KeeperDAO Review : 3 Best Exchanges To Buy ROOK Token

What is KeeperDAO?

Have you been wondering what could be the meaning of KeeperDAO? Maybe it’s your first time to hear this word or you’ve heard it before but you’re not sure what it could be.

You want to know more on this? Then worry not, you are in the right place, here I will explain everything into details. After reading this article, you will understand things that you need to know about KeeperDAO.

It’s a mining pool for keepers by incentivizing your game theory optimal strategy cooperation among on chain arbitragers. Use Binance to acquire KeeperDAO tokens in simple two steps or use FTX Exchange.

You will gain more knowledge on KeeperDAO if you read till the end. And, you won’t ask any questions after reading this article again. This will help solve your problems that you’re looking for.


Who created KeeperDAO?

KeeperDAO was first revealed jointly by Amber group and  Talo system in December. Amber is a market making farm and Talo is a block chain research firm run by Taiyang Zhang.

Amber group is Kullander Crypto trading company and project. Both Taiyang Zhang and Kullander jointly manage the KeeperDAO project.


Who are the investors in KeeperDAO?

KeeperDAO only investors are Polychain and Three Arrows. Keeper DAO raised an astounding seven figure sum from these prominent investors for their amazing decentralized  finance (DeFi) project


KeeperDAO Rook Token

Check out KeeperDAO Rook price to decide on which one among those you are going to purchase. They’re available on the following exchanges


How To Buy KeeperDAO Rook? Step by Step Guide

A step by step guide on how to buy KeeperDAO Rook.

Want to know the best part? Here we go,

Step 1

Create A Metamask Wallet and buy ROOK on uniswap. You need to create a metamask wallet to buy from KeeperDAO Rook. 

Metamask is a wallet that allows you to interact with various decentralized applications like uniswap without the need to log in to third party services. Uniswap allows users to interact with it directly from the wallet.


Step 2

Connect to uniswap to buy KeeperDAO (Rook). You are now ready to purchase KeeperDAO  rook tokens with ease after a metamask wallet set up.

Deposit your desired amount of  Ethereum(ETH) or any other tokens you would wish to “swap” into your metamask address. Ethereum is known to be a popular currency on uniswap.


Step 3

Since uniswap is a decentralized exchange similar to IDEX,  Etherdelta etc, you need a few steps to make sure you gain knowledge of the process of swapping ETH for Rook.

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Before you click “swap” take into consideration the ” the minimum received,” price impact and liquid provider fee. Perform the cleanest transaction with minimum impact to liquidity.


Step 4

To buy KeeperDAO Rook, press “swap” and get your desired amount of KeeperDAO ( Rook), and check to confirm that you have received the correct amount of ROOK in your wallet and that all the processes have gone smoothly. During high network usage, you may suffer from large fees or increased transactions.


KeeperDAO Review

Is Keeper DAO legit or scam?

Ease of use

KeeperDAO acts similarly to flash loan providers offering access to a large pool of funds for regular on chain arbitrage opportunities across exchange and lending platforms.

Unlike other platforms, KeeperDAO focused entirely on a liquidity pool for flash loans like transactions. Providers receive a portion of profit from any successful transactions made within the pool.

Contributing to liquidity may be more beneficial to the users than sitting idle funds aside in anticipation of arbitrage opportunity.


KeeperDAO Security

Before you make an attempt to buy KeeperDAO, ensure that you visit the right website to buy or else you will end up being scammed online.

Do a google search for  legitimate sites you can buy from. 


How To Buy KeeperDAO?

Are you interested in knowing where to buy or how to buy KeeperDAO? The list below will help you out

Step 1 : Register on Coinbase

Buy one of the cryptocurrencies either  Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Coin base is the largest crypto exchange that accepts fiat deposits and is one of the best Crypto exchanges for US Customers.


Step 2 : Buy coins with fiat money

After finishing KYC process, you will be asked to payment method, either choose to provide credit or debit card or you can use bank transfer

I may advise you never to use cards simply because you will be charged a higher fee. A bank transfer will be cheaper but slower depending on where you stay.

By clicking the trade button, choose the coin you want to buy and confirm your transaction


 Step 3 : You can transfer your cryptos an Altcoin Exchange

We are almost done, transfer coins to an exchange that Rook can be traded, use Bilaxy as an exchange. Do you know Bilaxy  is a popular exchange to  trade coins? 

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And also a large number of tradable coins,  use this link to register on their website.


Step 4 : Deposit BTC to exchange

You will need to go through the process of KYC but that should depend on policies exchange. This will take 30 minutes of your time to a few days maximum.

It should be straightforward and easy to follow consent. Once you finish, you should have full access to the exchange wallet. It may be your first time  using crypto deposit but you don’t need to worry, it’s simpler than making a bank transfer.


KeeperDAO Decentralization

KeeperDAO is an online chain liquidity underwriter for decentralized finance, built on top of Blockchain.

Decentralization has grown for over 2 years with over 400 m USD equivalent to Ether locked in smart contract. KeeperDAO coinmarketcap has always been listed severally.


KeeperDAO Governance

KeeperDAO is planning to issue its own governance tokens to use it as a balancing mechanism to manage incentives between keepers and liquidity providers. Look out for potential token airdrops here.


Pros and cons of KeeperDAO

Below are the pros and cons of KeeperDAO.

Goodbye to human errors

As you know, financial crises can occur due to mismanagement of banks and third party intermediaries. Human errors are removed from the day by day since the emergence of smart contracts.

Quick and permanent access

Before DeFi, it was heard to process a loan and you will be required to go to the bank and a lot of time will be wasted as a result. With DeFi you can just get a loan just with one click so long as you have internet access.

Healthier system

Since the covid-19 came into existence, traditional finance systems are very vulnerable to global shock, this is because of the centralized finance system involved in direct contract between individuals or people.

The level of physical contact with DeFi is zero.


Challenges facing DeFi project

Almost many of the projects here are related to technology they are built upon.


The transaction may take a long time to be confirmed and it is also expensive at times of congestion.

Lack of insurance

You need insurance to protect you from hacks or other fraudulent activities. Insurance plays a major important role in centralized finance while it’s much more rare in DeFi.


What Features Make KeeperDAO Unique?

It’s quick and easy to use, as long as you have an internet connection, you can log into your account and make transactions within no minutes,  rather than going to the bank to cue for hours.

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It’s a new technology that can be used anywhere and anytime as you want to use your funds, you can withdraw your funds with timeless access.


How Do You Use KeeperDAO?

Visit the website and connect using a web 3 wallet like Metamask. The liquid provider may deposit and withdraw funds as they wish and interact with the protocol.


Does KeeperDAO require KYC?

I hope by now you are wondering if KeeperDAO requires KYC, the short is KeeperDAO doesn’t require KYC because it is decentralized and doesn’t deal with fiat on ramp directly. It’s mandatory as per the government guidelines if they have bank or fiat touchpoints.

KeeperDAO has the unique advantage of DEX with self custody and no Know Your Customer (KYC) and also contains the centralized exchange (CEX) characteristics with cheap trades and fast settlement


How Does KeeperDAO Make Money?

KeeperDAO simply makes money by trading, through trading exchanges between the traders. The unique depositors to KeeperDAO liquidity pool is currently 4,414 ETH(worth about 1.5 million) according to the analysis shared by Kullander.


KeeperDAO Social Media Handles

With KeeperDAO Twitter share investment from Polychain here you can read from different conversations about KeeperDAO increased coin investment.


Takeaway – KeeperDAO Crypto Review

Now, at the end of this article, you now understand the meaning of KeeperDAO, how to buy, where to get the wallet, and its value.