Ecomi Price Prediction : $OMI Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

With an ever-increasing trend for blockchain and cryptocurrency, more and more people are coming to know its usefulness. New ventures are coming forward, some with novel and unique ideas.

Ecomi is such an exchange that specializes in Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are gaining popularity very fast with the masses.

NFTs are individual digital representations that can be collected, or they can be substituted for identical items of the same value.

They cannot be traded for ERC-20 tokens. As such, they can only be used to represent items that are unique.

In this blog, we will discuss ecomi crypto and its derivative token omi token (OMI). Especially Ecomi price prediction and OMI coin price prediction.


What Is Ecomi?

ECOMI is a Singapore-based technology company that is offering services in the newly introduced digital collectibles, omi nft (non-fungible token) business, and enhanced security and protection of digital assets.

ECOMI’s VeVe app is quite in the ecomi news. It is well known for digital collectibles, introducing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.


Who Created Ecomi?

David Yu is the founder and CEO of ECOMI. His other two co-founders are Daniel Crothers and Joseph Janik. ECOMI was formed in 2017.

People frequently mix up oni coin and oni token with omi coin and omi token. Oni is entirely an independent entity crypto exchange.


Ecomi (Omi) Historical Price Analysis

To the query what is omi, the answer is OMI is the native token of Ecomi. OMI is the cryptocurrency used to do business over the VeVe app (Android and iOS). $omi crypto is another symbol used for the omi token.

Talking of the omi price crypto prediction, the below table shows the historical data since March 2021, with the ecomi market cap. All figures are in USD.

Date Open $ High $ Low $ Close $ Volume OMI Market Cap US$
Mar   23, 2021 0.009553 0.010304 0.008603 0.009731 55,103,945 26,175,898
Apr   01, 2021 0.012082 0.012365 0.009048 0.00964 62,688,490 19,326,165
May   01, 2021 0.006576 0.006576 0.006038 0.006216 7,743,538 8,456,763
Jun   01, 2021 0.002654 0.002697 0.002583 0.002618 3,133,148 441,376,535
Jul   01, 2021 0.002189 0.002353 0.002176 0.002271 1,458,382 364,077,829
Aug   03, 2021 0.0031748 0.0034348 0.0028416 0.0028953 1,075,541,527 511,436,825
Aug   08,2021 0.0029449 0.0031828 0.0029449 0.0029734 999,936,185 507,848,033
Aug   15, 2021 0.0026871 0.0027189 0.0025585 0.0026419 816,310,895 439,936,297
Aug   22, 2021 0.0028526 0.0028951 0.0026862 0.0027266 741,199,608 461,210,137
Aug   29, 2021 0.0029858 0.0030937 0.0029585 0.0030881 974,245,689 497,341,117
Sep   01,2021 0.0032598 0.0036601 0.0032273 0.0036491 1,302,971,369 556,318,954
Sep   06, 2021 0.0045847 0.004897 0.00413 0.004416 9,418,114 794,245,588 

For the OMI coin price prediction, year-wise historical data is given in the table below. All figures are in USD.

Year AVG. Price

US $

Max Price

US $

Min Price

US $





Supply Volatility
2019 0.0000472 0.0000672 0.0000157 7.1 M 17.9 T 150 B 148%
2020 0.0000366 0.0000183 0.0000103 5.5 M 29.4 T 150 B 267%
2021 0.00003467 0.0136 0.000022 142.9 M 6.9 M 77 B 212%



Omi Market Cap

Ecomi market cap is important data in the Ecomi crypto price prediction. Omi coin price today is $0.003911. The 24-hour trading volume is $10,977,762.

OMI is down 8.02% in the last 24 hours. The current ecomi coinmarketcap ranking is #221. In such downward trends, people naturally enquire what happened to omi stock, and want to check omi stock price today.

The live market cap is US$650,408,623. The circulating supply is 166,285,821,196 OMI coins and the maximum supply of OMI coins is 75 billion coins.


Omi Circulating Supply And Total Supply

For people interested in ecomi stock the current circulating supply of OMI tokens is 220 million coins. The total or maximum supply is 750 billion coins.

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Ecomi Price Today – Current Price

The current ecomi coin price trading (live) is $0.0039858. Down by 5.31%. Market cap is 661,766,020. Volume is 6,101,511 USD.


Ecomi (Omi) Future Price Forecast Prediction

OMI coin price prediction forecast for the next 12 months is interpolated below. All prices are in USD.

Month / Year Average Price USD Low USD High USD Change
September 2021 0.0038 0.0035 0.0041 +2%
October 2021 0.0040 0.0037 0.0044 +11%
November 2021 0.0045 0.0041 0.0049 +6%
December 2021 0.0039 0.0032 0.0046 -11%
January 2022 0.0043 0.0037 0.0049 +11%
February 2022 0.0047 0.0042 0.0051 6%
March 2022 0.0043 0.0037 0.0050 -7%
April 2022 0.0045 0.0039 0.0050 10%
May 2022 0.0042 0.0037 0.0047 -8%
June 2022 0.0049 0.0043 0.0054 14%
July 2022 0.0051 0.0048 0.0054 5%
August 2022 0.0054 0.0046 0.0063 9%
September 2022 0.0062 0.0051 0.0073 9%
October 2022 0.0065 0.0055 0.0075 5%
November 2022 0.0068 0.0060 0.0077 11%
December 2022 0.0083 0.0071 0.0095 15%
January 2023 0.0082 0.0073 0.0090 1%


Ecomi (Omi) Short Term Prediction

Ecomi crypto price prediction for tomorrow, and next week. These are based on the last 30 days’ performance.

Date Price Min Price Max Price
08/09/2021 0.004 0.00358 0.00442
09/09/2021 0.00404 0.00365 0.00443
10/09/2021 0.00401 0.00359 0.00443
11/09/2021 0.00398 0.0036 0.00438
12/09/2021 0.00415 0.00374 0.00453
13/09/2021 0.00432 0.00396 0.00469
14/09/2021 0.00431 0.00392 0.0047
15/09/2021 0.0043 0.00391 0.0047
16/09/2021 0.00435 0.00394 0.00474
17/09/2021 0.00432 0.00389 0.00472
18/09/2021 0.00429 0.00388 0.00467
19/09/2021 0.00446 0.00406 0.00489
20/09/2021 0.00462 0.0042 0.00502
21/09/2021 0.00462 0.00421 0.00502


Ecomi (Omi) Long Term Prediction

Long-term Ecomi price prediction is given in the below table for the average omi crypto price for 8 years, from the year 2021 to the year 2028.

Year-End Avg. OMI Price USD
2021 0.00563
2022 0.00665
2023 0.00811
2024 0.00929
2025 0.011677
2026 0.0130165561
2027 0.0150689082
2028 0.0164511225


Ecomi Price Prediction 2023

According to Ecomi price prediction, it is expected that by the end of 2022, the NFTs will be more popular. In absence of any firm road map timeline from Ecomi for their future market capitalization, the future prediction is not easy.

However, with the increasing popularity of Ecomi’s VeVe, it is expected the OMI token will make some headway in 2023.

The OMI price prediction 2023 is summarised in the table below.

Year Avg. USD Max USD Min USD Min % Change Max % Change Avg. % Change
2023 0.0100 0.0131 0.0082 -13% 15% 4%


Ecomi Price Prediction 2025

The OMI price prediction 2025 is somewhat way away. With the current speed of acceptance of blockchains in everyday business, it is expected that the idea of NFTs gaining social acceptance in the future can give Ecomi a good chance to grow.

The below table shows the Ecomi price prediction values for the year 2025. All figures are in USD.

Year Avg. USD Max USD Min USD Min % Change Max % Change Avg. % Change
2025 0.0292 0.0400 0.0225 -5% 14% 7%


Ecomi Price Prediction 2030

The OMI price prediction 2030 is quite far and cannot be accurate. The experts and business analysts give the below-mentioned Ecomi price prediction for the year 2030.

Year Avg. USD Max USD Min USD
2030 0.1690 0.1918 0.1463


Ecomi Price Prediction 2040

As the Ecomi price prediction time is increased, the less accurate it becomes. It is a rough price prediction based on current data. Nineteen years from now is difficult to predict with accuracy.

Based on the best present information, analysts give some values as shown in the table below for the OMI price prediction 2040.

Year Avg. USD Max USD Min USD
2040 0.1690 0.1918 0.1463
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Is Ecomi A Good Investment?

According to the historical data and current Ecomi price prediction, analysts are divided on the Ecomi investment.

ECOMI is generally viewed as a good project mainly for the near future due to the ongoing hype surrounding NFT.

Once more and more people are aware of the value it really holds in the digital collectibles world, it will definitely appreciate in value over time.

There is big potential to grow if the platform is able to enter into more partnerships with big names like Pokemon or Marvel and the like.

Availability for trading on bigger exchanges such as Binance or KuCoin will further help to raise the ecomi omi price in the short run.

Optimistic analysts think it is a good project. Stock omi has the potential to grow in the coming years. Ecomi price prediction Reddit is a good forum to gain knowledge.


Is Ecomi Safe To Buy?

While asking for the OMI Ecomi price prediction, potential customers ask if Ecomi is safe to buy. OMI is a legit coin and also secure.

Now more than ever, keeping your private keys and cryptocurrency safe and secure is vital. They offer their digital hardware omi wallet, which does this exactly and with convenience.

Many reputed names and institutions are now on board in partnership with Ecomi. One can see names like  Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, and sports leagues like NFL, MLB.

Ecomi advisors are famous entrepreneurs having success with their own companies. For more knowledge and information Reddit Ecomi price prediction forum is a good place to interact with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


How To Buy Ecomi? Step By Step Guide

Interested people often ask where to buy omi coin or how to buy ecomi coin. To trade in cryptocurrency an account with a crypto exchange is required.

Like all altcoins, OMI cannot be directly purchased with fiat money.

Cryptocurrency is needed to buy OMI. Using Bitcoin is easy. The below steps show how to do this.

Register on an exchange

Coinbase is one example. It is one of the largest exchanges and one can easily find all cryptos here.

Alternatively, check with your potential exchange if they deal in OMI. Normal KYC procedures would be followed.

Complete all details for registration and security, and sign up.


Buy coins

Using fiat money, or bank transfer, or credit/debit card, buy Bitcoins or other coins to be traded for OMI.


Transfer to an altcoin exchange.

Registering is the same as opening an account at an exchange where OMI is traded. Then transfer your newly purchased OMI tokens to this account for further trading in OMI.


Trade OMI

Once you have bought the required amount of Bitcoins, exchange them with the OMI tokens.


Purchase Hard Wallet

Store all your crypto coins and other data safely in this offline hardware nicknamed ecomi wallet offered by Ecomi.

People also ask about the coinomi price. Coinomi is a free app for crypto-wallets. They charge only for transferring assets, not for receiving.


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Ecomi

Once people decide to do business in ecomi token they ask where to buy ecomi crypto.  Following exchanges are currently dealing buy and sell in OMI tokens. 


How High Will Ecomi Go?

According to the Ecomi price prediction by the year-end (2021), the OMI value can go up to $0.00564 USD. Long term it is predicted to go up to $0.0177982949 USD.


Will Ecomi Go Up Tomorrow?

According to the cryptocurrency analysts, the Ecomi crypto price prediction is good and the ecomi price will increase in the future.

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Will Ecomi Reach $1?

All factors of the OMI price prediction so far favor a bullish trend and investors predict the Ecomi value would reach $1 in the future. It may be in the next ten or more years.

The burning of tokens as more NFTs are bought, more people joining the VeVe Collectible business, the various partnerships that Ecomi is entering into with top firms, are all factors driving the omi finance and omi coinmarketcap value up.


Is Ecomi Better Than Chiliz?

Comparing the Ecomi price prediction with Chiliz price prediction, investors put Chiliz as a winner because of many factors like market cap, share value, market position, business volume, etc.

Omi price prediction and omi coin market cap are good in the long forecast.



Where Can I Buy Omi Coin?

Often people ask where to buy omi or how to buy omi. The ecomi coin is traded on certain exchanges and can be bought by Bitcoin or Ethereum only.

First, one has to open an account in an exchange doing business in Bitcoin or Ethereum and OMI. Purchase the cryptocurrency by fiat money. Using the cryptocurrency purchase the OMI tokens. Omi coin where to buy is that simple.


How To Trade Ecomi On Bitforex?

Ecomi Bitforex is the term used for the trading of ecomi omi tokens on Bitforex exchange. Bitforex omi and or omi bitforex mean the same thing.


Is Ecommi Related To Ecomi?

ECOMMI is a web development, web hosting, and online store and management support. Nothing to do with cryptocurrency or omi ecomi.


Final Verdict – Ecomi Price Prediction Omi Coin

Ecomi company is a few years old which ventured into the NTF business in 2019. Its OMI coin gained market attention last year when the company announced new ventures with reputable owners of trademark and iconic popular sports and comics.

Its VeVe app is very innovative and designed for users to enjoy and trading the NTFs. Ecomi is now live on ecomi uniswap, which is a trading platform of Uniswap also abbreviated as omi uniswap.

At present, the ecomi coin price prediction is more bearish and expected to turn bullish with the joining of more customers in the NTF trade.

The omi coin price prediction being bearish, trading is recommended for experienced traders only.

The cryptocurrency analysts depict the omi token price as a long-term investment that can be profitable as the odds are in its favor, due to the growing popularity of the NTFs. The project is not yet listed on top trading platforms.