How To Buy Chiliz? – Step by Step Guide For Buying Chiliz CHZ Token

What Is Chiliz Crypto?

In sports and entertainment, Chiliz CHZ is a digital currency. It is a utility token in the blockchain of Ethereum and is used as’s official cryptocurrency. 

Chiliz crypto aims to give millions of sports fans a coin for their beloved soccer clubs to purchase direct voting rights. Thus, fans avoid being mere passive observers and participating actively in the club. In brief, Chiliz CHZ provides sports & entertainment groups with blockchain resources to help their fans participate and monetize.


Is Chiliz CHZ A Token Or Coin?

Chiliz CHZ is a token. The sports fan engagement site is completely built on the Chiliz blockchain and uses the CHZ token as the only on-platform currency.

How To Sell Trade Buy Chiliz In the US?

Chiliz (CHZ) has just entered the cryptocurrency market. While the revolutionary cryptocurrency starts to gain attention, more and more people seek to discover the right way to purchase Chiliz. But unfortunately, on the official site of Chiliz, there is mention that Chiliz Coins are not available for the citizens, nationals, residents, and Green Card holders of the US or individuals having connection factor with the US. But many other exchange platforms are providing Chiliz CHZ like Binance, HBTC, etc., where you can buy, sell and trade the Chiliz coin.

Top 5 Best Exchanges To Buy Chiliz By Trading Volume

More than a few crypto-exchanges are now offering Chiliz CHZ trading support. Still, it takes a lot of time to search them individually and compare them, which is very valuable to severe investors. 

Therefore, we spare you all this work in this guide by concentrating on the exchanges that help you buy Chiliz Tokens, which are the most powerful and trouble-free.

Here we are providing you the top five exchanges to buy, sell and trade Chiliz CHZ. Binance, Upbit, Chiliz Exchange, BitMax, and HBTC are the leading exchanges for trading Chiliz.


Upbit is a cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Upbit initiated its alliance with the US cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex on 24 October 2017 in South Korea. About two months after its release, Upbit has been the world’s top 24-hour cryptocurrency trade. In late 2018, the exchange launched in Singapore on 30 October, and afterward launched service in Indonesia on 30 January 2019. 

Three Upbit officials were charged with complaints of fake orders on 21 December 2018. The exchange dismissed the claims. In December 2018, Upbit was the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange for receiving certificates from the Korea ISMS, the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001), Cloud Security (ISO 27017), and cloud privacy organizations (ISO 27018).


Binance is arguably the world’s largest exchange with customers worldwide day trading cryptocurrencies. They offer a strong and easy to use forum for exchanging from one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency. Binance had the world’s highest trading volume crypto-currency market by January 2018, according to official information.

For the last 24 hours, the binance exchange had a value of $ 12.41B. One thousand forty-four crypto pairs are being traded. You can buy the most common cryptocurrencies such as BKRW, BNB, BTC, BUSD, ETH, USDT, PAX and TUSD, USDC, IDRT, ZAR, and XRP, and many more.


For digital media management, Bitmax is the simplest pathway. Bitmax is one of the biggest independent providers in the digital supply chain in the world. This platform is the provider of thousands of films, TV shows, and music videos. Their service is to support media and entertainment businesses around the world to move, manage, and monetize their content.

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Chiliz Exchange

Chiliz Exchange is the Chiliz company’s official exchange platform for trading cryptocurrency. You can conveniently trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies with crypto tokens.


HBTC is an exchange that began in December 2018. It was initially named BHEX, and on 13 April 2020, it was rebranded as HBTC. It describes itself as ‘the provider of financial services in the next generation of revolutionary crypto-assets.’ 

With a 24-hour trading rate of USD 1.51 billion, HBTC climbed on the list impressively (place no. 20). This trading volume of exchange is excellent. HBTC has a minimal selection of trading pairs. It is possible to trade 25 trading pairs. 

The Exchange announces that 56 institutional investors are funded on its website. HBTC lists two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi and OKEX, among these investors.

Step By Step Guide To Buy Chiliz

As we have discussed earlier, the top 5 Best Exchanges To Buy Chiliz Token By Trading Volume. These are the best exchange for you if you wonder where you can buy Chiliz with minimal effort. 

The explanation why it is simple for these exchanges to trade revolutionary cryptocurrencies such as Chiliz CHZ is that these exchanges are aimed at enhancing the user’s experience, except to guarantee the optimum level of security and trust. These exchanges are buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies as easily as possible without excessive attempts or extra measures of the innovative interface they provide.

With just 4 simple steps, you can own Chiliz CHZ token in your wallet and keep CHZ secure

  1. Register For A Crypto Exchange Account
  2. Fund Your Account With USDT
  3. Buy Chiliz With USDT
  4. Move Your Chiliz To A Hardware Wallet For Higher Security

Let’s quickly go through the step by step guide to buy Chiliz in detail.

Register For A Crypto Exchange Account

First, you need to register an account to buy Chiliz Coin on these exchange platforms. Let suppose in Binance first just click on ‘Register’ to Contrary to several other exchanges, you do not need a long and detailed documenting and authentication process to take place in Binance. Binance has regular registration, allowing you to create an account using email and password, and you can start buying and selling unique coins like Chiliz CHZ. No additional steps are needed, and you are prepared to use the exchange after verifying the email address given.

Fund Your Account With USDT

Binance is a crypto-currency-driven exchange, which means you first need to own some other crypto-currency to trade to buy Chiliz Coin on Binance. If you don’t yet own a cryptocurrency, you would have to buy some cryptocurrency as USDTfirst.

You should use it simply to buy Chiliz Coin on Binance if you already possess cryptocurrency. Binance requires you to buy Chiliz Token with BTC, USDT, and BNB, so you either have to finance your account directly with one of these cryptocurrencies or with some other money from Binance’s long list of tokens, which you swap for Bitcoin or Tether.

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Binance has many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Dash, Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), etc. Binance supports all of the most common currencies and tokens. You should check a list of all coins that Binance supports to verify if Binance supports your favorite cryptocurrency. 

You will fund your Binance account if you are still a USDT owner by directly depositing some of these coins. You can deposit other sponsored cryptocurrency and conveniently trade it for USDT, whether you do not own Tether or whether you do not wish to use these coins in Binance. Since Binance is optimized for optimum easiness of use, whichever method you prefer is a straightforward process consisting of only a few steps to fund your account. Send USDT to Binance or drop some other supported cryptocurrency. To convert to USDT, click Quick Trade. 

We’ll explain in the next step how to buy Chiliz Token using Tether. If it’s Tether that you buy Chiliz Coin, the mechanism stays just as quick and easy.

Buy Chiliz With USDT

You have a Binance account now and have a crypto deposit. Anything left is to buy Chiliz Coin. Fortunately, it is as simple and straightforward as the first, and a few moments can take before you can say a proud owner of Chiliz. 

It is exceedingly easy to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance, and all you have to do is decide how many tokens you want to acquire. If you have determined that, simply enter CHZ or Chiliz in the search bar on the Binance Exchange and use the link below to go directly to the page where you can purchase Chiliz now using Bitcoin:

There is just the last step to go: type in the quantity of chiliz and click on “Buy.” Everything is completed! Your USDT is traded to CHZ; you became an investor in Chiliz.

Move Your Chiliz To A Hardware Wallet For Higher Security

Hardware wallets are a form of crypto wallet that holds secure hardware for your private keys and cryptocurrencies. They are one of the most reliable digital wallets. The cryptocurrencies can be submitted and obtained from their hardware wallet. So you have to move your Chiliz CHZ to the hardware wallet for more security, convenience, and easy trading. 


Hardware Wallet Software Wallet
Hardware wallet provides security from different cyber threats and malware intrudes on every personal device. It offers an additional protection layer. Because of the less security, it gives Crypto users do not choose software wallets.  
One wallet will operate concurrently with many blockchains. Chiliz can be managed with Ethereum and more in your hardware wallets. No multi-currencies manage with one wallet.
The hardware wallets are very convenient. They are small plug-ins that allow you to connect from anywhere your cryptographic assets securely. They are not convenient.


Chiliz Coin Price Prediction

Moving averages is one of the most common Chiliz Coin Price Prediction. The average closing price for CHZ over a selected time frame is shown by a moving average, as the name says. The 12-day simple moving average of CHZ, for example, is several CHZ closing values over the last 12 days divided by twelve. Besides the simple SMA, traders still use the exponential moving average (EMA). The EMA weighs up the current values and thus responds quicker to recent market measures. 

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Average moving for 50 days, 100 days, and 200 days are among the most widely used metrics for significant resistance and support levels. Chiliz normally uses the CHZ price as a bullish indicator if it goes over either of these averages. On the other hand, a decline below a big changing average in the CHZ market is typically a warning.

Chiliz CHZ is forecasted as a profitable investment. The price of 1 chiliz (CHZ) may be about $0.0253000, almost 2x from the past price of chiliz. In 2022, $0.03042674 maybe the price of one chiliz. The price of CHZ hits $0.04138915 in 2023. The price will decline to $0.03566541 in 2024 again.

What’s The Total Supply Of Chiliz Tokens?

The total supply of Chiliz Tokens is 888,888,888CHZ (8.8 Billion). That is definitely a huge supply for a new cryptocurrency. So, beware on why the price per coin is cheap. The circulating supply is what is more important. So, keep an eye on how it increases over time.


Is Chiliz Blockchain Campus In Malta?

The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is an accelerator and industry hub that connects some of Asia and Europe’s main stakeholders to other leading blockchain providers. Our campus is located in Malta and is 100% privately run by chiliz. This small EU country, referred to as “The Blockchain Island,” is a pioneer in implementing a government-level regulatory mechanism to control blockchain companies and their financial complexities within Europe.


Takeaway – Buy Sell Trade Chiliz In US

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that has evolved exponentially over the last few months. It is currently on CoinMarketCap in the top 100 charts. For several, it is now the right time to invest in Chiliz since it is still possible to buy it at its low price. 

While all investments are risky, Chiliz is a project with a deserved dose of optimism because it is a cryptocurrency based on strong fundamentals and real-life applications that satisfy a given niche, sport, and entertainment. This is why people are continually looking for places to buy Chiliz Token and why its price is projected to continue to rise. 

Learn how to design a Crypto Trading Bot or if you feel you don’t have enough expertise, then take a look at our round up of best crypto trading bots.

You are already a Chiliz investor if you followed this guide, and you succeeded in buying a very successful cryptocurrency on time since the valuation was still undervalued. The ability to make quick investments is crucial for staying competitive in the challenging crypto-ecosystem.