Hashmasks NFT Review : Digital Art Collectible By 70 Artists

Are you looking forward to investing in Hashmasks NFT? Do you want to know if investing in Hashmasks is worth it or not?

If you don’t know what NFT means, no problem, we have a detailed NFT guide just for you.

Defining the term Hashmasks, this platform is a completely new world of digital art and collectibles history. You can connect yourself with digital art pieces created by 70 artists globally. Let’s get into more discussion about what Hashmasks is exactly about!

What Is Hashmasks?

Hashmasks allow you to be a part of collectibles history and digital art. This living digital art collectible was created by around 70 artists globally. In short, it is a tremendous collection of almost 16,384 unique digital portraits. As you hold the artwork, you can accumulate the NFT token to choose a specific name for the portrait on the Ethereum blockchain.


Who Founded Hashmasks?

Well, Hashmasks enters the NFT market through SuumCuique Labs from Zug, Switzerland.


Hashmasks Explained In Detail

This Hashmasks is a combination of collectibles and digital art with a specific value hierarchy from the side of the consumer and creator of the artwork. Unlike the rest of the collectibles, Hashmasks has two layers of scarcity. Besides, it even includes a set of traits for providing the consumer with general guidance.

In short, Hashmasks artwork is the first collectible in which the rarity and value of every piece in the collection is not predetermined at all. It hence adapts and changes with time before it transforms itself into a final form.

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What Makes Hashmasks NFT Unique?

The reason why Hashmasks are unique and extraordinary is that it is a complete collection of individual components. It’s the hard work of international artists. Hashmasks digital art has five identifiable components, including eye color, mask, skin, character, and item.


Is Hashmasks Art A Good Investment?

Please don’t fool yourself by the name of Hashmasks because there is a huge money investment part of it. There is an availability of more than 16,000 digital portraits, which 70 artists from worldwide have put together.

Every artwork has been completely adding up in a unique pattern to be a part of digital art collectible. It possesses five different characteristics: eye color, mask, skin color, character, and item. Users can also give each of their Hashmask rarest traits, which are names.


How Does Hashmasks Work?       

You will find more than 16,384 unique Hashmasks. Each of the Hashmask is the hard work of various artists that are different from one another based on eye color, mask color, or other attributes. You might find some of the Hashmasks to be rare, which makes them unique.

Hashmasks coin has the rarity and value on its every piece, which is not predetermined at all. It probably adapts and changes with time before it transforms itself into a final form once the last NCT is burnt.

For the initial distribution stage, a limit of 20 Hashmasks per transaction is set, which starts from 28th January 2021.


Is There A Hashmasks Coin?

The new users want to know how many NFTX Hashmask Index (MASK) coins are available in circulation! Well, the coin is having a maximum supply of around 480 tokens.

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Hashmasks Price

NFTX Hashmasks Index Price $-143.44-5.72%
24h Low / 24h High $2,029.89 / $2,754.84
Trading Volume $156,692.65
Market Rank 2801
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,203,959.60


Opensea Hashmasks Marketplace

OpenSea is the largest secondary marketplace for trading crypto-collectibles as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users are free to purchase and sell the collectibles or even create their marketplace to display new collections of NFT. 

OpenSea Hashmask’s initial sale was on 28th January 2021, and there, a vast collection of digital art pieces were put on display. Visit OpenSea and invest in Hashmasks NFT right now!


Hashmasks Rarity

In Hashmasks NFT, implicit rarity helps create an extra layer of value. All the users can interact with them when looking for hidden attributes or messages. Plus, the users can also create the stories around the NFTs Hashmasks rarity and involve themselves in the collection for a long period.

Furthermore, all these elements of the second layer can form a basis for the new definitions of rarity by shifting the balance within the entire Hashmasks NFT market economy.


Is Hashmasks Safe?

Yes, it is! By associating yourself with Hashmasks, you are making yourself part of the digital world that is all about different digital portraits. All the digital portraits have been designed by 70 artists worldwide. You can buy Hashmasks without any risk!

Each piece of artwork is in a distinct pattern as a part of digital art collectible. It possesses five different characteristics: eye color, mask, skin color, character, and item. Users can also give each of their Hashmask rarest traits, which are names.

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Huge Hashmasks NFT Sale

Hashmasks crypto is the latest non-fungible token (NFT) rave is already drawing attention towards the product where it has raised more than $10 million in just four days of its limited-edition “cards” on the initial sale.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace already has Hashmasks NFT sales, so don’t forget to visit the official site of Hashmasks!


Takeaway – Hashmasks NFT Review

To sum up the whole discussion, Hashmasks NFT is becoming one of the most widespread platforms to make investments in digital portraits. According to the official website of TheHashmasks, around 15,333 NFTs were sold out to the collectors at a total of almost 7,666 ETH.

Around 70 artists have contributed to design and completely create the NFT collection. More expectations have been tying up to see more future advancement in Hashmasks art! Stay tuned for more updates but take a look at our other NFT reviews if you are interested.

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