Filecoin Price Prediction : 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 FIL Price

Do you want to know the top Filecoin price prediction expected for the year 2021 and beyond? Is it hard for you to understand whether Filecoin is the best investment or not? If yes, then you are in the right place!

Right through this guide, we will be explaining to you all about the future performance and price growth of Filecoin from the point of view of different experts. Get ready to have a better knowledge about the top Filecoin price prediction forecast for 2021and figure out how much FIL could be worth in the years 2021-2025.

But before that, let’s discuss what Filecoin is all about!


What Is Filecoin?

Filecoin works as a decentralized network of file storing where it rewards the users who store files. Those who are keeping the files are known as storage miners. Users will pay a specific amount for storing the files, whereas the storage miners will be rewarded for their tasks.

Filecoin Price Prediction
Filecoin Price Prediction

Filecoin has a distributed nature to allow peer-to-peer file storage and has a retrieval design. The platform has a native virtual currency known as FIL for the sake of rewarding the miners.

The whole network is designed based on the inspiration of Web3 to work as advanced software development architecture for eliminating centralization. Plus, Filecoin is also accountable for providing file storage services to few more decentralized platforms as well.


Who Created Filecoin?

Filecoin was launched in October 2020. It was created by the Protocol Labs, where it was spearheaded by Juan Benet, who is an experienced computer scientist and engineer.


Filecoin (FIL) Historical Price Analysis

Filecoin has seen a high and new all-time growth of $221 after it surges over 150% this whole past week. In the last 24 hours, the Filecoin price has often surged to at least 45%, which will be 150% in one week. Rally has also witnessed the cryptocurrency break above $200 for the first time.


FIL Market Cap

The current price of Filecoin is around $66.87388487, with a market cap of $4.95B. The total available supply of Filecoin is almost 73.99M FIL and has a secured Rank 24 by market capitalization of crypto market. FIL price is approximately -6.39% down in the last 24 hours. Check the latest price and market cap of Filecoin on Coinmarketcap


FIL Circulating Supply And Total Supply

The circulating supply of Filecoin is 73.89 million FIL, with a total supply of 73.89 million FIL. The maximum supply of this network is 2.00 billion FIL.


Filecoin Price Today – Current Price

Filecoin (FIL)functions on its blockchain. It has a supply of 1.97 Billion coins in which the current supply of FIL in circulation is around 74 Million coins. The current price of Filecoin is approximately $ 66.96, which has moved down to -6.41% in almost 24 hours.


Filecoin (FIL) Future Price Forecast Prediction

According to Long Forecast Filecoin price prediction, the Filecoin will continue to follow a bearish trend until August. This month, the Filecoin price will open at $168. Although this price is higher than the actual asset’s current price, it is lower than the ATH of $234.450348.

Over the past few weeks, Filecoin has been facing a drastic change in value, constantly losing. But it is expected that after September, Filecoin will witness a massive change in its value, starting regaining. It will climb to the high yearly value of almost $266 by December 2021.

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Trading Beasts even thinks that the cost of Filecoin will probably fall before it starts to reclimb in 2021 (second half). Based on this prediction, we can say that FIL will hit the minimum price of almost $113.484 in May 2021. It will be rising to $148.285 by December 2021.


Filecoin (FIL) Short Term Prediction

From March 2021 and onwards, Filecoin price has undergone significant changes due to high vitality levels. Although the bit of data is available to make some analyses, it might be a little uneasy about making some accurate predictions.

According to Wallet Investors, the first short-term Filecoin price prediction about the FIL is quite unpredictable. By December 2021, you will see an optimistic rise in the price of around $351.626.

Wallet Investor has also predicted that Filecoin will say goodbye to the high volatility levels from mid-April. Because the asset has fluctuated a lot to over $50, which might be overly optimistic!

If this Filecoin price prediction is accurate and if Filecoin will reach the value of $351.626, then this value will double in the next ten months, which will be incredible.


Filecoin (FIL) Long Term Prediction

As we talk about the short-term FIL price prediction, now it’s time to talk about the long-term FIL price prediction as well. Having the short-term predictions ranging from $150 to $1,245, what will be the approximate long-term prediction?

Digital Coin Price predicted that in the next 7 years, Filecoin would display a steady growth that is not impressive for the investors.

Digital Coin Price did not want the high volatility levels of Filecoin to end very soon, which they believe will increase by 2023. If you want to know what Filecoin will be worth in 2030, then yes, it will! By 2028, the price of Filecoin will jump from $500 to almost $645.42.

Filecoin Price Prediction
Filecoin Price Prediction

Filecoin Price Prediction 2022

For the year 2022, the Filecoin price prediction 2022 has been entirely unexpected, which you can clearly understand with the table discussed below:

January 2022 $443
February 2022 $452
March 2022 $494
April 2022 $528
May 2022 $511
June 2022 $595
July 2022 $544
August 2022 $606
September 2022 $561


Filecoin Price Prediction 2023

According to Filecoin price prediction 2023, it is expected that this year will bring a significant change in the absolute value of the Filecoin. In short, it will view a dramatic increase for sure.

In 2023, the price of Filecoin will move from $613.78 to $1,469.61, which makes almost 139%. FileCoin will even the year 2023 at $613.78, which might soar to $782.87 in the first six months of the year. It will end in the year 2023 at a value of $830.23.

Filecoin Price Prediction 2025

Now you might be curious to know about the Filecoin price prediction 2025! The year 2025 FIL price prediction will witness a positive outlook with a high increase in the price of Filecoin.

It is predicted that by the end of 2025, Filecoin is forecast to trade at the high potential value of $459.18. According to Wallet Investor, the rise in Filecoin is expected to be seen in October 2025, which will continue to rise even more.

If the prediction goes right, then the FIL final value in 2025 will be an impressive $991.

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January 2025 $1,565
March 2025 $1,750
May 2025 $2,026
July 2025 $1,848
September 2025 $1,811
October 2025 $2,118


Filecoin Price Prediction 2030

According to the 2025 FIL price prediction, FIL is coming across as a significant investment. But the 10-year forecast is holding little weight when it comes to the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency.

Even though the 2025 FIL Filecoin price prediction has been perfect, it is still believed that the Filecoin price will move forward even more in 2030. Although at the end of 2026, Filecoin will see a difficult time starting until the start of 2027.

According to Coin Price Forecast over Filecoin price prediction 2030, FIL will break its value to $1,000 by the year 2024. And by 2030, this platform has that great potential to reach the incredible value of $1,842.23.


Is Filecoin A Good Investment?

No doubt that investment in Filecoin is always carrying a risk with itself. These risks are although expected because the market changes are pretty fast. But viewing the technical credentials and token functions, you will find clues that investing in Filecoin is worth enough.

The demand and popularity of this network have risen even more due to the lower cost of data storage. If we talk about one excellent project of Blockchain, then this is one to watch.


Is Filecoin Safe To Buy?

Based on the data storage protocol, security is the foremost essential for Filecoin. Hence, it’s the reality that the Blockchain has been a perfect suit for this task. As data breaches have been getting high over the existing cloud storage platforms, we can say that Filecoin is quite a lot secure.


How To Buy Filecoin? Step By Step Guide

  1. First of all, you have to sign up for the regulated online cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Start funding your account
  3. Search for Filecoin from the available list of cryptocurrencies
  4. Enter the approximate amount of the Filecoin which you want to purchase
  5. Confirm all your choices and open yourself for trading


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Filecoin

Now without wasting any time, let’s talk about the best crypto exchanges from where you can buy Filecoin. 3 of the most popular ones are discussed below:


Binance is one such largest exchange that has made a renowned name in the market of cryptocurrency. The main reason to buy Filecoin from this exchange is that you will be charged with lower exchange rates than other competing exchanges.

This exchange works best for Australia, Canada, Singapore, the UK, and international users. They never accept the residents of the USA. Unfortunately, Filecoin is not available in as of writing this article but it should be soon considering the next exchange coming up on the list.



Coinbase is one of the behemoth exchanges in the world and the fiat onramp for most of the US residents. Coinbase going public brought more legitimacy to the cryptocurrency market. Filecoin is available to be bought at Coinbase exchange for US Dollars. So, US residents can directly buy FIL/USD market pair rather than jumping hoops with BTC or ETH at other exchanges.



Kraken is one of the new and unique names in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges to work with for buying Filecoin. This platform has trading costs that are pretty high in comparison with other exchanges. USA residents can use this exchange center.

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BitPanda was launched in 2014 where this platform is helpful to sell and buy Bitcoin in Europe. For European residents, BitPanda is the best platform to use right now.


How High Will Filecoin Go?

According to the crypto experts and based on token’s technical analysis, the value of Filecoin will surge in the future. Based on Filecoin crypto price prediction, Filecoin will go high to almost $2,000 and above in the coming few years.


Will Filecoin Go Up Tomorrow?

No one can say whether the price of Filecoin will rise in the future or not! But according to the analysts, it will and will grow even more at different degrees. The most realistic and optimistic prediction is made by TradingBeasts, in which the cost of Filecoin will go to the potential height of $359.18 by the year 2025.


Will Filecoin Reach $1000?

Well, the Cryptocurrency Filecoin crypto price prediction does not believe that the Filecoin will stop at the cost of $1,000. By May 2025, they expect that the asset value will be $2,026.4555, where the price will rise to almost $2,197.9748 by the end of 2025.


Is Filecoin Better Bitcoin?

We all know that the market of cloud computing is growing at a high and faster pace. But the market has been dominated by some players such as Microsoft and Amazon. All of them are part of a centralized network.

As technology is advancing, the cloud market has been expanding much more in the future. Similarly, Bitcoin is the only digital currency that you can sell, buy or exchange. It has the value tied to the trading, whereas FIL has some other use cases apart from the trading.

Filecoin Price Prediction
Filecoin Price Prediction 2022, Filecoin Price Prediction 2025, Filecoin Price Prediction 2030

Takeaways – Filecoin FIL Price Prediction

We hope that this complete guide would be informative for you to plan your investment in Filecoin. From the Filecoin crypto price prediction made by different platforms, it is clear enough that the price of Filecoin will increase to a primary level in the coming few years.

Filecoin will give tough competition to other currencies. Wait for that time!


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