PARSEC Finance Review – 10 Best Parsec Dashboard Features

Parsec Finance is the one-stop platform focussed on crypto traders and those who love data. It provides an interface of decentralized services aggregated in one place. You can read them, find opportunities to trade and execute them, all from a single environment. The application aims to simplify trading for defi lovers.

Parsec Finance Defi Crypto provides all possible and useful features within a single platform, making it easy and seamless for new traders to enter the market.

Who are the Founders of Parsec Finance?

The founder of Parsec Finance Crypto is Will Sheehan. On January 28th, 2021, he announced the public launch of Parsec Finance Defi. He revealed through the blog post that the goal of Parsec Finance crypto is to enable visualization and analysis of emerging defi market. It is beneficial to compound and enhances defi sales and to create profits.


Which VC Companies Have Invested in Parsec So Far?

The latest news in the Parsec world is the $1.25 million fundraisings by Polychain Capital. The seed funding round also saw Volt Capital, Robert Ventures, Free Company, and even individuals such as Will Price, Eric Conner, and Alex Pack contributed to the funding. Before this seed funding round, Parsec had even raised an undisclosed small amount from the incubator program from Polychain Capital.

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According to the company, the seed funding will provide complementary services along with its flagship platform. This platform amalgamates over 30 information components and features, valuable for the defi trader. The team behind Parsec finance crypto also mentioned that they will use the funds to create a world-class team that will work relentlessly to achieve their ‘lofty goals’.


Parsec Finance Trading Interface

The Parsec finance crypto trading interface has a dark, futuristic feel but with clear boundaries for different information types. Vital information is marked in color, and the interface provides information for someone not familiar with a specific information component. Here are some of the functionalities:

Price Candles – The chart indicator provides distinguishable positives and negatives over a specific period. You can also create advanced sub-charts from the price candle chart for detailed analysis.

Defi Firehose – This is the heartbeat of the Parsec platform. On this table, you can find a stream of valuable market data that you can configure according to your needs. These data include trades, lends, liquidations borrows, and lp add/rms.

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Trades Stream – You can track trade pairs in real-time and watch them stream through. Each trade detail has the size, price, and time.

Portfolio Tracking – You can track the prices and performances of all your portfolios in one place. They update according to the trade performance of the market. Not just that, you can include secondary asset locations like stalking pools and lending facilities.

Liquidations Chart – You can observe and track liquidation prices for both the shorts and longs.

Defi News Feed – You can stay updated with the latest news from the Defi world, and perhaps some of them will influence your trades too?

Correlations Chart – Through this chart, you can track the price correlations of all the defi assets.

Lending Markets – You can see an overview of 5+ lending facilities, all in one place, including utilization stats and rates.

Transaction Watcher – Watch the transactions on a connected wallet in real-time.

Market Cap Treemap – Visualize the price action of Defi tokens based on their market capsizes.


Parsec Finance Discord

If you are a member of the Parsec finance defi Discord Server, you get real-time updates from other traders using the platform. If you have any issues on the platform, you can connect with people who will help. Be a member of their discord server here –

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Parsec Finance App

Sign up for the Parsec finance app through your browser using this link – You can either use a password to complete your user credentials or sign up via metamask. If you are using Metamask, you have to sign the account using the Ethereum address linked to the username you provide.


Takeaway – Parsec Finance Review

If you want to get into the world of Defi trading, the Parsec Finance defi App is a great place to start. This rapidly growing platform aims to make trading easy and accessible for experienced and new traders in the defi world.

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