Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction : $PERP Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

If you are considering investing in the Perpetual Protocol (PERP) token, then you will find a prediction on its likely future price trends useful. Similarly, if you have already invested in the Perpetual Protocol token, and you are trying to figure out whether to continue holding onto it or to sell it now, you will find a prediction on its likely future price trends helpful.

How does the Perpetual Protocol price prediction look like? Well, the Perpetual Protocol token is one that has witnessed gradual but steady growth in price since its launch in 2019. Currently, as on November 15th 2021, it is trading at $17.17. Its all-time high (so far) was $24.84 on 30th August 2021. Going by current trends, it is reasonable to expect it to be at $18-$19 by December 2021; $25-$26 by the end of 2022; $77 by 2025; $230 by 2028 and $490-$510 by 2030.

Our PERP price prediction is on the basis of the fact that this is a relatively new token, and one whose core concept clicks in most people’s minds. Since launch, its price has been on a gradual upward trajectory, albeit with some seesawing and stagnations.

Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction
Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction Short Term Long Term

Its price is still at a level where one can buy many units without spending too much money. Going by its history and its current status, it seems to be promising. For these reasons, our PERP Perpetual Protocol price prediction is a cautiously optimistic one.

In this article, you will find information on the token’s price history, its current price, its short term price prediction as well as its long term price prediction.


What Is Perpetual Protocol?

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) is an Ethereum token. It is designed to serve as an incentive for people to avail their computing resources towards an exchange for perpetual contracts that is decentralized.

So people who avail their computing resources towards that end get rewards in the form of the Perpetual Protocol tokens. Those tokens are thereafter tradable, just like all other crypto currencies.


Who Created Perpetual Protocol?

Originally known as Strike Protocol, Perpetual Protocol was created by Yenwen Feng and Shao-Kang in Taiwan.


Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Historical Price Analysis

Before venturing deeper into the Perpetual Protocol crypto price prediction, it is important for us to have insight on its historical price analysis. This should lay a firm foundation for the PERP price prediction we shall be making later.

Currently, Perpetual Protocol is trading at 17.17 (as on November 15th, 2021). It started trading in late 2019. The lowest price was at around $0.57. The all-time high (so far) was on 30th August 2021, at $24.84.

On the whole, its price has been growing at a slow but steady pace. It has also seesawed at times: for instance where we see that in the last 3 months, it has spiked to as high as $24.84 and plunged to as low as $16.


PERP Market Cap

Another important pillar we need to lay, before venturing to give a Perpetual Protocol crypto price prediction is that of the market cap. It is hard to make sense of a PERP price prediction, without insight on its market cap.

As it turns out, the PERP market cap currently stands at $1.18 billion.


PERP Circulating Supply and Total Supply

Other important things to have insight into, before venturing to give a Perpetual Protocol crypto price prediction, are the circulating supply and total supply numbers.

It turns out that PERP circulating supply is at 67.8 million tokens while the total supply is 150 million tokens.

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Perpetual Protocol Price Today – Current Price

The final pillar we need to lay, before proceeding to give our PERP price prediction analysis is that of the current price. It will otherwise be impossible to make sense of the Perpetual Protocol price prediction numbers, without insight on the current price.

And in that regard, as at November 15th 2021, the Perpetual Protocol token is trading at $17.17.


Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Future Price Forecast Prediction

This is a general Perpetual Protocol price prediction overview. We can foresee that in the short term, PERP price may keep on seesawing slightly. That should be the case for the next 3 months or so. Even with that, it is reasonable to expect the PERP price to be at least averaging at $18-$19 by the end of December 2021.

After that, our PERP price prediction shows it stabilizing, and embarking on a slow but steady upward trajectory. By the end of 2022, it should be at around $25.5. So that is our PERP price prediction 2022.

Moving further ahead, our PERP price prediction 2023 shows it averaging at $36.5 in that year. And our PERP price prediction 2025 is that the token should be in the $75-$77 range by then. Further still, our PERP price prediction 2030 shows that it should have crossed the $500 mark by then – and be trading at between $500 and $510.

You see similar optimism when, for instance, you go through the various Perpetual Protocol price prediction Reddit threads. This is where, in the short term, most Reddit Perpetual Protocol price prediction threads express cautious optimism (due to the token’s current seesawing tendency).

But once it weathers this storm, the coin should eventually stabilize and embark on an upward trend that may see it attaining as much as $500 value by 2030.


Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Short Term Prediction

In the short term, Perpetual Protocol price is likely to climb slowly. There may also be a bit of seesawing. This is in keeping with the trend we have seen the last 3 months: where the price has moved from a historical high of $24.84, to a point where it is currently trading at $17.17.

Thus for someone who is seeking a crypto currency to invest for short term gains, PERP may be tricky. Its price may spike or plunge in a big way in the short term.

But there are also those who may argue that its current price of $17.17 is as low as it could go, and the only direction to move from this point is upwards. All in all, as per our Perpetual Protocol price prediction analysis, if there should be any gains in the short term, those are likely to be modest.


Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Long Term Prediction

In the long run, the PERP price is likely to grow at a decent rate. Once more and more people become aware of it (and the concept behind it), we are likely to see a growth in demand. This should in turn translate into a spike in the price. We should start witnessing this by 2023: by which time the currency’s price should have doubled from the current $17-$18 to the $35-$36 range. By 2025, it should be at $77. It is then reasonable to expect it to cross the $100 mark by 2026. And by 2028, it should be above $200.

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Unless something truly catastrophic happens to this token, its price should rise to the $500 range by 2030. So that is how the Perpetual Protocol price prediction looks like, in the long term.


Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2023

The year 2023 is when we can expect the PERP price to fully stabilize and embark on an upward rally. So we should be looking at something in the $35 to $36 range: which is double the current price range of $17 to $18.


Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2025

If the PERP maintains its gradual but steady growth trend, it should be in the $75 to $77 range by 2025. So that should be around four times as much as it is currently costing. Which is to say that if you invest in some PERP tokens today, you can reasonably expect the value of your investment to quadruple by 2025.


Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2030

Going by its trajectory since launch (and going by the general trends in the crypto market), we can expect PERP price to be in the $490 to $510 range by 2030. That is because the token should have broken into the mainstream by then. And more and more people should have learned about crypto currencies and started investing in them by then.

Moreover, the [decentralized exchange] concept behind the PERP token should have come of age by then. So expecting it to be in the $490 to $510 range is not unreasonable.

Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction
Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction Short Term Long Term


Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2040

Should the PERP keep on growing at a steady rate on a year by year basis, we can expect it to be in the $2000-$2100 range by 2040. This is because these crypto coins’ growth tends to take a form akin to geometric progression. And while early growth may appear to be at a slow rate, later growth is usually very impressive.

Therefore if PERP is currently trading at $17.17, and it maintains geometric progression growth at the same rate, there is no reason why it shouldn’t reach $2000 by 2040.


Is Perpetual Protocol A Good Investment?

If you are looking to buy and hold for quite a while (like at least several years), then PERP should be a good investment for you. But if you are seeking a crypto coin from which you can make a quick buck (after flipping) in a few days or weeks, then PERP, given its current fluctuations, may not be ideal for you.


Is Perpetual Protocol Safe To Buy?

The concept behind the PERP token is a sound one. The people who are managing it seem to be quite credible. And its performance since launch has been reasonably good. Further, a look at things like its market cap, trading volumes and circulation gives us the impression that it is quite safe.

But if you buy it with the intention of short term speculation, then in that case it may not be very safe. That is when you consider its spikes and plunges in recent weeks.


How To Buy Perpetual Protocol? Step By Step Guide

  1. Identify a crypto exchange that offers support for the PERP token
  2. Open an account at the identified crypto exchange
  3. Transfer funds to the crypto exchange account
  4. Indicate that you wish to buy PERP. Then follow the prompts to complete the purchase.
  5. Move the PERP tokens you buy to an online wallet for storage


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Perpetual Protocol

One good crypto exchange where you can buy PERP is OKEx. Another good one is Mandala Exchange. Binance, Bybit and FTX are also quite good.

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How High Will Perpetual Protocol Go?

Currently (as at November 15th 2021), PERP is at $17.17. We can expect it to go as high as $18-$19 by the end of December 2021. And by the end of 2022, we should expect it to be in the $24 to $25 range. By 2025, it should have gone as high as $75 to $77. Then by 2030, it should be in the $490 to $510 range.


Will Perpetual Protocol Go Up Tomorrow?

Considering how its price has been seesawing, there is a possibility that PERP will go up tomorrow. But it is also possible that PERP may go down slightly tomorrow. So if you are looking for a coin with which to do one day speculation, it may not be very ideal – given its recent price fluidity.


Will Perpetual Protocol Reach $1?

PERP reached $1 long ago (quite early in its trading life). It is currently at $17.17 [as at November 15th, 2021] – having previously attained an all-time high of $24.84 at the end of August 2021. We are expecting it to cross the $100 mark by 2026, going by the current trends.


Is Perpetual Protocol Better Than Filecoin?

There are certain ways in which PERP is better than Filecoin. That is for instance with respect to its current price ($17.17, against Filecoin’s $62.22). This means that for any given amount of money, you can buy more units of PERP than of Filecoin.

It also possibly means that PERP has better potential for growth. But then again, Filecoin is a better known, more ‘mainstream’ coin than PERP. So in those regards, Filecoin is better than PERP.

Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction
Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction Short Term Long Term – Is $Perp A Good Investment Based On Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction


Final Verdict – Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction PERP Coin

As we have seen in our Perpetual protocol price prediction, PERP price is currently seesawing. But it is likely to stabilize soon. We can expect it to reach the $18 to $19 range by end of December 2021. In 2022, it should be trading in the $24 to $25 range. And by 2023, that goes up to the $35 to $36 range.

In 2025, we should be looking at a PERP price in the $75 to $76 range. It should then cross the $100 mark in 2026, rising to as much as $490 to 510 in the year 2030. Therefore for long term crypto investors, PERP is definitely worth considering.

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