Bitcoin Miner Virus – Cryptojacking – How To Identify And Remove?

Bitcoin Miner Virus has become alarming lately. In 2018, the bitcoin miner virus and cryptojacking became more popular among the malicious activities of hackers. However, unlike the cryptojacking, bitcoin miner virus stays in the user’s PC while it uses up the resources of the user. This can lead to temporary or permanent damage to the user’s PC. Hence, it is advisable to act fast whenever a bitcoin miner virus attacks.

Cryptojacking cannot be seen as less of a threat compared to the BTC miner virus since cryptojacking is not installed on your device when attacked with it, which does not mean it has no risk. It uses up the processing power of your computer as well and can also lead to damage. Bitcoin mining is a highly profitable activity if you live in a country that charges lower rate for your electricity.


What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining in simple terms refers to the process of obtaining new bitcoins or adding to the transactional records of the bitcoin public ledger of past transactions. This is a decentralized system where all miners around the globe contribute by a peer to peer to ensure a trustworthy and secure network. Bitcoin mining is the best way to earn money with BTC.


Cryptojacking Definition or Meaning

From the introduction of cryptocurrency in the year 2009, individuals have used cryptojacking for mining new crypto. Cryptojacking is malware used for the mining of cryptocurrencies. However, cryptojacking does not attack a user’s data but it targets the processing power of the user’s computer activities like bitcoin mining. 


How cryptojacking Works?

Cryptojacking works like other malicious processes that are unauthorized by you the user. Hackers gain this access to your computer through pretense by sending emails with links that grant them access to your computer whenever you click on it.

After access has been granted, your PC will then activate the cryptojacking ware as its automatically executed and it uses up the processing power of your computer which shortens its life span and leads to damage to the processing capacity of the computer.

This means while your computer and internet are busy mining cryptocurrency on the web, someone elsewhere is collecting it on your behalf. These processes take up a lot of power that is why it can cause notable damages to your device if this activity goes continuously. 

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Use the processing power to build or use for good things like Bitcoin high frequency trading. This will help you to buy low and sell high BTC. Don’t participate in bad things like Crypto jacking.


Why Is Crypto Jacking Popular?

Cryptojacking is very popular because those involved can mine more bitcoin at a very cheap rate while someone else bears the risk of paying the bills such as electricity and the damages on the computer used.


What Is Bitcoin Miner Virus?

Bitcoin miner virus is also malware just like cryptojacking malware is but the bitcoin miner virus possesses more threats. In this case, when the bitcoin miner virus attacks your computer, it gets installed like a line of code in your computer and most times undetected.


How To Detect Crypto Mining Malware In Your Computer?

Bitcoin mining virus or cryptojacking affects only the processing power of your computer. Hence, to know if your computer is running a bitcoin miner virus script, what you need to do is check or have someone who knows about the computer check your computer’s CPU whether there is an increase in usage outside your normal activities.

Sometimes the activities of the bitcoin miner virus can slow your device to start slowing down in processing. A lot of people usually assume that it is because their computer is getting old so it is affecting its speed but in reality, your computer is overworking.

Besides, you can know if these cryptojacking or bitcoin mining virus codes are running in your computer when you observe overheating of your computer. This shows that the bitcoin mining virus is also running on your computer.


How to remove bitcoin miner virus?

Removing the bitcoin miner virus can be a bit challenging sometimes since these bitcoin miner viruses are already installed on the computer. However, making use of proper bitcoin miner removal tools, this process is easy.

There are many trusted software out today that helps you to get rid of the BTC miner virus in your computer. After installing one of these software, you then use them to scan your device for all BTC miner viruses and uninstall them.

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However, when browsing through the internet the use of additional locks could also help in minimizing attacks on your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a permanent solution to preventing crypto jacking? 

No, there is no permanent solution as hackers are getting more aggressive every day, but by staying security conscious and protecting your computer with modern-day software, you can always prevent BTC miner virus and cryptojacking.


Can bitcoin miner virus damage my computer?

Bitcoin miner virus reduces the processing power of your computer and with time it can render your computer inefficient and eventually damage it completely.


How To Tell If You Have Bitcoin Miner Virus?

Bitcoin miner virus is malware that attacks or uses the processing power of your device without you authorizing it. Hence, when it installs itself and starts running on your device the processing capacity of your computer reduces while the power consumption is increased.

This means that whenever your computer is working more than you are using it or the power consumption is increased. Your computer may be running a BTC miner virus without you knowing.


How To Prevent Crypto Jacking?

Even if the attack out there is very enormous cryptojacking and BTC miner virus can be prevented in many ways which have proven to be efficient over the years. One efficient way of preventing cryptojacking is by enabling AdBlock in your browser while browsing through some malicious website, because when you click on these ads, what you do is grant access to hackers to install a bitcoin miner virus or run a cryptojacking code on your computer.

Cryptojacking can also be prevented with the use of antivirus software. This software helps identify if there is a threat to your device and helps you fight it. It also helps to block hackers from gaining access to your device.


How To Respond To Cryptojacking Attacks?

Whenever your device is attacked with cryptojacking or bitcoin miner virus, the first thing to do is to stop the running of cryptojacking code on your device by scanning your device and resetting it to default settings. This is very important because any delay in doing this can lead to damage to your device. 

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Bitcoin Miner Virus Keeps Coming Back – What To Do?

In a case where the BTC miner virus keeps coming back, this is an indication that the installed script has not been removed. These scripts are sometimes written in java or javascript. Therefore you can go ahead and uninstall all java files from your device. This may be a very technical process so if you cannot do it, you should ask for help from an expert or format your computer and start it up as a new device.


Takeaway – Bitcoin Miner Virus Cryptojacking

  • Within the past two years, Cryptojacking have become more and more popular since it’s a cheaper way for hackers to mine bitcoin while others bear the risk for them.
  • This is why both companies and individuals need to take extra measures by having antivirus in their working devices to help prevent hackers from gaining access to their devices for their malicious activities since it can lead to potential damages.
  • Even if your device is attacked with a bitcoin miner virus it could still be removed before any potential damage is done.
  • Learn how to develop Crypto bot that can automatically check and remove these viruses

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