Guarda Wallet Review – Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet?

What Is Guarda Wallet?

Guarda wallet is the cryptocurrency wallet you are asking for. It is a versatile digital wallet that offers services like buying, exchanging, transferring, and storage of different cryptocurrencies. As for now, it allows more than 40 blockchain and their respective more than 10,000 tokens.

Guarda is more like the metamask wallet and has a great resemblance in its overall features. So, if you want to try something different then it is definitely a good choice. Let’s talk about it more in detail. Follow our Guarda wallet review below.

Guarda Wallet Team And Investors

Guarda is associated with several top cryptocurrency platforms. ChangeNow and CoinSwitch are the leading exchanging platforms. Simplex and Indacoin have joined for the cryptocurrency purchasing service. Nexa is joined as the built-in loan provider.

As for the team, there is no distinct information about their official developer team. Maria Carola is the only known personality as the CMO.


Is Guarda Wallet Regulated?

Now, our guarda wallet review will let you know about some digital wallet regulations. There are some specific regulations of digital assets in different countries. Rather than the wallet, it really depends on the country. In simple terms, some countries allow a user to use digital wallet value as a stored value. The allowance is known as SVF means Stored Value Facility.

With such a facility, a user can use the stored value as payment for goods and other things. It is government permission and there will be several rules to do so. Follow your country’s law to determine how the regulation will be for a digital wallet.


Is Guarda Wallet Safe?

Are you worried about thinking, is guarda wallet safe? Guarda has multiple security features to keep your assets safe. First of all, digital wallets are hot wallets so you have to carry a little more risk than cold wallets. Keeping that in mind, you will get an encrypted backup for the private keys.

The protection will be guarded with a password. This password will be required for any kind of transaction. You can also secure the assets with external hardware wallet protection.

As it is an open-source program, the wallet is getting improved every day and there are some extra protection measures as well. So, it is proven to be safe for cryptocurrency users.

Although, there are some common issues with the platform. Follow our guarda wallet review below to learn more.


What Makes Guarda Wallet Unique?

Guarda is just like any other virtual wallet to deal with cryptocurrency transactions. They are especially important token deals. Even though it has similarities with other wallets but there are many things unique about it. Let’s talk about it more in the Guarda wallet review.

The first thing will be versatility. Where most digital wallets are concerned only about particular services, it offers more than than. You can buy, sell, transfer, store, exchange, and so on with Guarda.

Not to mention the unique and strong backup security of the platform. Along with password protection, it also offers an ID/face recognition mechanism. Because of that, it stands as one of the strongest platforms in terms of security.

More importantly, it allows almost any type of token that is quite remarkable considering the rival platforms. Follow our guarda wallet review below to learn about how to use it.


How Do I Use Guarda Wallet?

Now, we are going to talk about the usage procedure in the guarda wallet review. To learn the basic usage you have to learn to create an account, receiving assets, and sending or completing a transaction. Let’s follow our guarda wallet bitcoin review to learn them accordingly.


Guarda Wallet Create Wallet Account

  • Go to the official website home page.
  • Search for the option “create a new wallet”
  • Use a suitable password and create an account.
  • Download the backup and secure the account.


Sending Crypto In Guarda Wallet

  • Go to the account menu.
  • Give wallet information and transfer the amount.
  • Complete the transfer with the required data.


Receiving Crypto In Guarda Wallet

  • Connect your wallet with the platform
  • Complete link confirmation
  • Use your wallet address to the coin platform
  • Complete the verification and receive


Pros And Cons Of Guarda Wallet

Now we have something special for you in the guarda wallet review. No matter how much you read the description, getting to know them from advantage and disadvantage is the best way to compare. Regarding that, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of guarda wallet below

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Guarda Wallet Benefits

  • Guarda accepts most blockchains and all sorts of available tokens.
  • It is a hot wallet ready for an instant transaction.
  • High security and better protection mechanism.
  • Face/ID recognition.
  • Open Source.
  • Satisfactory customer support
  • Multiple and versatile services
  • Easy access
  • User friendly


Guarda Wallet Risks

  • High-interest fee
  • A relatively new platform so still under many threats
  • It is still under development so the adaptability is not clear enough


Supported Coins In Guarda Wallet

Let’s have a look at our guarda wallet bitcoin review here to learn about the acceptable coins. With the very recent update, it allows 49 cryptocurrencies and more than 10,000 tokens. Giving a full list of them would be a huge section for you to read through. So go to their official website to have a look. Here we will give some of the most popular guarda wallet supported coins.

  •         Bitcoin
  •         Ethereum
  •         Ethereum Classic
  •         Ripple
  •         Bitcoin Cash
  •         Bitcoin Gold
  •         Bitcoin SV
  •         Digibyte
  •         Monero
  •         Tezos
  •         Dash
  •         Cosmos


Is Guarda Wallet Open Source?

As we have already mentioned in the guarda wallet review, the answer is Yes. Guarda is an open-source program. If you are wondering about open source then it means the source code of the platform has no copyright restriction. It is open for development and customization to anyone.

As these cryptocurrency platforms require regular adaptability, open-source development helps them to unlock unlimited talent and possibility.


Guarda Wallet Review

In our guarda wallet review, we are going to give a quick overview of the platform. It has many products and relative services. Getting a discussion on them will help you to catch their efficiency and working procedure. Let’s follow our guarda wallet bitcoin review below.


Ease Of Use

Ease of use means how efficiently you can use a product and its features. As for a guarda wallet, everything about it is just so amazing. First of all, the interface is clean and easy to roam around. The security action starts from the beginning. When you create the account, you will be asked to download a backup.

Moreover, it accepts more than 49 crypto coins and their respective tokens that is more than 10,000! So, no worry about finding an exception. As for the services, every action can be done with some clicks. Their built-in function is just amazing. So, overall it is user-friendly and oriented for all the services.



We have defined the security situation in the guarda wallet review. Then again, guarda still holds a strong place in the terms of top-level protection. It has so many protection steps for making sure that your assets are safe. Even though the wallet is a hot wallet, it has back up protection, password protection, app protection, and hardware wallet protection.


Crypto Coins Support

Just as we have already mentioned in our guarda wallet bitcoin review, it accepts more than 49 cryptocurrency coins right now. As for tokens, the platform is capable of handling more than 10,000 tokens types.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold, Digibyte, Monero, and Tezos are some of the popular names from the list. Check the official website to get the complete list of available crypto coins.


Guarda Wallet Fees

Let’s talk about the charges in our guarda wallet bitcoin review. Different products and services require different charge scales. For the gas charge, there is n definite scale. Users set up this price as per their choices. There is a specific gas limit that changes over time. You can calculate it from the official website.

Talking about the rate for guarda wallet, it charges 3.5% that is quite high. Go to their official blog page to get the complete calculation formula. Although, it may update over time and change every time depending on the market rise.


Guarda Wallet Vs Magnum Wallet

Guarda and Magnum are the two latest promising digital wallets. Let’s have a quick comparison table below.

Guarda Wallet Magnum Wallet
49+ coins support 60+ coins support
Guarda wallet airdrop event Fork and bounty campaign
Passive income Passive income
Stable to cyber attacks Prone to many cyber attacks
Great customer support Great customer support
Strong back-end protection High back-end protection
High-interest fee Low fee in comparison
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How Do I Buy Bitcoin On Guarda Wallet?

Now our guarda wallet review will describe the bitcoin or any other crypto coin buying process. So, follow the given procedure below.

  •         After creating an account, go to the “Buy” menu.
  •         Select your location and the fiat currency option.
  •         Provide required information.
  •         Confirm the credential and complete the transaction.


How Do I Send Bitcoins To Guarda Wallet?

As we have already mentioned in our guarda wallet review, sending bitcoins is one of the major services from the platform. If you want step-by-step guidance then follow our review below.

  • You have to create a Guarda wallet first.
  • Go to the official website.
  • Create an account.
  • Select a strong password and backup the account as well.
  • Go to the sending menu and select it.
  • Provide the required documents and address.
  • Select the transferring amount.
  • Verify the information.
  • Complete the transaction.


Guarda Wallet Login

As you have the basic features and processes, it is time to know how to perform guarda wallet login. Let’s have a quick look at the guidelines below.

  • Go to the official website
  • If you don’t have an account then first create one.
  • Use the create account option directly on the website homepage. Else, launch the app from a browser.
  • If you have an account then use the log-in/sign-in option to get access to the account. Use the password to get access.


Guarda Wallet Alternatives

As you would expect, guarda is not the only digital wallet in the business. There are many alternatives to it. Some of them are even more popular. Let’s get some of them in the guarda wallet review below.


How To Delete Wallet In Guarda Wallet?

Now, we have an important procedure to discuss in our guarda wallet review. It is about deleting a crypto wallet. As a reminder, deleting a digital wallet is not easy and it is a non-reversible action. Once you have done it then it is done.

There are two options when deleting a digital wallet. You can keep the account and delete the data or delete the account along with the wallet. But the most important thing is to keep your assets safe. Follow our given steps below to get it done safely.

  • Login to the account.
  • Backup your assets and keep them in a different wallet or transfer them somewhere else. In this case, asset means the private keys.
  • Go to the profile information.
  • Search for the delete account option.
  • Select your choice of keeping data or removing data.
  • Click on the delete option and it’s done.
  • As a reminder, contact customer support for any kind of device or instruction regarding deleting an account.


How Does Sending Btc From Guarda Wallet To External Address Work?

Transferring bitcoin requires the sending service. As we have already mentioned in our guarda wallet review, you have funds in the wallet first. Then you can use the send option for any kind of transfer. Let’s follow the procedure below.

  • To fund your account, use the built-in associated platforms to exchange crypto value with fiat currency.
  • Provide required information and confirm the transfer.
  • When you have funds in the account, it is time to send or lend somewhere. If you want to transfer into another account then just put the account address and required values.
  • If you want to lend the platform then use the lending procedure and it needs extra caution and strategy for different yielding or passive earning.
  • Go to the preferred option and put necessary information like address, password, and so on.
  • Confirm the details and transaction. Check for completing notification.


How Much Does Guarda Wallet Charge For Bank Transfers

If you want to know about guarda wallet how to withdraw to bank, then learn about the calculating formula. you have Satoshis as a counting unit. It is especially for guarda wallets and you can get the initial rate in their blog.

Calculate the amount before any transaction. It will help you to convert the amount into a byte. As for the charge, it is usually 10 bytes per transaction. The guarda wallet fees may vary for different types of transactions like Ethereum.


Which Exchange Does Guarda Wallet Use?

You should already get the idea from our guarda wallet review. It supports more than 49 crypto coins and more than 10,000 tokens. Guarda provides support for all these acceptable values. ChangeNow and CoinSwitch are the leading exchanging platforms for the wallet. If you want to use any other platform then doing manually is the other possible way.

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Common Guarda Wallet Issues

Guarda is a new competitor in the business but its offerings are pretty decent and worthy. But, there are some issues with the platform. As a developing platform, it has to face those issues. Let’s have a peek at them in our Guarda wallet review.

Sometimes the server falls down and takes a lot of time for maintenance. Besides, the most common issue is the continuous cyber attack. People do fall for them and get hacked pretty often.


Guarda Wallet Not Syncing

We have alerted you in the Guarda wallet review that some issues are going on even after providing high security. One of them is not syncing the account. This common bug randomly happens in Guarda as the account does not sync with multiple devices.

People often get into a pretty confusing situation and there is the claim about losing assets because of this. As the platform is run by an open-source program, it is expected to be solved.


Guarda Wallet Balance Not Updating

Guarda provides a large service so maintaining a large number of users makes some buggy issues. Not syncing and updating are two of the major issues with the platform. People often even lose their balance or even get faulty interfaces because of it.

Most of the time, the effect is temporary and it gets solved after a couple of refreshes. But, it is also pretty common among the users to lose their values randomly.


Having Trouble Guarda Wallet Login?

If you are facing any problem with the login then check your password and account status. Also, this problem can occur because of using a VPN or other third-party network services.

But, if the issue goes on then contact customer support as they are pretty active and helpful in any problem. Let’s talk about the social media coverage later in the guarda wallet review.


Guarda Wallet Social Media Handles

For social media alerts, you can get regular updates from Telegram and Twitter. Guarda is pretty active and shares their updated information there. You can also use their official website blog for any question or procedure.


Takeaway – Guarda Wallet Review

So, how do you like our guarda wallet review? Are you interested in them? A quick overview may help you more. As we said, Guarda is a versatile digital wallet that works as a third-party platform to deal with your cryptocurrency finance.

It accepts most of the popular crypto coins along with more than 49 coins in the market. As for the tokens, it accepts more than 10,000 types of tokens! It is pretty hard to find such allowance but they sure do it. Most importantly, they offer all the services you need to deal with crypto assets. Receiving, sending, exchanging, storing, and more.

On the other hand, it is an open-source program so the platform is under development. Even though the security is pretty strong, it faces some common cyber-attacks along with several server issues. But, it is expected that the issue will be solved over time.

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