

So we can see, from this historical data, that Helium’s price has largely been on an upward trend. That is in spite of a few fluctuations here and there. And this historical trend is one of the bases for our hugely positive Helium crypto price prediction.


HNT Market Cap

Any savvy investor will want to know what a crypto currency’s market cap is like, before setting out to look at its future price predictions. Helium is no exception. Therefore before proceeding to give our HNT price prediction, we need to pause and say something about the coin’s market cap.

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Otherwise giving a Helium price prediction without mentioning the market cap would be like taking a photo without a background. Obviously such a photo can be very hard to make sense of.

So, what is the HNT market cap? The figure is around $5.3 billion.


HNT Circulating Supply And Total Supply

Another thing that any savvy investor will want to get insight on (about a crypto currency), before checking its price prediction is the currency’s circulating and total supply. Again, Helium is no exception.

Therefore in order to lay a proper foundation for giving a HNT price prediction, we need to say something about the coin’s circulating and total supply. These figures can be helpful at putting the Helium price prediction we will be giving later on into perspective.

With regard to Helium circulating supply, the figure is around 105 million coins. And with regard to Helium total supply, the figure is 223 million coins.


Helium Price Today – Current Price

One more thing that is necessary, if one is to make sense of the HNT price prediction analysis we will be making, is the coin’s current price. Otherwise without insight into the current price, it will be impossible to tell whether the Helium price prediction figures we will be mentioning are positive or negative.

And with regard to Helium Price today, the figure is $47.60 – as at November 15th, 2021.


Helium (HNT) Future Price Forecast Prediction

Having looked at the Helium historical price analysis, market cap, circulating supply, total supply and current price, we can now venture into the actual Helium price prediction.

We see that in the coming few months, Helium’s price is likely to rise in a slow but steady manner. This coin has so far not really encountered a resistance point. This becomes clear when we consider that its all-time high was just a few days ago (November 12th, 2021). And that all-time high was $55.22. So we can expect the coin’s price to rise beyond that, and settle in the $54 to $56 range by the end of December 2021.

In the year 2022 – mostly late 2022 – the coin may cross the $100 mark, to settle in the $110 to $120 range by December 2022. And in 2023, Helium coin may trade in the 100s and low 200s, to end the year in the $220 to $240 range. By 2025, it should be trading in the $550 to $580 range, before possibly crossing the $1,000 mark by 2028 and going up to the $1500 to $1600 range by 2030.

So in general terms, that is how the Helium price prediction is likely to look like. That is unless something very disruptive happens to the coin (which seems to be rather unlikely for now).


Helium (HNT) Short Term Prediction

In giving a short term Helium price prediction, we will focus on the next 24 months. And in that regard, we can foresee Helium’s price maintaining its current growth: to end up somewhere in the $54 to $56 range by the end of December 2021. The year 2022 promises further growth. The coin is likely to rise to the $100 level in the 3rd to 4th quarter of the year. And it is likely to end up at between $110 and $120 by December 2022.

Moving onto 2023, Helium is likely to grow at an even faster rate, if the current trend continues. By mid-2023, it should have crossed the $150 mark, before rising further and crossing the $200 mark by the 4th quarter of 2023. It should end the year 2023 in the $220 to $240 range.

So that is how our short term HNT Helium price prediction pans out.


Helium (HNT) Long Term Prediction

In giving a long term Helium price prediction, we will focus on the next 9 years: 2021 to 2030.

Helium is likely to close the year 2021 in the $54 to $56 range. In 2022, it is likely to grow steadily, to close that year in the $110 to $120 range. It should then get to the $220 to $240 range by the end of December 2023.

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By 2025, it should have started attaining maturity: with a price in the $550 to $580 range. By 2028, Helium price is likely to be at $1,000+; rising to the $1,500- $1,600 range by 2030.


Helium Price Prediction 2023

Our HNT price prediction 2023 is as follows: that Helium is likely to start the year in the $110 to $120 range. Then it is likely to go up to $150 by mid-2023, rising further to $200+ by the third quarter of 2023. Therefore by the end of 2023, we are likely to be looking at a price in the $220 to $240 range. So that is the Helium price prediction we give for 2023.


Helium Price Prediction 2025

Our HNT price prediction 2025 is as follows: that Helium is likely to start the year in the $370 to $390 range. Then it is likely to grow steadily (most probably with some fluctuations), but ultimately end at the $550 to $580 range by December 2025.


Helium Price Prediction 2030

Turning to the HNT price prediction 2030, we see that the coin is likely to have risen past the $1,000 mark by then. It is more likely to be in the $1,500 to $1,600 range within the course of the year 2030. That is unless something catastrophic happens to this coin in particular, or to the crypto currencies niche as a whole.

But seeing that crypto currencies are becoming more and more ‘mainstream’ on a day to day basis, the chances of that happening are rather low.

So if people continue signing up for the People’s Network (as users of its IoT service), and if awareness about the Helium coin and its potential continues growing, even that projection of $1500 to 1600 by 2030 may turn out to be too conservative.

Helium Price Prediction
Helium Price Prediction – Hnt Price Short Term Long Term


Helium Price Prediction 2040

Long term investors may want to know how our HNT price prediction 2040 is like. This is because there are folks who are buying crypto coins with the intention of holding them for decades.

Indeed, browsing through the various Helium price prediction Reddit threads, you note that there is a great demand for these very long term predictions. But you also note that most of the Reddit Helium price prediction threads focus on the short-term. And that leaves folks with desire for long term predictions stranded.

So, what does our Helium price prediction for 2040 look like? Well, if the current trend towards adoption of IoT continues (especially with 5G network and other future upgrades), then demand for the service that is powered by Helium/People’s network is likely to grow tremendously. And demand for Helium coins is likely to far outstrip demand, leading to a situation where folks will likely be trading only in fractions of it. [That is similar to how we mostly trade in decimals of Bitcoin today].

Therefore it is reasonable to expect the Helium price to rise to at least $20,000 by 2040. In fact, it is more likely to be in the $30,000 to $40,000 range by then, if the fundamentals play out as one expects them to.


Is Helium A Good Investment?

Helium seems to have good capacity to attract and retain value. That is going by its trajectory, since launch. It is also largely a safe, legit coin. So it qualifies for the ‘good investment’ tag.


Is Helium Safe To Buy?

Helium comes across as, firstly, a legit crypto coin. The probability of it plunging in value in a catastrophic way also seems low. Therefore we can say that Helium is reasonably safe to buy. But this is of course keeping in mind the fact that no crypto investment is 100% safe.

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How To Buy Helium? Step By Step Guide

Firstly you need to log into your crypto exchange account. If you don’t have one, you will need to set it up, then sign in. This needs to be an account on a crypto exchange that offers support for Helium (HNT) coin.

Secondly, after logging into your crypto exchange account, you will need to indicate that you wish to buy Helium. If there are no funds in your crypto exchange account, you will need to deposit them first. Then click to indicate that you wish to buy Helium.

Thirdly, you will need to specify how many Helium coins you want to buy.

Fourthly, you will have to check and confirm the transaction details. The crypto exchange will then handle the rest of the transaction aspects for you. Ultimately, you will get the Helium coins, which you can store in an online wallet.


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Helium

Helium (HNT) is available on Binance. You can also buy it from Crypto.com, FTX, CoinEx, Nami and WazirX, among others.


How High Will Helium Go?

In the next month, we can expect Helium to go up to as high as $56. And in the next one year, we can expect Helium to be as high as $120. Further, in the next two years, we can expect Helium to be as high as $240; rising to as high as $580 by 2025 and as high as $1600 by 2030.


Will Helium Go Up Tomorrow?

There is a decent probability (as high as 50% probability) of Helium going up tomorrow, as per its recent trends.


Will Helium Reach $1?

Helium reached and surpassed $1 long ago. It is currently at $47.60. As per our Helium price prediction, it is likely to cross the $100 mark in the next one year or so.


Is Helium Better Than Filecoin?

For any given sum of money, you can buy more Helium coin units than Filecoin units. So it is ‘better’ in this regard. That is because Helium’s price is much lower, at $47.6, in comparison to Filecoin’s $61.09 price.

But then again, Filecoin has a better ranking, at number 28, in comparison to Helium’s number 44 ranking. Filecoin is somewhat better known and better established, though Helium is catching on fast.

Helium Price Prediction
Helium Price Prediction – Hnt Price Short Term Long Term


Final Verdict – Helium Price Prediction HNT Coin

As we have seen, Helium’s future price outlook is bright. It is currently at $47.6, as at November 15th 2021. We are expecting it to rise to as much as $120 by December 2022; $240 by December 2023; $580 by 2025 and $1600 by 2030. Therefore if you adopt a long-term investment strategy, Helium may reward you nicely.

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