Cryptovoxels Review : Cryptovoxels Coin, Price, OpenSea, VR

Have you ever thought about moving into a virtual world of creativity? Is it possible to make it happen through a currency or the use of a coin?

Well, to make your search a bit easier, here we’re going to tell you about “Cryptovoxels,” which is an outstanding project of Ethereum Blockchain and the best to create a virtual world of building blocks. Let’s have a deep look at it!


What Is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is an old project which is linked with the Ethereum blockchain. This project is a combination of Facebook and Minecraft based on some of the basic sets of block building.

Cryptovoxels also include images, texts, audio files, gifs, scripting, and .vox files. Video streaming is not part of it yet, but it is still in work.


What Makes CryptoVoxels Unique?

Different aspects gradually give Cryptovoxels wiki a unique and eye-catching look for its users. It is a user-owned virtual that the Ethereum blockchain has powered.

With the help of Cryptovoxels, users can easily buy lands or build some virtual stores. They can even build music galleries, studios, or anything which they have ever imagined. In simple words, voxels crypto can trade digital assets through the brilliant power of a blockchain.


Is Cryptovoxels A Good Investment?

In reality, Cryptovoxels coin acts like a game with no such direct objective. You are free to do anything such as building, exploring, or even socializing with friends.

In short, it works as a sandbox environment to display your unlimited creativity about how a user is interacting with the world. It would not be wrong to say that this platform is the land for creators.

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How Does CryptoVoxels Work?

By selecting the option “TAB,” a menu will appear in front of the user, displaying some building blocks, 3D modeling imports, paragraphs, images, 3D texts, and much more.

Due to the massive supply of black and white blocks, users can also add any color into their purchasing COLOR tokens. By selecting the voxel crypto chat option, it becomes rather easy for the user to interact or communicate with the rest of the users on the platform.


Is There A CryptoVoxels Token?

Yes, COLOR works as a CryptoVoxels Token! There was a time when it was known to be an in-world currency. Its main purpose was to buy and add color blocks to the world.

But since June 2020, $COLR has become a dead token, and it is no longer supported or used by CryptoVoxels Token. There is no need to use $COLR to buy any building block in CryptoVoxels’ name.


CryptoVoxels Price

Details about CryptoVoxels price are mentioned below:

Cryptovoxels Parcel Price
70 Block Fork $ 181,472.00
74 Block Fork $ 178,794.00
75 Block Fork $ 178,794.00
1 Score Fork $ 81,662.40
1 Troy Extension $ 9,858.70
2 Robotis Court $ 7,151.76
Ceres 6 $ 6,496.16


Opensea Cryptovoxels Integration

When it comes to selling land on Cryptovoxels, one major issue is setting the price. Setting the price high will deprive another person to buy it. But by setting a low price, you are eventually reducing the total amount of income you need to fund for the city’s development.

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This is the moment when OpenSea comes to your rescue! Through OpenSea Cryptovoxels, you will begin at a starting price, and the price will decrease at its ending price in a few days. With the help of OpenSea, you can also receive details about the average sale price of the past week.


CryptoVoxels VR

Oculus Rift VR or HTC Vive headset will be launched soon for the virtual world of the Cryptovoxels users. .This VR headset is specially designed for virtual reality enthusiasts or gamers.

According to Ben Nolan, it is not easy to update Cryptovoxels VR in just one week, so certain changes and development are made, due to which the launch might extend a week more.


CryptoVoxels Land

CryptoVoxels Land is a voxel-based virtual world that the Ethereum blockchain has powered. This land is all about building blocks, 3D modeling imports, paragraphs, images, 3D texts, and much more.

In short, CryptoVoxels works as a web-based multiplayer world in which the land ownership is eventually recorded as an ethereum token.


CryptoVoxels Map

When you visit Cryptovoxels token for the first time, you will find yourself automatically entering into the center of the Origin City map. To play in VR,  all the navigation will work just like in the VR experience.

Few essential keyboard functions for Cryptovoxels map are below for the users:

  • WASD to Move
  • C for Third Person View
  • F to Fly (guide up/down with mouse)
  • G to Emote/Dance
  • H for Help
  • Q to Throw random objects
  • Shift to Run
  • Spacebar to Jump
  • Enter for Open chat
  • Tab to Open build menu
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Is Cryptovoxels Safe?    

Virtual worlds, just like Cryptovoxels NFT, will make themselves a new space where users can have smooth meetings for their online businesses or presentations from their home couch.

You don’t need to perform any installation to enter inside Cryptovoxels. Straight away from your mobile devices, web browser, or desktop, you can visit this fantastic virtual world. It does not require the use of a webcam.

Cryptovoxels Review

Takeaway – Cryptovoxels Review

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a considerable focus is put towards advancing the virtual reality (VR) industry in which Cryptovoxels is on the top. Although this project is still young, there is massive scope for improvement and growth.

It would not be wrong to say that the popularity and profile of Cryptovoxels or voxels wallet will grow at a tremendous level in the coming few years. Being an underdog, Cryptovoxels is currently the most active coin within the ecosystem.

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