Can You Buy Bitcoin At Walmart? 7 Easy Step By Step Guide

Most people understand and buy Bitcoin on exchanges like Coinbase or through P2P platforms from other people. Buying bitcoin can be done in many ways, from cash, credit or debit cards, wire transfers, bitcoin cards, or other cryptocurrencies. How about you go to Walmart?

Can you buy bitcoin at Walmart? Yes, you can buy Bitcoin at Walmart with a simple process. You need to pin down the details when you want to buy Bitcoin. Walmart also provides a Walmart App that can be used for your money transfers.

To find out the details of how you buy bitcoin at Walmart, let’s read this article to the end.

Buy Bitcoin At Walmart Store
Buy Bitcoin At Walmart Store


Can I Buy Bitcoin At Walmart Store?

It should be a reminder for you that buy bitcoin at Walmart cannot directly use cash, but with other methods. You cannot buy Bitcoin by directly giving cash to the cashier and exchanging it for Bitcoin.

If you can’t buy directly, can u buy Bitcoin at Walmart? Yes, you can, by utilizing money transfers named Walmart2Walmart as a middleman or using a Walmart gift card.

This is because not all sellers can accept cash payments to buy Bitcoin, but they can provide other ways to exchange your money until you get Bitcoin with the amount that matches the latest currency.

This will be a little confusing if you are a new person who wants to try Bitcoin, but you can purchase your Bitcoin risk-free if you know the steps.


Buy Bitcoins In USA At Walmart

This method does not discuss how to buy bitcoins with cash at Walmart, but how we can get Bitcoin and buy it with one of the features available at Walmart. Buying bitcoin at Walmart requires several steps that you must remember and summarized in the table below.

Steps to buy Explanation
Choose cryptocurrency wallet Choose a BTC wallet to carry your Bitcoin. It’s a virtual wallet that you can get on many platforms that support the cryptocurrency you want.
Set up wallet Setting up your wallet can be via desktop or mobile as long as there is internet access. If you don’t have an account yet, you must create one first.
Pick a P2P exchange Find a BTC seller who is willing to sell through Walmart. Go to peer-to-peer exchanges.
Use Walmart2Walmart service Unique service from Walmart where you can send cash from your Walmart to another Walmart.
Write down the details and go to Walmart The P2P will give some details before you go to Walmart. Write that down or screenshot it and go to the store.
Give the details and pay to teller Go to Walmart Money Center, give the information or the screenshot you have, then pay the cashier and keep the receipt.
Send the information to your BTC seller You can send the details and the receipt. The money transfer process will take at least 10 minutes.
Wait until your BTC arrives Once your BTC seller receives money from you, they will process the BTC for you according to the currency that was approved when you bought it.


If you look at the steps from start to finish, it doesn’t mean that Walmart sells bitcoin, but we can use the Walmart2Walmart feature to buy BTC.

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How To Buy Bitcoins With Cash At Walmart?

The only way to buy Bitcoin with cash is to use Walmart2Walmart and find a BTC seller who agrees to use this feature.

How can I buy bitcoins at Walmart with cash? After you find a BTC seller who wants to use Walmart2Walmart, you can head to the customer service or money center to make money transfers. After making the payment, send the details to your seller.

Can I buy bitcoins at Walmart with cash? You can’t buy it directly at the Walmart where you are, but through the Walmart feature, you have to do P2P with people who agree with the payment method.

Buy bitcoin at Walmart is not difficult because it’s the same as making money transfers using Western Union, but the difference is that you need to find a BTC seller who wants to use this method first.


How Do You Buy Bitcoins At Walmart?

You will use Walmart2Walmart money transfers with BTC sellers who have agreed to this method. How to buy bitcoin at Walmart store is simple. After you have set up your wallet and are ready to receive BTC, you just have to go to the store and pay the teller with some details.

After your BTC seller receives the information from another Walmart, you just have to wait for the BTC to enter your wallet.

Can I buy bitcoin at Walmart? You can only buy Bitcoin at Walmart with the help of a BTC seller who wants to make money transfers with you through Walmart as a middleman.


Can You Buy Things At Walmart With Bitcoin?

Walmart does not accept crypto payments. If you want to spend your BTC and buy goods at Walmart, you can use a gift card that can be purchased using BTC on any platform you want to use.

Although you can buy bitcoin at Walmart in certain ways, spending bitcoin at Walmart is not included.

We know that buy bitcoin at Walmart store can only be done if the BTC seller wants to use Walmart as a middleman, but not directly from Walmart who can do BTC exchange.

Buy stuff at Walmart with bitcoin is impossible if Walmart itself doesn’t accept any kind of cryptocurrency.


Buy Items At Walmart With Bitcoin

There is still no information that any Walmart store will accept payment methods using cryptocurrency because, until now, Walmart has only identified crypto-related investments.

No one has used Walmart bitcoin yet, because Walmart itself still hasn’t declared Bitcoin as a legal payment to buy any item there.

Can I buy bitcoin at Walmart with cash? Yes, with the P2P method and using Walmart as a middleman. An agreement between the BTC seller and you must be made to provide information to each other when the money transfer process is carried out.

Even though you understand how to buy bitcoins with cash at Walmart, you still can’t buy anything using Bitcoin at Walmart.


How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card At Walmart?

If you want to buy bitcoin at Walmart using a credit card, you can use a Walmart MoneyCard and purchase BTC through Paxful. For the first step, you have to create a Paxful account and verify it.

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Can you buy bitcoin at Walmart? If you use a Walmart MoneyCard, you can find a Bitcoin seller who agrees by using this method.

Suppose the terms are fair between you and the seller, such as information on Walmart Visa, CVV number, or card’s expiration. In that case, you can make a payment and wait for verification from the seller before you can receive BTC in your wallet.

Buy bitcoin at Walmart is relatively easy if a seller agrees with the method you will use. Still, someone is asking, “can I use bitcoin at Walmart?” Although you can’t directly use Bitcoin to shop at Walmart, you can use Bitcoin to get a Walmart gift card.


Bitcoin Cash Deposit Walmart

If you want to buy bitcoin at Walmart, you can use a Walmart MoneyCard to make a deposit, starting with a cash deposit. After the deposit is complete and the conditions are met, you can use a Walmart MoneyCard to buy Bitcoin if your seller has agreed to it.

If you know how to buy bitcoin at Walmart with cash, you also know how to get bitcoins. Even if you don’t directly buy Bitcoin from Walmart, you should look for a seller who accepts Walmart as a middleman. Can use Walmart MoneyCard or Walmart2Walmart.

Buy bitcoin buy bitcoin at Walmart does have to know some details before you get used to using it. Make sure you are with people who already understand buy bitcoin at Walmart so you can buy it risk-free.


Bitcoin Gift Card Walmart

You can get a Walmart eGift card by exchanging Bitcoin with the person who sells it through the Walmart eGift Card. Nominal gift cards are available from $2 to $500. By using this card, you do not need to pay any fees, and there is no expiration date on the card.

You can also sell Walmart gift cards for bitcoin if you have a lot of gift cards and don’t want to use them. Look for buyers who want gift cards to be exchanged for bitcoins according to the existing currency.

This is also one of the ways how to buy bitcoins at Walmart because you use a Walmart gift card to get bitcoins. There is no direct way to buy bitcoin at Walmart, but you can use several steps that take advantage of the Walmart feature to get bitcoins.


Bitcoin Cards At Walmart

You won’t be able to find bitcoin cards at Walmart because, until now, Walmart still doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments. Therefore you also will not be able to find bitcoin atm at Walmart.

How can I buy bitcoins at Walmart with cash? If you want to buy bitcoin at Walmart with cash, you must use Walmart2Walmart and have the seller’s approval using this P2P process.

Although buy bitcoin at Walmart with this method must understand some details, you will get used to it if you have done it before. The process is as easy as making a money transfer by handing over cash to the teller.

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Is There Bitcoin Machine In Walmart?

You need to use the tracking website to find Bitcoin ATMs near your area, but you will still find it difficult to find bitcoin machine in Walmart because Walmart itself still doesn’t use Bitcoin as a legit payment.

Even though you already know how to buy bitcoin buy bitcoin at Walmart, you also need to find a bitcoin ATM to make it easier for you in the bitcoin transaction you want.

Buy bitcoin at Walmart requires a few steps, such as creating an account for a BTC wallet, finding a suitable seller, making money transfers if you carry cash, or using a MoneyCard if you want to use a credit card.

Although not all sellers can use the buy bitcoin at Walmart method, you can seek recommendations from experts to find trusted BTC sellers who use Walmart as a middleman.


Did Walmart Buy Bitcoin?

There is no news that Walmart is buying bitcoin because Walmart does not use any cryptocurrencies to purchase goods. The only thing circulating on the internet is how to buy bitcoin in a Walmart store, even though Walmart doesn’t directly provide this option.

Buy bitcoin at Walmart using several features such as Walmart2Walmart or Walmart Gift Card. You also have to know some steps because you can’t directly ask the cashier to buy BTC directly through Walmart like you buy items that are there.


Final Verdict On Buy Bitcoin At Walmart

Many people who want to dive into Bitcoin are familiar with cryptocurrencies and invest if possible. One of the recommended ways for new Bitcoin players is to buy bitcoin at Walmart.

Although it’s a little complicated if you do it the first time, you can ensure that Walmart is a trusted middleman between you and the BTC seller at an agreed price.

You have to look for a BTC seller who agrees to this payment model because Walmart directly doesn’t provide the feature to buy any cryptocurrency.

You can use the Walmart2Walmart feature to make money transfers, and your BTC seller will send BTC through your wallet if they receive money from you.

If you want to use a Walmart gift card, you can sell it and find a buyer willing to exchange it for BTC. Or, if you have BTC, you can look for a Walmart gift card seller that can be purchased with this method, so you can indirectly use BTC to shop at Walmart.