Ethereum Price Prediction – 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030 ETH Price

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a Blockchain-based, open-source, decentralized software platform. Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency that is used as the gas fee when you transact on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum price prediction or the ETH coin price is what we’ll be seeing in detail in this article.

Ethereum enables smart contracts and distributed applications to run effectively. It helps them to run without any fraud, downtime, or any interference from a third party.

Ethereum is one of the best blockchains with the highest developer activity building Decentralized Finance and Non Fungible Tokens on top of it. Let’s take a look at Ethereum Price prediction to understand what’s in store for ETH coin price.


Who Created Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum. He also co-founded Bitcoin Magazine and now leads Ethereum. Ethereum is the home of multiple other tokens due to its famous ERC-20 standard.


Ethereum (ETH) Historical Price Analysis

At the beginning of Ethereum, not many people were interested in it. It only saw a price increase from $2 to $8 by 2017. The reason assumed was the platform developed by a very young specialist.

Irrespective of this, 2017 Ethereum saw a price increase by over 100-fold and reached the value of $829.99 by December 2017. Ethereum did exceptionally well in December of 2017. It broke past $500 and moved towards $700 in mid-December.

Later it reached $1000 in the January of 2018 but fell to a low price of $640 in the first week of February. Ethereum has been through several ups and downs and failed to reach $1000 since 2018 January.

The all-time high for Ethereum was in 2017 of $1400. Ethereum did not show a lot of movement for the last two years. But it saw a growth of 100% in July 2020 for fifteen days of going up from $200 to $400.


ETH Market Cap

The Ethereum market cap grew to $100 million in January 2021. The current market cap is $200 Million USD. The best way to calculate market Capitalization is by multiplying the total number of Ethereum in circulation by the Ethereum price.


ETH Circulating Supply And Total Supply

Circulating supply is the approximate number of coins circulating in the market by the general public. Circulating supply is to determine the market capitalization. The circulating supply of Ether is 114,507,021.

Total supply is the number of coins that are there right now. There is no limit on Ethereum’s total supply, unlike Bitcoin. Instead, Ethereum’s supply increases every year.

Some sources say that the introduction of EIP-1559 will make supply decrease slowly rather than inflationary, along with transition Eth 2.0 Proof of Stake mechanism.

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Ethereum Price Today – Current Price

As of today, the Ethereum (ETH) current market price is 1,431.02 US Dollars.


Ethereum (ETH) Future Price Forecast Prediction

You can predict a more precise ETH price by looking at the trading volume data that will allow the overall strength of the trend. It also predicts the change in supply and demand and plays a crucial role in price changes for short-term and long-term price prediction.

Ethereum Price Prediction
Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum (ETH) Short Term Prediction

Based on the Ethereum Price Predictions, the coin’s price will rise to around $1,493 in one year and $1,614 by December 2023. And by 2025, the price should probably be $2,222.


Ethereum (ETH) Long Term Prediction

For the long-term Ethereum Price Prediction, it will have a steady growth.

If you are interested, take a look at one of the best decentralized finance protocol that’s going to rival Uniswap soon. We have a complete review of Sushiswap and Sushiswap price prediction


Ethereum Price Prediction 2021

In 2020 due to the dApp adoption, Ethereum saw growth. 2020 also saw the release of Ethereum 2.0 in December.

The Ethereum Price Prediction for 2021 will be around $1879 at the start. By May, Ethereum Price Prediction is somewhere $2192 to $2543. By the end of the year 2021, the price will reach the range of $7,500.


Ethereum Price Prediction 2023

Ethereum Price Prediction for 2023 is that it will start the year with the price of $3723. The year 2023 might see a low price of $1764 compared to before.


Ethereum Price Prediction 2025

Ethereum Price Prediction for 2025 might reach somewhere near $20,000, which is a substantial rise from the current Ethereum price. The next five years will decide whether Ethereum will be able to reduce the Bitcoin domination. This decision depends on Ethereum 2.0 and whether it lives up to the expectations.

Some experts argue that ETH can be a better store of value than gold. However, some believe that Ethereum would be the main driver behind the development of blockchain as an industry.


Ethereum Price Prediction 2030

It is not easy to make an exact Ethereum price prediction for 2030. Ethereum has a lot of competition from the emergence of competing Blockchains like Polkadot, Cardano, and others.

One thing that the experts agree on is that the Ethereum price will see steady growth over the years as blockchain is the foundation for new digital money. The Ethereum Price Prediction in 10 years will get to the price level of $100,000 per coin. Several Top Crypto investors and hedge fund financiers like Dan Morehead and others support this forecast.

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Is Ethereum A Good Investment?

We all know by now that Ethereum is not Cryptocurrency but rather a platform for creating decentralized products. The cryptocurrency that powers Ethereum is Ether. Ether has been competing with Bitcoin since its inception and came close to beating it in 2018.

We all know that the Crypto world is very volatile. The advantage of investing in Ethereum is that it is the most liquid investment you can get your hands on. You can easily trade your Ether for cash or gold with incredibly low fees.

The inflation plan of Ethereum is transparent hence subject to less risk. Ethereum is young compare to other Cryptos. Being new brings swings in price and volatility. This may lead to great opportunities for profits. Hence, Ethereum is a good investment.

If you are looking to get an anonymous coin, you may want to look at Monero and check Monero price prediction review


Is Ethereum Safe To Buy?

Ethereum and ETH are not governed by any central body. This means they can be used by anyone and everyone. This can also mean that you need to take the security of your funds seriously.

Buying Ethereum can be attractive. Companies are using Ethereum as a building block, unlike Bitcoin and others. So it is safe to buy or invest in Ethereum.


How To Buy Ethereum? Step By Step Guide

Let us discuss the steps to buy Ethereum:

Step 1: You need to determine a payment method. The common methods are using credit or debit cards, bank or wire transfers, Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency, and cash.

Step 2: Once we choose the payment method, the next step is to look for a platform that supports the chosen payment method.

Step 3: Once we have chosen the platform, we need to create an account. The process of creating the account might be different for different platforms. But the basic is the same. You need to create your username and password with two-factor authentication. Then your identity is checked, there is a waiting period before you start buying.

Step 4: The next step is depositing the money.

Step 5: The last step is that now you are ready to buy your Ethereum.


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Ethereum

Some of the best exchanges to buy Ethereum using your bank account are:

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How High Will Ethereum Go?

The second-largest Crypto set a new high by reaching $1,439,33 this year early on. The move surpassed the previous high of $1,432.88. The investors are keeping a close watch as Ethereum is stacking up compared to others.

It has a market capitalization of close to $200 billion. This year it surpassed big banks’ stocks like Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.

So, have an eye on Ethereum and Ethereum Price Predictions that are quite bullish. There is a huge opportunity to Day trade Ethereum Crypto and earn much more money.


Will Ethereum Go Up Tomorrow?

Ethereum Price today stood at 1473.26 dollars. Yesterday it closed at $1374.58. so, for tomorrow the Ethereum Price Prediction is between $1385 to $1593.


Can Ethereum Reach 100K?

It seems difficult for Ethereum to reach 100K but not impossible. For Ethereum to reach 100K, it needs a market cap of $12 trillion. The experts in the field believe that it will reach 100k. They believe that Ethereum is capable of replacing gold in the future.

The experts are also of the opinion Ethereum is not like one asset, but an asset to replace all currency.

Ethereum Price Prediction
Ethereum Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Takeaways – Ethereum Price Prediction

  • Initially, Ethereum only saw a price increase from $2 to $8.
  • Ethereum market cap is close to $200 Million USD.
  • Ethereum Price Prediction is that it is going to see steady growth over the years.
  • By the end of 2025, Ethereum will reach somewhere near $20,000,
  • Ethereum Price Prediction in 10 years is that it will get to the price level of $100,000 per coin
  • Polkadot is a major competitor to Ethereum. It is created by Ethereum Co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood. You may want to take a look at our Polkadot Price Prediction. Polkadot is highly bullish for the current decade.

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