Coinigy Vs Tradingview : (9 Important Comparisons)

Crypto traders prefer to do technical analysis to capitalize on crypto price fluctuations. They will use analytical tools and rely on their intuition. Traders will draw historical prices and live price movements to determine future market trends. Now, there are charting platforms that can help crypto traders with their trading solutions. The platforms are Coinigy vs Tradingview.

Coinigy and Tradingview are two of the most popular and most efficient platforms out there. Both platforms enable charting solutions for crypto traders to track market movements and technical analysis.

To find out which is better between Coinigy vs Tradingview, let’s talk about Coinigy and Tradingview in this article.

Coinigy Vs Tradingview
Coinigy Vs Tradingview Review


What Is Coinigy?

Coinigy is a trading platform focused on cryptocurrencies. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and operating from 2013.

Coinigy graphs are the main advantage of this platform and provide tools for obscure exchanges. Coinigy also provides all major exchanges. It is effortless for crypto traders to start trading.

Coinigy is a mobile and web-based charting software specially designed to make it easier for crypto traders. Coinigy still does not support Coinigy paper trading and focuses more on technical analysis and crypto exchanges.

There are definite options for traders, such as sync charts with the crypto exchange the trader uses. This function is interesting for crypto traders who feel that the crypto market is often unstable.

Another main step on Coinigy is to track balances and execute trades via APIs without delays. Traders will have access to view the news aggregating system to see breaking events that can affect the prices of cryptocurrencies.


What Is Tradingview?

Tradingview covers a broad range because this is one of the best analysis platforms capable of analyzing cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, indices, commodities, futures, and CFDs. Tradingview was founded in 2011 in New York, USA.

Tradingview users have a greater interest in cryptocurrency-based analysis. That’s why many people compare Coinigy vs Tradingview even though Tradingview supports multiple market sectors.

Many traders are also looking for apps like trading view but still can’t find a better one between Coinigy or Tradingview.

The advantage of Tradingview is that it uses a community-based system where users can collaborate with other traders to share and learn technical analysis. You will not feel alone even if you are a beginner in analyzing cryptocurrencies if you use Tradingview.


How To Analyze Cryptocurrency Charts?

Before discussing Coinigy vs Tradingview, we need to know how to analyze cryptocurrency charts. Reading crypto charts is the first step before you start trading in cryptocurrencies. You can start learning about accurate entry and exit timings needed on cryptocurrency charts.

The table below is a few steps to analyze cryptocurrency charts.

Basic fundamentals Explanation
Time selection Each crypto chart has a time frame to show all of the transactions from minute to 1 month range. For example, the 15 minutes time frame will display each candle that represents 15 minutes.
Volume Volume will show how much trading activity is carried out according to the selected time frame. A green volume indicates buying pressure or increasing interest, and a red volume indicates selling pressure or decreasing interest.
Bearish and bullish candlesticks Bullish candlesticks are green, and bearish candlesticks are red. Bearish candlesticks indicate the price has decreased during the selected time frame. For example, if the closing on the 15 minute candle is lower than the opening, then it is a bearish candlestick.
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There are many candlestick forms that you need to know if you want to analyzing cryptocurrency charts. To get direct information about crypto candlestick charts, you need the right analytic tools. Coinigy vs Tradingview is two platforms that can be your choice to get the best information.


Bitcoin Technical Analysis Software

The more developed the crypto world, the more software that offers traders to identify price trends. The software will predict how the market behaves and provide trading choices. The chartanalyse bitcoin technical analysis will identify the patterns based on transactions history.

If investors or traders already understand candlesticks and can read statistics, they can make assumptions for the future price and take steps to trade.

It will be difficult if you want to identify trends only from intuition. You need to keep track of the trading volume, resistance and support levels, and moving averages. Tradingview vs Coinigy is two platform options that can help you view technical analysis until you can make a trading decision.


Coinigy Vs Tradingview Forex

If you want to choose between Coinigy vs Tradingview it must be returned to your trading style and purpose of use. Some traders want to know the market structure and the price. Others want to find out in detail before deciding to trade.

Let’s see the Coinigy review Reddit. The community chose Coinigy because it lists more cryptocurrency exchanges than Tradeview. In addition, Coinigy has an API that is unparalleled compared to other platforms.

Tradingview has the advantage of charting with many more handy tools. In addition, you can also learn from other traders in the community. You can immediately get knowledge from market veterans and can avoid bad trades.


Coinigy Bitcoin Chart

Many have compared Coinigy vs Tradingview Reddit by pointing out some of the advantages of each platform. Now, we’ll cover the Coinigy chart as you look at your chosen cryptocurrency.

Many people said that Coinigy is the best bitcoin chart app because it can provide a myriad of cryptocurrencies than Tradeview, which can only show popular coins.

There is a slight downside to Coinigy, which is that it doesn’t support HTML5. Instead, Coinigy allows its users to integrate the charts to execute the trades. The integration makes it easy for users to compare prices of different profits and exchanges from users’ disparities.


Coinigy Monthly Subscription

When you want to go into details about Tradingview vs Coinigy, you should know the monthly subscription for each platform. Coinigy uses a three-tiered subscription package starting from Free for a starter account, Pro Trader at $18.66/ month, and API Developer Pro at $99.99/month.

Coinigy also sells historical data to see past data to deepen the user’s trading skills or for trading bots’ needs. Users can choose the crypto they want to compare, pay the price, and historical data will be sent via user email.

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People already using Coinigy and some users consider this a Tradingview similar, only there is a clear difference in the unlimited API and number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Now, if you see the advantages of Coinigy, what do you think about Coinigy vs Tradingview? For a fair comparison, we should know the Tradeview subscriptions.


Tradingview Monthly Subscription

Tradingview provides two subscriptions, monthly and annually. If you choose annually, you will save 16%. Tradeview has 4 plans from Basic to Premium from $0 to $59.95/month.

If you want to try each plan, Tradingview provides a free trial for 30 days. Traders can try out the opportunities offered by each package before making sure they choose the package that suits their trading needs.

Feeling new to cryptocurrency and need a lot of training before executing trades properly? You can take the Pro plan for $14.95/month. If you’re a bit advanced, you can upgrade to Pro+ for $29.95/month.

There is a fascinating thing when you take the Premium plan. You can monetize the analysis by using the publish invite-only functionality. This can be an opportunity for traders in building a client base and providing price prediction charts or technical analysis.

Some traders think that Tradingview has the best bitcoin graph with more complete features than Coinigy. Even so, Coinigy vs Tradingview remains the top topic. Everyone wants to compare which is better between the two platforms.


Best Tradingview Alternative

Investors use Tradingview to view graphs to analyze stocks, commodities, bonds, or anything other than cryptocurrencies. Many crypto traders are looking for a platform that is similar to Tradingview by providing technical analysis for the selected crypto.

Coinigy is a Tradingview alternative if you want to use it to analyze various types of cryptocurrencies. Tradingview only provides a few popular coins. Coinigy has a complete selection of cryptocurrencies and can compare several different currencies.

Coinigy Vs Tradingview
Coinigy Vs Tradingview Review

When viewed from the charting function, there is a significant difference between Tradingview vs Coinigy. Tradingview has intelligent drawing tools that users can use to customize charts in their excel.

On the other hand, Coinigy is the best choice for cryptocurrency exchanges and digital assets. The integration system and API from Coinigy will make it easier for traders from the technical analysis process to executing trades.


Sites Like Tradingview For Crypto

Looking for the best charting software for crypto is the target of crypto traders to improve their skills in predicting the future market and analyzing charts intensively.

Many already understand Tradingview alerts vs Coinigy in terms of crypto needs. Crypto traders prefer Coinigy for cryptocurrency analysis. It will be helpful to maximize the comparison between several cryptocurrencies and multiple crypto exchanges.

Coinigy vs Tradingview differs in their monthly subscriptions and their focus. Tradingview offers a lower cost of its Premium plan, with more complete chart tools for trading needs. But Coinigy provides an API and focuses more on cryptocurrencies.


Best Charting Software For Cryptocurrency

Between Coinigy vs Tradingview, both offer free cryptocurrency charting software even if with limited features. But you can see what the two platforms can offer to attract traders’ interest in the technical analysis function.

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Tradeview and Coinigy have bitcoin analysis tools that traders focus on as the most popular coin. To determine the best charting software, you need to look at the charting tools and how each platform processes data to help you predict the future market.

Every crypto trader will choose which platform has a fully-featured bitcoin technical analysis app. If you focus more on charting, you will prefer Tradingview. But for the needs of crypto exchanges, you better choose Coinigy.


Best Charting Platform For Cryptocurrency

When you want to get a successful trade on cryptocurrencies, you want to get the best charting tools for crypto. If you look at Coinigy vs Tradingview, the one with more complete charting tools is Tradingview.

But if you want to do technical analysis on a particular coin, Tradingview can’t do that, because it only shows a few popular coins. Coinigy has focused on cryptocurrencies from the start. You will need to adapt the crypto charting software with advantages in API and integration systems.


Best Charting Website For Crypto

If you only play on popular cryptos, you can use Tradingview with custom scripts that can enter your analysis on charts that are up to speed according to the native program. The Coinigy scripts cannot be customized, although you can do comparisons between exchanges.

Coinigy vs Tradingview has a clear difference. Tradingview is superior in charting and pricing, Coinigy is superior in system integration and API for crypto trades.

Tradeview uses HTML5 chats with intelligent drawing tools that cannot be compared with other platforms. If you want to find some platforms that have focused on cryptocurrency from the start, you can compare Coinigy vs Cryptowatch.


Final Verdict – Coinigy Vs Tradingview

After looking at the comparison of Coinigy and Tradingview, both platforms provide various advantages of their own with impeccable trading services and different strategies.

Coinigy is a substantial facility for crypto trading. On the other hand, Tradingview invites traders to be in the broader ecosystem. It is challenging to determine which one is better because each platform has advantages in different sectors.

Coinigy Vs Tradingview
Coinigy Vs Tradingview Review

If you want to have a community that can help you in trading decisions, you can choose Tradingview with their solid community for a place to learn and share about technical analysis.

If you want to research a lot of cryptocurrencies, you can choose Coinigy with an integration system and API that is incomparable to other platforms.

The choice between Coinigy vs Tradingview goes back to which trading style and steps you want to adopt. Don’t forget to compare the monthly subscription with the features provided. The right platform will make you more confident to make trading decisions.

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