Coinbase Looking To Add 19 New Cryptocurrencies

Unicorn Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase had disclosed at the end of July 2020 that they are reviewing 19 cryptocurrencies. These are potential coins up for listing on Coinbase Pro, and eventually on Coinbase. Interestingly, most of the tokens up for a potential listing are DeFi coins.

According to Coinbase’s announcement, potential new crypto assets include mostly DeFi tokens or coins.

Coins that are up for listing in the reverse alphabetical order :

WBTC, UMA, THETA, The Graph, tBTC, Reserve Rights, Paxos Gold, Ocean Protocol, Melon, Kava, Hedera Hashgraph, Helium, Flexacoin,, Curve, Blockstack, Balancer, Band Protocol and Ampleforth.


Crypto Behemoth Coinbase‘s review process comprises noteworthy technical and meticulous compliance to law. Coinbase does not guarantee listing from the potential list. This is because, some of these coins or token may require extensive work to get regulatory acceptance in various jurisdictions.

Being on the potential list will not automatically mean Coinbase will list the asset

What is the Price effect on Coinbase listing?

Coinbase is available in 100+ Countries and they need to work with governments before you can see them on the exchange.

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According to the top exchange’s listing process, they will introduce new crypto assets at a jurisdiction level. These coins will be further subject to extensive review and regulatory authorizations. Adding assets here does not guarantee introduction in the platform. Also, they may also introduce other crypto assets outside this list.

As always, most of the cryptocurrencies that are part of the potential list are pumping up heavily. Previous successful listings on Coinbase Pro have pumped up the crypto price. All you need now is some patience and HODL until the assets are trade-able on the behemoth exchange.

On the other hand, not all assets moon with just listing information. The effect of listing information on pricing is fickle. Sometimes the tokens moon heavily and sometimes it does nothing. CryptoandFire advises caution and to DYOR before you invest on these tokens anticipating a listing.

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