Blockfolio Review – Best Crypto Portfolio App? – Delta Vs Blockfolio

A crypto portfolio app helps to track all the purchases or sales and is handy to use on the go. The crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio is usable as a tracking portfolio similar to a trading journal. It is handy to have everything in real-time on the phone app and this is a blockfolio review.

Most people migrate from another app to blockfolio because there are just so many features. All the data provided here is in real-time. So when people are out for class, or at work, or whatever one is doing, can just hop on the app and be able to check what the crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio does.


What Is Blockfolio?

Coming to the first and foremost question is what is blockfolio. Well, it provides detailed information about the market prices and the data related to all cryptocurrencies. The perks of blockfolio are, ability to pick the exchange that one made the purchase or the sale.

So, it is real-time specific to that exchange. One can track so many different pairs because they are constantly updating their blockfolio app.

One can track the sales of the coin as well. So, users have a built-in trading journal in the app. Blockfolio iOS and Android versions are available. In later sections, I will discuss how to use blockfolio on different devices.


Who Founded Blockfolio?

Users might wonder who founded such an amazing trading app. The founder of Blockfolio was Charlie Mason and Edward Moncada. Charlie Mason is the co-founder and the creator of @gboard, relating to google products, and studied at Princetown University.

Whereas, Edward Moncada is the co-founder of blockfolio and a board member of Dash – Digital Cash, an advisor at InstaDApp. He is also an early-stage tech investor and many more. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley.

The funding valuation is about $150 million with the number of rounds as five. The round involves pre-seed with funds of $300,000 in February 2017. Other rounds imply the seed, Series A in the years 2018 and 2019, with amounts disclosed. In August 2020, the fifth funding round has an undisclosed amount.


Who Are The Investors In Blockfolio?

The crypto portfolio app has many investors who believed in the idea and paved the path to this cryptocurrency management app. One such firm is Refactor Capital and is an early-stage venture firm that has good culture and funding. Brad Flora is an Angel Investor, Edward Moncada, Samuel Feinberg an investor and philanthropist.

Huckleberry Seed is a professional poker player. GBIC which is a multi-strategy crypto-asset investment fund, and Nirvana Capital. Daniel Matuszewski is a lead web developer and Huobi, a leading global digital asset exchange.


What Is Blockfolio Used For?

As I discussed earlier, blockfolio is a user-friendly app customized especially for lovers of cryptocurrency. It is surely a free app that tracks and maintains the real-time prices of various cryptocurrencies.

The app crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio is helpful in many ways. The blockfolio app acts as a tracker to the individual’s crypto portfolio. It has a free exchange option and one can add it manually. The app helps one to monitor the prices of tokens that one may have and provides information on when to buy or sell. Use Blockfolio import functionality on the app to import trades from other crypto exchanges.

Hence, blockfolio is one of the best apps to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


Blockfolio Review

Well, coming to blockfolio review it is recommended by most users and has many pros too. Few issues with the blockfolio apk or the blockfolio ios are it has some bug issues. Sometimes with more users on the medium, the data provided may not be correct.

It has a few updating and refreshing issues with the mobile app. Coming for the blockfolio windows 10, it works well with the interface. And provide fewer issues compared to the app. Blockfolio app does not maintain the user’s data but some say that it is not true. They generate revenue from selling user’s data.

But this is not true. It is a centralized network but does not sell the user’s data. One can personalize the app, can add new coins to the watch list. It has the advantage of blockfolio signal which provides updates from the firm itself.


Blockfolio Ease Of Use

It is a great app to track one’s portfolio. So I am going to provide a blockfolio guide in the simplest way possible. A user who wants to know updates anytime anywhere can install a blockfolio app on the mobile. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Now how does blockfolio work? It is really simple. On downloading the app, it takes the user to a home interface where one can add or remove a portfolio. Click on add coin and select the pair one wants to like XRP/BTC for example.

Blockfolio does a pretty good job of bringing in every exchange that it nests on. The data like the market price, total holdings, quantity, and the 24-hour change of the price, is real.


Is Blockfolio Safe?

Many people before starting to use blockfolio have a question in their mind, is blockfolio safe? I say it is safe to use. The first and the most important point is that it does not ask for the user’s private information. Secondly, users have to enter their trading data manually through the add icon on the app.

Blockfolio does support entering the API keys and importing all your trades automatically without any manual effort. If you are concerned about privacy, then better to avoid it. Also, exposing API keys brings its own risk of attacks. You may also have a concern about data theft. But, Blockfolio is safe and secure. Even if not literally, but figuratively.


Blockfolio Privacy

The crypto portfolio app Blockfolio has certain privacy rules. These rules regulate and control the flow of user’s data in the right way. Upon request by the user, the organization is ready to remove full details from the server.

They will never sell or trade on the portfolio data of the users. The control of data is in your hands. No personal information will be collected by Blockfolio. They make best efforts to adhere strictly to complex US crypto regulations.

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Data is processed by the firm, while the user’s using the blockfolio review application. The transaction data is usable by the firm to provide real-time updates. It means the tiny amount of information utilized in the best way possible.


Blockfolio Crypto Coins And Tokens Support

From the Blockfolio review, you may understand that Blockfolio supports around 8000+ cryptocurrencies. Few examples like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, etc. Stating 8000+ coins is far difficult right! Through the app interface, one can view the portfolio in almost 100+ fiat currencies.

Fiat currencies include national currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc. Also, users can view their portfolios in crypto coins too. Like BTC, XRP, ETH, many more.

Blockfolio does not support tokens for almost all coins. As tokens do not have any blockchain network on their own, they are usable in many different ways. Usable as security-tokens, stable-coins, asset-tokens, and also as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). So there is no blockfolio token at the moment, but there can be Blockfolio airdrop tokens for existing users.


Blockfolio Mobile Apps

From the blockfolio review, one can adapt to this app and use it. You can find the app in the name as Blockfolio – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracker in both Android PlayStore and iOS Appstore in mobile phones. Detailed info on blockfolio wallet is given in detail when you move forward in the article.

Blockfolio is a safe and secure app. It does not sell and trade the user’s data. One can view and find live exchange prices and all the market analysis. A personal portfolio graph is visible on every mobile interface, related to their crypto investments.

It is the world’s most trusted and free mobile app with users in millions. Nevertheless, a personalized news feed from top crypto publications is enabled inside the app.


Blockfolio For Desktop – Blockfolio Desktop App

Blockfolio’s desktop app is one of the most reliable apps that provide individuals with insights and market data on 8000+ cryptocurrencies. Blockfolio for desktop helps to track, and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.

With the signal feature, users can receive updates directly from cryptocurrency project leaders like Litecoin, NEO, and others. Easy to use blockfolio desktop version. One can instantly browse and obtain a pulse of the full market.

The blockfolio desktop app is easy to manage multiple portfolios at a time. Notifications or alerts on market movement options are also available in both desktop apps and mobile apps. It is available on blockfolio for mac and windows.


How to Download Blockfolio for PC Windows 10 or 8 or 7

The crypto portfolio app blockfolio is available for PC windows and follows a few simple steps. To use the crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio, users need to install the bluestacks emulator. It helps in providing an android environment virtually on their PC.

On downloading the bluestacks android emulator on the PC, install it. Now double-click on the bluestacks set-up file to initiate installation on the PC. Now install the blockfolio apk from the browser and the sites that provide easy access are apkmonk, uptodown, and others.

Start installing the apk and the blockfolio for pc is easily set-up. Now start the Bluestacks emulator and search for the app, and start using it. It is available on versions of windows greater than 7.


How To Use Blockfolio?

Coming to the most popularly asked question, how to use blockfolio? Well, It is quite simple and takes a few moments to understand. Here, I am going to explain in detail the installation process in the mobile. I have explained about the installation of the app on PCs already.

Secondly, I will explain how to set-up the portfolio and explain various details. The third and important step is to set-up alerts on market movements anytime, anywhere and how to do it. Well, I am going to explain about trading through the app.

Well, let’s not waste time and jump into the blockfolio review.



The installation process of the crypto portfolio app – blockfolio is quite simple for mobile users of both iOS and Android. Simply enter into the phone’s app store and search for the Blockfolio app and hit download. The app downloads and is ready to use.

The installation of the crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio on PC is slightly difficult. Installing the emulator and then downloading the apk file of blockfolio is the process. With a good PC and supportable drivers with storage takes around 20 minutes to set-up the app.

Hope you like the detailed blockfolio review of the installation process. Is your blockfolio slow? I have not experienced it myself and online reviews given by the user during the installation process don’t talk about this theme much.


Portfolio Setup

Blockfolio review involves the installation of the app may vary with the type of device used. But the app interface is the same for everyone. On installing, every single user welcomed on to a screen with default things that they put on.

My advice is to edit and change or delete every pair on the portfolio. One may start a fresh portfolio. Then, setting up the portfolio involves adding pairs on the home screen of the app. Let’s say one purchase ripple and want to add that onto here. If they click on Add coin right in the center of the interface, they can type in XRP and choose the pairing.

If they bought XRP and used Bitcoin to buy, then click on the XRP/BTC. It is the Ripple/Bitcoin pairing. One can add the pairings with fiat currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, etc. Hence, one can add as many pairs as they want to. It clears out on Blockfolio how to add holdings.


Portfolio Display

In the home interface of the app, one can see their trading pair. Say, for example, XRP/USD as they can select their exchange. So, blockfolio does a pretty good job of bringing in every exchange that it nests upon.

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When one looks on the home screen, they’ll be able to click buy, sell or watch only. One can click the watch-only option if they want to track it. But one is not investing in that particular pair. If they wanted to purchase it and track it as a purchase, hit buy.

If they want to track one’s sale then they can hit sell. So what people see here is the real-time market price of that particular pair. One can enter the quantity and can update the trade date too. It is about blockfolio review.


Portfolio Alerts

From the blockfolio review, on the main screen after adding the pairs, one can see the coin that they are tracking. Then, the total holdings are visible. Let’s say one has 130 dollars, at an instant of time. The market value and one can see the quantity too. So, they’ll see 100 or more underneath. On the right side, they’ll be able to see the price and the 24-hour exchange of that price.

It is simple to see. The green arrow up means it improved in the last 24-hours, and the red arrow down means decreasing value. On the right side, a bell is visible under the alert option. One can click that and can set any kind of alert. To notify if one wants to sell at a certain price.

So, if they want to know when this drops below, let’s say $10. Set that and then it will alert the phone so that one can hop on whatever exchange they are using and make the trade by looking at the top right where it says 24-hour change.



As per the updates made to the app in the year 2019, Blockfolio 2.2 has significant features. It allows users to import the trades directly from other wallets of cryptocurrencies.

It is a simple and easy process when compared with the previous version. Where users have to enter the trade, and it consumes a lot of time.

The manually entering of the blockfolio API is only readable and is not storable on the servers. It is a legit firm and does not make use of users’ data in any way possible. The app itself manages and organizes the portfolios and charges zero-fee, unlike the other tracking apps.


How Do You Change Currency On Blockfolio?

A blockfolio review is to know how to change the currency on the blockfolio. So by clicking on the settings of the app, one can change the currency settings to GBP.

One point to remember is that the app supports only one currency at a time without going back and changing it. In the future, a tri-toggle is made available for international users.


Can You Buy Crypto on Blockfolio?

One can add the holdings one has into the app by clicking on the add icon. On including the details, just click on buy or sell or watch only, such that they can find the increase or decrease of the holdings in the market.

It is quite simple to understand that one can only find out the exact time to buy crypto using crypto portfolio tracker blockfolio. It does not mean that one can buy through the blockfolio app itself.


Is Blockfolio An Exchange?

The introduction of exchange connections in the blockfolio app is done. Users can easily connect to their favorite exchanges like Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, OKEx, Poloniex, and others. Moreover, you never have to manually enter a trade. You can just connect exchanges and track them automatically.

At Blockfolio, user’s privacy and security are the company’s top priority. For their safety, 500+ exchange connections will only work with read-only access. And trade data is never accessible without the user’s personal consent.


Blockfolio Features

The first and foremost key feature is the app acts as a portfolio tracking application of all the cryptocurrencies available in the market. As a result, it tracks 8000+ cryptocurrencies, and one can view their portfolio in 100+ national currencies.

Another feature is a bit special. It is exclusive updates from the crypto management teams with the help of blockfolio signal.

The next key feature is one can view live exchanges, their prices, and the full market analysis. Fourth but not least, it is safe and secure to use. With pin lock and hide, the balance feature helps improve security and privacy.


Blockfolio Fees

Blockfolio was founded in the year 2014. It has provided various features to users around the world. Everything made available is 100% free.

Even though few updates within the app have been done in recent years; the firm has not altered its approach of providing the application for free of cost. It is a good sign to users and the company too!


Pros And Cons Of Blockfolio

# Pros Cons
1. It is free of charge It is highly time-consuming while adding all the transactions. So one needs to connect to exchanges directly to save time.
2. It has a user-friendly interface. It helps users to understand the app. Another disadvantage is that a huge number of notifications are found on their phones. It might be due to enabling alerts on more coins.
3. As it is said, blockfolio alone supports 8000+ cryptocurrencies. One can monitor through the application. Sometimes, due to the heavy load of users, the data related to coins may differ from real exchange price.
4. It has a feature of customized notifications on prices. One can obtain alerts on either increase or decrease in prices.
5. The customer support is available 24/7 which is quick. They are responsible.


Blockfolio Alternatives

The blockfolio review is interesting and fun too. It is safe and secure. The management is highly responsive. It provides accurate data. But other apps are as powerful as crypto portfolio app. Some of them include Delta, CoinCodex, Cointracking, BitUniverse, Coin Stats, and Coinbase, etc.

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Some apps may be free while others may have the fee for the advanced features. So these are the blockfolio alternatives.


Blockfolio Vs Delta – Top Crypto Portfolio trackers

Well, coming to delta vs blockfolio, I believe both have distinct features for users. Both are reliable in their way. Blockfolio supports nearly 10,000 cryptocurrencies with 500+ exchange markets. While delta supports around 6000 cryptocurrencies with few exchanges.

Both blockfolio and delta support iOS and Android. They have desktop apps with a good interface and work accordingly. Delta has a PRO version which has few features added to blockfolio. With blockfolio vs delta where most users tend to use normal versions that are free.

Moreover, Blockfolio provides every version of the app with zero cost. There are no Blockfolio fees. This is all about the delta vs blockfolio review.


Blockfolio Vs Coinbase – Both Serves Different Purpose

# Blockfolio Coinbase
1. It is a crypto portfolio tracker that provides real-time market prices and data. It is a cryptocurrency exchange organization located in San Francisco, California.
2. The management links directly to the exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and others.

 To link the transaction history of its users directly. 

It brokers exchanges like ETC, BTC, LTC and others with fiat currency.
3. It is the world’s most popular digital currency portfolio management app along with Bitcoin. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange organization in the United States.
4. It is used to track live exchanges with 300+ digital exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc. It is used to trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies throughout the globe.


Link Exchanges To Blockfolio

Linking exchanges to the crypto portfolio app is the main thing to do while using the app. So one can easily link the exchanges by choosing the type of coin in the search bar by hitting the add coin option.

One can directly select and add exchange directly and input the API related exchange. That’s it.


How Do I Connect Coinbase To Blockfolio?

One can simply connect their Coinbase account to the blockfolio by having the API of Coinbase. Simply open the Coinbase account, select the API access and click on the new API key. Then, put the 2-step verification code and select the wallet accounts one would like to seek.

Then an API key and API secret are provided. Simply copy them and paste them into the blockfolio app. That’s it. Coinbase is added into the wallet.


How Do I Link Binance To Blockfolio?

One can connect Binance exchange to blockfolio by manually entering also. But as we are talking about linking exchanges, so on the Binance website enable the API key. Enter a name to the API to generate. Now enter the 2FA code. Then confirm to get the API key in the email.

Also, do check for restrictions of the Binance to read-only. Then a QR code or the API key and the secret key are provided on the Binance website. Copy the key and the secret code and paste them into the blockfolio app. So, it is done automatically and the exchange is linked to the portfolio tracking app.


How Do You Sell On Blockfolio?

Well, click on the cryptocurrencies one decided to sell. Visit the holdings section on your account. Once you see the crypto you hold, hit the sell icon. One can easily sell their coins and observe the real-time market price and data. So, hope you understand how simple the selling process on Blockfolio is. Continue reading the blockfolio review to understand more of it.


Is Blockfolio Anonymous?

Blockfolio is anonymous. They don’t ask for personally identifiable information to use Blockfolio app. So, if you decide you want to remain anonymous, you can be anonymous. Your trade data will not be accessed by Blockfolio, without your personal consent.

It is famous and is the first-ever app to work as a portfolio tracker with more than 8000 cryptocurrencies.

It is very popular with the signal feature, and it stands out among all other portfolio tracking apps.


Takeaway – Blockfolio Review

Blockfolio is an amazing app to track the data. The blockfolio review is impressive, and many users opt for this portfolio tracker. Moreover, it is 100% free to use the app and has many features that made it reach the highest place of all.

However, Blockfolio down is captured recently due to heavy competitors, but it is the best app ever. Blockfolio not updating issues are faced by many users. But these were overcome by the organization.

The safest and secure app with the best signal feature delivered and it has a blockfolio backup setting too. It helps users not to lose their tracking data. Hence, this is all about the blockfolio review.

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