Airdrop Tokens Guide – DeFi Airdrop – NFT Airdrop

Are you looking to get free crypto stimulus checks? You need to learn more about the Airdrop tokens from DeFi and NFT. You will earn free crypto tokens through our airdrop tokens guide, if you experience the product and use it as an early adopter.

Let’s see what you have to do to earn free money through crypto airdrops. But before that, let’s start from the basics of tokens.

What are Tokens?

For people who are new into the crypto world, you will often find them using cryptocurrency, crypto tokens, altcoins interchangeably. But all the three have fairly different definitions. Crypto tokens and altcoins come under the bigger umbrella of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a form of financial asset used to exchange payments through the blockchain.

Altcoins are the other forms of cryptocurrency that came to the scene after the introduction and success of Bitcoin. They are called ‘alternate’ because they refer to the coins other than Bitcoins. Some of these altcoins fare even better than Bitcoins at times, like the Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash etc.

Crypto tokens on the other hand, are also called crypto assets. These belong to a particular type of cryptocurrency and reside on it’s own blockchain. Tokens represent an asset or a utility. You can use crypto tokens for fundraising or also use this as a substitute for other items.

To better understand this, let’s consider an example. Recall, that crypto tokens can store value. You can have a crypto tokens that enables users to watch 10 hours of video streaming on a blockchain video sharing platform. Or you can have a token that entitles a holder to a specific amount of crypto currencies in another blockchain. You can even trade or transfer the tokens among the different participants of the Bitcoin.

For example, Bitcoin is called a cryptocurrency and 0x is the token that is based on Ethereum.

The crypto tokens are usually brought out first through Initial Public Offering (IPO). The companies issue these tokens to get more funding for their project, in return for value to the buyers who can then later trade and exchange on crypto currency trading platforms.

Note that while altcoins and cryptocurrencies have their own blockchains, a crypto token operates on top of a particular blockchain. It enables the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts. You can use these tokens to execute transactions within these smart contracts.


What is Token Airdrop?

Do you dream of having free money?

Well, the token airdrop or defi airdrop is just that! It is free coins that directly comes to your wallets. Although at first, this may seem like a scam of some sort, these are actually marketing strategies from a lot of companies that provides them great returns in the long run.

Wondering why do companies to these then? Well, there are several reasons:

To create awareness – ICOs have been popular from the last two years, but only a few of them have been able to reach out to the people. There are plenty of ICOs that do not get the attention they need and deserve. So, these ICOs give some of their tokens to you to make you a part of their system. You will then learn more about their project and spread word about them.

To get user information – Many defi airdrops will ask you to fill out a form which asks questions to know more about you. It will include your email address, public address of your Ethereum tokens, and will ask you to follow and join their community on various social media platforms. Through these, the ICOs get valuable information which they can use to create more specific marketing strategies.

To raise funds –  If your defi airdrop campaign really hits the bull-run, you may see yourself going viral on social media. More people talk about you, and as a result, there is more demand for your tokens. Not only that, the perceived value of these tokens will also increase.

To reward regular users/supporters – Not many companies address loyalty when it comes to crypto currency, but some of them have been leveraging tokens to reward just that. Some fast airdrop programs provide you more if you hold more tokens with them. If you are loyal to the company and hold more of their tokens in your wallet, you might get more in the next airdrop!

To decentralize – This might sound weird, but crypto companies do not want few people to invest a major chunk on their project. If that happens, the essence of decentralization goes missing. To make sure that the tokens are distributed well and the overall currency is decentralized, companies drop tokens through defi AirDrops to users in according to how much tokens they hold in the wallet.

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How Can I Get Free Crypto Tokens via Airdrops?

To be a Defi and NFT airdrops hunter, you need three things.

A Cryptocurrency Wallet

In a crypto wallet, you can receive, add and send various crypto currencies. This is not exactly like the literal wallet, here it stores your private and public keys which you use to do transactions with the crypto currencies. When you receive the tokens, they will fall into your wallet. You can choose any wallet that is well-known for instance, Coinbase wallet, MyEtherWaller, Trezor etc.

Note that some crypto wallets can only store specific cryptocurrencies. The tokens which you will receive have to be able to be stored in the wallet.


Some Base Tokens

Some of the common base tokens in the crypto world today are Bitcoins, Ethereum and EOS. These are the base tokens because almost all new and upcoming projects are built on top of these or inspired from these.

To be eligible for majority of the defi airdrops out there, you need to have these three tokens in your wallet. If you do not have them, go to a well-known crypto exchange and trade for these three. One of the most well-known one is Coinbase exchange.

Again to remind, you receive tokens according to the amount of base tokens you have. The more you have, the more defi airdrops of that token you will receive.


To Know When and Where

So, the technical side of receiving defi airdrops is sorted. But you need to know information about when and where you are receiving it. Few years back, the only way to know of upcoming NFT airdrops tokens was to be a part of specific Bitcoin forums. But now, there are dedicated handles on Twitter and Instagram which provide information about most defi airdrops happening in the crypto world.

Follow these relevant accounts through your social media handles. Join the forums for airdrops discussions and Telegram groups as well. You can also use some services online like the Icodrops, Airdropaddict which provides information on upcoming defi airdrops.


Are DeFI Airdrops legit?

Well, it depends on which project you are part of. Some airdrops pay instantly in 2021, that’s what they claim. To help you decide if a defi Airdrop program is legit or not, consider the following scams that commonly occur here:

Dump NFT Airdrops Tokens – Sometimes developers of a particular project create NFT airdrops tokens programs not to spread value or awareness. They just want to create a short-term buzz on social media and online platforms about their token so that more people can buy them. Once the token hits the exchanges, the developers sell all profits in bulk for a huge profit. Following this, the project becomes inactive and the developers disappear.

Crypto airdrops That Ask Your Private Key – Beware! Do not give out your private key. NFT Airdrops tokens have to only ask your public key and not your private key. If you do not know crypto usage very well, you are more likely to fall into this scam. No matter where your private key is asked and how legit it may sound, do not give it out. For defi airdrops to happen, there is absolutely no need for your private key.

To Trade Information – As mentioned before, defi airdrop token programs collect your information. While, even the legit ones do, the non-serious crypto projects just use this gambit for collecting your information and then trade to third-parties or to phish you in the future. While it may not seem as dangerous as taking away coins from your crypto wallet with your private key, it is still a compromise on your data. Some people having fallen pray to this, have reported to receiving a lot of phishing emails on their inbox.

The best way to avoid all these scams is to conduct a research about the project and know the people behind it. Talk to other members of the project and get your opinion from them. The non-legit ones will probably not even have a website, whitepaper or any form of useful social media presence. If the project seems doubtful and hopeless, give it a pass no matter how many tokens they are offering through their defi airdrop tokens.

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How to Check Your Tokens?

First, you need to check if you have received tokens from the Airdrop. Note that some of them will take a month or two before you get them in your wallet. It is because the ICO which happens after the NFT Airdrop tokens, will take some weeks.

First, keep the ETH address you provided while signing up for the defi airdrop tokens, then go to, Fill your ETH address here and click on ‘Ethplore’. If you have received tokens through Ethereum airdrops, you will see the balance beside ‘Token Balances’.

The next step will be to add this to your MyEtherWallet. In the ethplorer, you will find the token contract, symbol and decimals. Note these values. Go to the website of MyEtherWallet, click on ‘view wallet’ and then click on ‘Add Custom Token’. Fill the token contract, symbol and decimals. Once you click on ‘Save’, the money will be added to the wallet.

Through the MyEtherWallet, you can also send the money to your wallet or exchange on another platform such as Bittrex or Binance. For this, you will need to enter the public address of your wallet and the amount you want to send.


Top 12 Best DeFI NFT Airdrop Tokens to Expect in 2021

Here are some exciting news for people interested in defi airdrops tokens in 2021.

DyDx Airdrops

Dydx is an exchange that you can use for perpetual, spot and margin trading within DeFI. But the entry fees are quite high, like some trades require minimum 1 ETH and there are high gas fees as well.

There are rumours that Dydx have their own token in the pipeline. While some doubt if it will qualify for a token airdrop, but some experts claim that the defi airdrop tokens will be bigger than Uniswap. For people who had interacted with Uniswap before it started, the company gave away 400 UNI. For people who support the exchange early, they could benefit highly from the Dydx Airdrop when it has to occur.



This exchange, at the time of writing is still at the beta stage. There is some development to be done in terms of exchange user intuitiveness. But it is the right time for ParaSwap to give out some free defi airdrops tokens in 2021 to get good support and interest from the public. ParaSwap uses GST2 tokens as the gas and this can help you save a little money.


Zapper Airdrop

Zapper went through it’s latest update which saw introduction of many new features. It goes through your wallet for potential yield and liquidity generation. It also looks out for other contracts that can generate income for you. If you have added liquidity through Sushi, Curve or Uniswap, Zapper does the calculation and tabulation of all these and lays it out to you.

Zapper currently does not have direct public funding which makes it a good time to release some free new defi airdrop tokens.


Opyn Airdrop

Options have become very popular in DeFI and Opyn are experts and one of the initial entrants in this space. Users can buy either put options or call options on their holdings through the Opyn interface. You then redeem these options in the form of a token called ‘o’ and you can also trade them through other exchanges. Opyn came up with the second version of its platform currently, so there is some expectation to launch defi token airdrop to accelerate their growth.


Zerion Airdrop

You can track your portfolio through Zerion similar to how you do with Zapper. If you have a wallet at Coinbase or MetaMask, you can connect with Zerion using either the ENS name or the public address.

Not only does Zerion helps in providing an overview of the portfolio and also enables exchanging, trading, liquidity mining and more. While you use Zerion for trading and other activities, the increasing demand in this space may prompt Zerion to launch NFT tokens airdrops.


Set Token Airdrop

If you have been following crypto news from the last year, Set was in the news for launching the DeFI Pulse Index. By using DPI, you can understand how DeFI works without actually spending time to read price charts. In a nutshell, you can understand the asset capitalization. If the Set team launches through defi airdrops tokens, users having the token sets of the platform stand to earn free money!

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MetaMask Token Airdrop

Professional and regular DeFI users are well accustomed to using MetaMask. This application has more than a million active users. Using the swap feature on MetaMask, you can make a quick trade through the app itself without using another service like Uniswap.

There is high optimism that the team will release tokens in the future. So, using their wallet for some investments may give you good returns through their defi coin airdrop if it happens.


OpenSea Token Airdrop

Through OpenSea, you exchange ENS names, trading cards and art. Consider it as an eBay for cryptocurrency tokens. There is speculation that OpenSea might provide tokens to users who embrace it. So, transacting regularly through the platform might earn you some free tokens through their token airdrop. OpenSea is famous for NFTs and digital assets trading.


InstaDapp Token Airdrop

Another of the portfolio management platform through which you can strategize borrowing, leveraging and collateral swapping. You can perform these on Compound, Aave and other DeFI platforms. For any user who have used the InstaDapp service before, they could receive a payout through these token airdrops.


DeFI Saver Token Airdrop

You can access DeFI Saver by all the common DeFI wallets. Once you connect to this platform, you will gain a clear picture of your holdings in DeFI. You can also integrate with Aave, Compound and MakerDAO. Through the ‘smart feature’ you can earn interest when you trade between multiple protocols.

You could see a defi chain airdrop of tokens from DeFI Saver very soon, so if you have been a regular user, get ready to earn some free coins!


Argent Airdrop

Argent is a highly user-intutive smart crypto wallet which works extremely well for new and experienced crypto users alike. You can store crypto currencies, send them and borrow from other users. On the money you store on the wallet, you earn money. The platform is known for it’s highly robust security measures, through daily limits, biometrics and lock wallet. Connecting Argent to Maker and Compound, you can use interest up to 9%.


SuperRare Airdrop

One of the most unique blockchain related projects out there, SuperRare allows you to collect rare digital artworks through your Ethereum wallet. In order to use this platform, you have to either connect or sign up along with an Ethereum wallet.

Every artwork on the platform is created from an artist on the network, and you can token it through crypto collectible digital item. You can then own and even trade these digital artworks. The platform provides Coinbase as a good platform for buying ether if you do not have one until now.


Closing Thoughts – Token AirDrops to Watch

Token airdrops are exciting for investors and crypto enthusiasts because that’s the way you learn about new projects. Also, you can make free money, so why not? Only thing is stay safe and sign up for projects only which are genuine. The different tokens in the industry are the reason for blockchain to touch many industries, from finance to creative arts. Through blockchain, you can secure and save data at the same time. Although everyone has access to the ledger, people can only modify it through private and encrypted keys. Tokens and defi airdrops opens doors for many exciting blockchain applications and contributes towards making blockchain more mainstream to the public audience. In short, token airdrops which provide crypto tokens is a step towards seeing a crypto world.

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