Rarible NFT Marketplace Review – RARI Crypto Token $RARI

Did you know that some of the most promising projects in the NFT platform are the NFT marketplaces? Rarible NFT Marketplace is one of such marketplaces making headlines as one of the best future NFT projects to hold maximum potential.


What is Rarible?

Rarible is an open-source marketplace where investors meet, interact, create and sell collectibles.  It is open for any user who wishes to create as well as display their artwork.  You can collect all the art pieces on this platform by purchasing them using Ethereum tokens.

Keep in mind that this is a non-custodial platform where users are completely in charge of their tokens. Users will enjoy Intellectual property rights using Proof of Provence. In turn, buyers and sellers will buy and sell their collectible on the Rarible NFT marketplace at a small cost.

Back in early 2002, Alex Sanikov and Alexei Falin founded the Moscow-based platform, Rarible.


Who are the investors of Rarible?

Rarible is an open marketplace for any type of investor who creates and sells digital collectibles. You and I can become the Rarible investors as long as we are willing to abide by the rules. We can start by gaining the verified badge by putting up for sale at least four collectibles.


Rarible NFT marketplace Listings

Good news to Rarible platform users as Poloniex is now welcoming Rarible (RARI) to its innovation zones. This is a big deal for investors in this platform as they can now trade RARI/USD and earn profits. As long as they have wallets, things will be easier and enjoyable with Rarible.


What is Rarible Token?

In July 15, of 2020, Rarible published in a Medium article following the release of RARI token. This is the first governance token in the NFT space.  RARI has a total supply of 25,000,000 $RARI in the market.  A tokenized ecosystem shows heighted security for all its users hence we believe that Rarible is the platform to be.

RARI as a utility token offers the following use-cases in the Rarible marketplace:

  1. It allows token holders to boost as well as vote on a featured artwork in the marketplace.
  2. It acts as a governance token within Rarible ecosystem. Creators and collectible with RARI will be able to vote on various functions within the platform such as system update.

RARI token holders will be able to participate in community-driven marketplace.


What is Rarible token supply?

Rarible token total supply is 25,000,000 $RARI tokens but the circulating supply currently stands at around 855,000 $RARI


Rarible OpenSea Integration

The Integration of Rarible and OpenSea is a good opportunity for sellers and collectors.  You can now create as well as sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain technology.  Rarible makes it possible for all the artists and collectors to create and exchange immutable art without codes.  You only need the RARI token and you are good to go on OpenSea.

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How can I buy RARI token?

Now you will be able to purchase RARI on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. You will need Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy RARI. You can easily use your Bank account or credit card to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. The procedure of purchasing RARI is as simple as this:

  1. Set up your Coinbase account
  2. Buy BTC or ETH
  3. Use ETH or BTC to buy RARI

Did you know that you could also buy RARI using US Dollars?  Let us look into buying Rarible using US dollar:

  1. Setup your own Coinbase account
  2. Add a payment method to your Coinbase account
  3. You will have to buy another cryptocurrency first such as bitcoin or Ethereum before you will be able to buy RARI.

Once everything is over, you will have purchased RARI using US dollars through the help of other cryptocurrencies.  Talk to us on our page and let us guide you on this process.


How Is RARI distributed? Marketplace Liquidity Mining

The marketplace liquidity mining at Rarible is making use of the platform to earn RARI, governance tokens.

Out of the 25,000,000 RARI token, 60% is up for grabs through marketplace mining. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that requires you to scan the marketplace as you run the codes, RARI liquidity mining only encourages its users to participate on Rarible.


What is community governance in RARI?

This is a form of governance model in Rarible that helps platform users to make the right decision. The main reason behind its application is to achieve an autonomous platform.  Blockchain technology is now laying a foundation based on this application. In turn, Rarible is using this application to create a more decentralized as well as democratic models.


What Rights Do RARI Governance Token Give To Token Holders?

A RARI token holder enjoys the following rights:

  1. Moderate creators on the platform

We all know that it is difficult to establish a community-based moderation.  Rarible is soon implementing a system analogous to Aragon Court to help in the moderation process.

  1. Voting on system upgrades

Token holders will have influence over the platform’s development. They will submit as well as vote on proposals about:

  • New Rarible features to be developed
  • How to use RARI to enhance the decentralization of the governance as well as development of Rarible.
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How To Get Verified Badge On Rarible Marketplace?

Getting a verified badge on Rarible you will need to submit a request on Rarible discord in the ‘verify-requests’ section. You must provide the following:

  • A link to your filled-in profile, you will also provide user pic as well as description
  • Provide at least four artworks sold as well as up for sale.

It is worth mentioning that Rarible grant limited quantity of badges depending on the team’s decision.


Rarible Create Collectible

Rarible now allows you to create collectible from anything such as an old arty photograph. You will tokenize it and put it up for sale. The process is easy though you have to transact using web3 wallet.

Rarible offers a marketplace for all types of NFTs particularly artwork.  This allows many people to own different types of images and have some special rights as well as permissions attached to them.

Single Collectible

A single collectible is a single artwork that is up for sale.  This comprises of a types of artwork. When it comes to Rarible, you only get a verified badge after posting at least four pieces of artwork. Single collectibles are normally expensive than multiple ones

Multiple collectible

This is a different collection of items posted on Rarible platform up for sale. The prices depend on the condition of the item as well as the availability.

Bidding vs instant sale

Bidding a process of taking a chance on winning an item at lower price than buying instantly. Instant sale is whereby you like an item and you do not want to take chances of losing it. This will force you to press the buy button and pay for the item on the spot. Most people prefer bidding to instant sale because in bidding, the can end up with low prices.


Rarible Connect Wallet – Buy Sell Or Hold Collectibles On Ethereum Blockchain

Rarible is getting much praise for its relatively simple and clear user interface that’s newbie friendly. There will be a huge influx of new users who don’t know much about NFT will be jumping in with huge NFT purchases happening on the blockchain. So, Rarible shall be having it easy in onboarding new users and help them in their first purchase.

Users explain that the process to connect a crypto wallet on Rarible platform is easy. Rarible platform has support for Wallet Connect, MetaMask, WalletLink and Fortmatic out of the box which is amazing.

In addition, Rarible has another favorable aspect with the “Yearn Finance yInsure” initiative. Yearn Finance is another hot name in DeFi space that gets a lot of coverage. Some Crypto experts think and predict that this cooperation could lead to being the pioneer in creating a link between the DeFi and NFT communities.

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Simple Steps To Rarible Connect Wallet And Buying Selling NFTs On ETH Blockchain

  1. Go To Rarible website
  2. Click on Marketplace Menu
  3. Choose the Digital Collectible that you like and open it
  4. Click the Checkout button on the bottom right corner
  5. You will be shown another screen that contains 2.5% Service fee and then a royalty fee goes to original creator
  6. Click the “Proceed to Payment” blue button if you are ready to checkout
  7. Your Metamask wallet will automatically open if you are signed in, otherwise it will ask you to sign in your Metamask wallet
  8. Once you choose the level of gas fee you want to spend and hit confirm on the Metamask wallet, the transaction is propogated on the Ethereum blockchain
  9. Once few confirmations are successful on the Ethereum blockchain, you will successfully purchase the NFT collectible on the Rarible Platform
  10. You can verify your ownership on the Ethereum blockchain ERC721



  1. Rarible is willing to pave way for other organization to implement community governance models.
  2. There is high chances of Rarible becoming a leader in the expanding NFT market
  3. Collectibles are not the best or a great investment option
  4. Rarible is an open-source marketplace where investors meet, interact, create and sell collectibles.
  5. RARI is the first governance token in the NFT space
  6. Buyers and sellers will buy and sell their collectible on the Rarible NFT marketplace at a small cost using RARI as a medium of exchange
  7. Check out the alternative to Rarible – Nifty Gateway which is owned by the Winklevoss brothers
  8. Rarible Twitter | Rarible Reddit | Rarible CoinMarketCap | Rarible Website

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