Avalanche Crypto Review (AVAX) : 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Paying Attention?

With the advancement of digital technologies and the internet, besides the general benefit to the industry, new and improved financial services are being offered. The aim being to be more secure, fast, and cheap.

The cryptocurrency was one such offspring, founded in 2009. Since then many developments have been made and each day a better-performing app is being introduced.

The direction is to have a decentralized smart contract system, which saves time and money by eliminating middle facilitators, yet being very secure.

One such system developed is the Avalanche (avax). In this avalanche crypto review, we discuss its history and answer many other things being queried.

Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin
Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin


What Is Avalanche?

The simplest definition of Avalanche (avax) is that it is a smart contract-based platform for services using blockchain involving two parties to do business without an intermediary third party.

In their avalanche crypto review, the Avalanche team claims their system to be the fastest of its kind, with the most number of validators, safeguarding its activity.

It is mainly used for cryptocurrency transfers, other financial transactions, and similar roles with minimum costs.

Other potential uses are for de-centralized finance (DeFi), almost all financial and asset works, and digital collectibles.


Who Founded Avalanche?

Avalanche was founded by Ava Labs, whose founder is Emin Gün Sirer, an Associate Professor of computer science at Cornell University, at the time of its launch in 2018.

The Ava Labs team consists of experts in computer science, economics, finance, and law. Emin Gün Sirer, Kevin Sekniqi, and Maofan “Ted” Yin founded the company in 2018.

The main network of Avalanche was launched in September 2020 after raising $60 million in token sales.


When Was Avalanche Crypto Created?

According to the avalanche crypto review, July 2020 was the first initial public coin offering. The Avalanche Crypto testnet was first launched in April 2020. In September 2020, the Avalanche mainnet was launched.


Avalanche Investors

As reported by avalanche crypto review, the founders raised decent funds of 60 million dollars. $18 million were raised from major investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital and $42 million from the ICO.

SushiSwap, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX), is the latest decentralized finance (DeFi) project to join Avalanche’s $180 million incentive program.

Several lending markets have already signed on to Avalanche Rush, including lending protocol Aave and automated market maker (AMM) Curve.


Is Avalanche Decentralized?

Avalanche is a decentralized smart contracts platform built for global finance, with near-instant end-to-end transaction processing.

According to the company’s developers, smart contracts on the Avalanche network can settle in as little as one second, which would be a first in the industry.

With Avalanche, developers can build highly decentralized applications, new financial primitives, and interoperable blockchains.


Is Avalanche An ERC-20 Token?

The simple answer is no. ERC-20 is Ethereum’s native token. This is a standard set of functions and events that enables what is referred to as a token on Ethereum to behave like a smart contract.

Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens are designed to be used with the Contract Chain (C-Chain), an instance of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The native token on the Avalanche platform is AVAX also written as avalanche (avax). In such contracts, you must use wrapped AVAX (WAVAX), which is ERC-20-compatible.


What Tokens Can You Trade On Avalanche?

Avalanche’s native token is AVAX. It is used as the primary currency for network transactions, like payments and gas fees.

AVAX is also the basic unit of account among the different blockchains within the network, despite each of these networks having its own currency.

Not all tokens can be traded on Avalanche. The Avalanche teams are working to include many more cryptocurrencies.

At present following leading global exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, FTX, BitPanda, Gate.io, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin, and Ethereum are currently trading AVAX.


How Does Avalanche Crypto Work?

The Avalanche network comprises many blockchains using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. These blockchains of the network are called subnets.

Each subnet operates as a mini-network and all mini networks join to make the broader Avalanche network. There are thousands of subnets working together in Avalanche.

Because of the subnets and their networking, more than 45,000 transactions per second can be easily performed globally. This results in a very short response time (in seconds) to confirm the transaction.

Avalanche is mainly related to Ethereum. Ethereum runs on the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus system and can process only 14 transactions per second.  

In their avalanche crypto review, the Avalanche team claims that their consensus protocol has the benefits of both the Nakamoto consensus and Classical consensus. This results in a completely new consensus engine.

The avalanche crypto review defines that each of their subnets is like a separate virtual machine, which can support multiple other customized virtual machines like EVM (Eretheum Virtual Machine) and WASM (WebAssembly).

This ensures that each chain can be customized to meet specific use cases.

Validators operating within the subnet work together to reach a consensus on the state of a number of blockchains. Thus, validators are encouraged to be honest by the incentives that are unique to their subnets.

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Avalanche crypto review compares the working of Avalanche as similar to a “platform of platforms”, with thousands of subnets that together form an interoperable system.

The Avalanche (AVAX) project is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that enables token interoperability between third parties.

With Avalanche, token holders can transact efficiently and at an affordable price via a blockchain-based platform.


Avalanche Blockchains

Avalanche consists of three blockchains. Exchange Chain (X-Chain), Platform Chain (P-Chain), and Contract Chain (C-Chain). The Primary Network validates and secures all 3 blockchains.

The X-Chain uses AVAX tokens so that assets can be created and exchanged.

The P-Chain creates and maintains subnets, creates custom blockchains, and adds validators.

The C-Chain is for the creation of smart contracts. It is an instance of the EVM powered by Avalanche.

Enterprises and organizations can use Avalanche to access decentralized finance applications and blockchain technology. It is claimed to be much safer, cheaper, and faster than any existing system.


What Makes Avalanche Crypto Unique?

According to the avalanche crypto review, it is super fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. The Avalanche designer team had declared these as the main concepts forming the basis of their work.

Further, the avalanche crypto review claims, in the proof-of-stake protocol (PoS) avalanche has the most validators securing its activity, making it a unique consensus protocol.

As a comparison, the average normal transactional finality for Bitcoin is 60 minutes. That means one has to wait at least one hour before one gets confirmation of his transaction.

For Ethereum the transactional finality time is 6 minutes. For Avalanche it is reported in seconds. Its transactional throughput measured in tps is greater than 4500, which is way above others.

As for its security, the avalanche crypto review claims it is easily resilient of up to 60%. Meaning if more than 60% of the network is malicious, it will perform 100% secure.

It is reported that bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies use a lot of energy, especially their mining process. Avalanche with its subnets and PoS system and inherent designs is very green. 

Besides these advantages of high performance, the avalanche crypto review claims to have unequal customization, interoperation, and exceptional decentralization network.

These qualities allow for the widespread use of blockchain. With Ava Lab’s platform, developers can build a wide variety of projects or services related to the “Internet of Finance.” 

Another unique thing reported in the avalanche crypto review is that the network burns a percentage of its transaction fees over time, making it less and less available. This is another of the advantages of the proof of stake (PoS) system. It keeps the validators involved all time.


Is Avalanche Crypto A Good Investment?

The different avalanche crypto review reports, based on the initial performance, depict Avalanche to have great potential as an attractive cryptocurrency.  

Undoubtedly, Avalanche has great potential and would tend to be the most attractive cryptocurrency, primarily because of its security token AVAX, coupled with its capability to scale at one trillion transactions per second.

One of the avalanche crypto review reports that with the current growth rate projected over the next 5 years, today’s investment of $100 will grow to over $300.

Interestingly, at the time of this reporting (first birthday), according to the investors’ survey, Avalanche does not make it to the first best ten investments.


What Is Avalanche Token?

Each cryptocurrency has its own token unit. Crypto tokens are assets or utilities that are fungible and tradable and usually found on blockchains.

Virtual currency terms like cryptocurrency, crypto token, native token are commonly confused. Unlike traditional assets, crypto tokens are issued using smart contracts on a blockchain and can signify a variety of things.

Tokens usually have a use within the creator’s project, such as giving discounts on the platform or serving as actual ownership shares in the project.

According to the avalanche crypto review, AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche network. AVAX token is the base unit of account on the Avalanche blockchain.

Among other things, AVAX tokens can be staked to earn passive income, used for fees, and received as incentives. In terms of rewards, stake length and token value increase with stake duration.

The Avalanche (AVAX) project is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that enables token interoperability between third parties.

In essence, Avalanche operates as a blockchain-based platform where token holders can transact with ease and at a low cost.


How Many Avalanche Coins Are There?

According to our avalanche crypto review, the maximum capped supply of tokens for Avalanche is 720 million. The genesis block contained half of this value.

The rest will be released according to a set formula in the future, which is shared in the whitepaper of Avalanche.


How Do I Get Avalanche Crypto?

With the popularity of Avalanche, an increasing number of people are naturally interested and want to know where to buy avalanche crypto. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges globally that trade Avalanche tokens.

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Follow the below steps to buy Avalanche crypto.

Open an online account with Crypto Exchange

Choose a crypto brokerage that supports AVAX, so you can purchase the AVAX token. At present, you cannot purchase AVAX with fiat money.

First, you will have to buy another cryptocurrency, and then using that cryptocurrency the Avalanche token will be purchased.

You will need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, as per federal law. The information needed will include full name, address, Social Security number, and birthday.

Crypto brokerages that support AVAX include Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex, Huobi Global, CoinEx, Paribu, WazirX, OKCoin, and Hotbit.

Coinbase and Gemini do not support AVAX trading.


Get Or Buy A Wallet

If you do not intend to actively trade your crypto, then don’t keep it in your exchange. Exchanges are at high risk of hacking. Buy a wallet to store your crypto for safekeeping.

A wallet can be a hardware or a software type. 

Software wallets, as the name depicts are software programs or mobile apps to securely keep your cryptocurrency account.

Hardware wallets are physical electronic gadgets that store cryptocurrency and are then offline. They are the most secure as they are inaccessible to online hackers.

You gain access to your funds by physically switching them on.


Place Your Limit Or Market Order To Buy AVAX Coin

After acquiring an account and a wallet, place your order to purchase AVAX. You can make your deposit in fiat money or any cryptocurrency which the broker accepts.

The AVAX can be purchased with another cryptocurrency.

Your order can be in the shape of a market order or a limit order, depending on the price you want to pay for the purchase.

Market order means instant, at the current market price.

A limit order specifies a predetermined fixed price for buying. If the price falls to that level, your order will be executed. You may cancel your limit order any time before its fulfillment.


Is Avalanche On Binance?

Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Avalanche (AVAX) has been listed on Binance as of the time of writing this blog.


Is Avalanche On Coinbase?

As of the time of writing this blog, AVAX is not available to trade on a Coinbase account.

Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin
Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin


Can I stake Avalanche?

According to the avalanche crypto review, yes, you can stake Avalanche. In staking, tokens are locked up to support a network for a reward. The rewards are in the shape of an increased network utility, monetary compensation, etc.

To discourage Sybil attacks a decentralized network must reward its validators with a scarce resource. In proof-of-work systems, computing power is the scarce resource.

While in Avalanche, which is a proof-of-stake system the native token, AVAX is the scarce resource.

Validating a blockchain on Avalanche requires that a node stake AVAX. Thus, it is difficult for an attacker to gain enough control over the network to compromise its security.

When a validator completes validating, its staked AVAX tokens are returned. Additionally, it may receive a reward for helping to secure the network.

Validators receive validation rewards only if they are responsive and accurate during validation.


Avalanche Crypto Staking Rewards

One of the avalanche crypto reviews states that AVAX holders are given incentives to stake their tokens to secure Avalanche and receive a reward in return. Stake your AVAX and earn AVAX rewards by running an Avalanche node.

Staking is the process of buying AVAX tokens for a limited period for the validating process. In investor terminology, it is called ‘locking’ the tokens.

In the Avalanche system, once the validation is successful, the validator receives back its staked tokens and may also receive some other perks for helping to secure the network from Sybil attacks.

These rewards as detailed in the avalanche crypto review, come in the shape of the following.

  1. Earn profits : One can earn up to 11% APY on staked AVAX. As a validator one can set own fee for accepting delegations to your node.
  2. Part of a growing network : The system is growing. New apps and assets are added to Avalanche every day. Contribute to their progress and ensure their future.
  3. No slashing : In contrast to other platforms, tokens staked on Avalanche aren’t at risk of being slashed. You’ll be rewarded for meeting these criteria.
  4. No special hardware : The smallest hardware requirements of any blockchain platform. There are no special manufacturers or expensive equipment.


How Do You Make Money With Avalanche?

Three simple ways to make money with AVAX includes

  1. Trading crypto stocks of Avalanche (AVAX-USD)
  2. Investing as a validator (run an Avalanche node)
  3. Staking AVAX and delegating to other validators

Can you mine AVAX? There are no options for mining like for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as it doesn’t use proof of work. AVAX uses proof of stake.


Why Is Avalanche Going Up?

This is like all cryptocurrencies. It is the trust people put in the people behind the organization and the authenticity of their white paper.

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Avalanche meets most of the criteria of such companies. Whatever the team claimed in their avalanche crypto review, it is proving in the market in the first year of its launch.

The obvious first is the speed of finality and second is the low costs of operation as compared to other cryptocurrency operations and third is the security rating.

Other factors contributing are the rapid expansion of the DeFi ecosystem and the establishment of low-cost Ethereum connectivity.

New announcements of collaborations with and investments from investors in the field of growing DeFi ecosystem to increase Avalanche’s versatility by introducing more applications is a reassuring sign.


Avalanche Price Prediction

It is very natural to ask for the newly launched avalanche crypto price. Generally, the investors are quite optimistic about the growth of Avalanche crypto. There is a lot of excitement and follow-up on Avalanche token price.

Of more than 7,800 cryptocurrencies in the world today, Avalanche is ranked 47th in just its first year with a $2.3 billion market cap.

Investors think of Avalanche’s potential as a good case for long-term investment. As with all trading and speculations, it is generally forecasted for good growth per year.


Is Avalanche Crypto Legit?

People ask what is avalanche crypto and if it is legit. The answer is Yes, Avalanche crypto is legit. Avalanche has had a huge growth since its launch due to its strong potential and is now in the top 25 cryptos by market cap.


Avalanche Crypto Competitors

The competition is to solve the problems being faced like low latency and scalability. The DeFi markets mostly are not able to expand fast. A decentralized approach has been accepted as the solution.

The fight is for decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) market capitalization.

Other standards, customers are looking for include, simple and ease of use, low fees, fast finality, and good security.

The main avalanche crypto competitors are going to be the new Ethereum 2.0, Binance Smart Chain,  Cardano, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, and Terra.

There are many forums hotly discussing avalanche crypto. One such forum is avalanche crypto Reddit.

As regards Avax vs Solana, the latter does not have EVM. That means projects cannot be branched from Ethereum. Avalanche has that built in advantage of the Ethereum connectivity.


Avalanche Crypto Social Media Handles



What Is Avax?

Avalanche network’s native token is AVAX. AVAX token is the base unit of account on the Avalanche blockchain. It is also written as avalanche (avax).

The token is generated on a secondary subnet blockchain, not like the standalone blockchain of the coin. It is primarily used internally for payments of fees, subscriptions for creating subnets and blockchains, etc. 


What Is Avalanche Coin?

Coins terminology is used for any cryptocurrency which has a standalone independent blockchain. It is used as a medium of exchange and has a secure and fixed monetary policy.


Final Verdict – Avalanche Crypto Review (AVAX)

Avalanche is the new kid on the cryptocurrency scene. It is software aiming for the decentralized working of financial projects. It is the brainchild of Emin Gün Sirer and associates.

Avalanche aims to lessen the problem being faced at Ethereum, which mostly concerns scalability, transaction speed, PoW, security, and eco-friendly.

Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin
Avalanche Crypto Review Avax Coin

It was launched in 2020 and has been tested out to certain lengths and found confirming the promised standards. The most dramatic is the reduction of finality from hours (Bitcoin) to just a few seconds.

Many investors have backed Avalanche and more have shown interest and intent to work with Avalanche. The major advantage of Avalanche is its adaptability to tailor-made application-specific blockchains by anyone.

The unique consensus system of Avalanche combines all the benefits of Nakamoto consensus and  Classical consensus without any disadvantages.

All investors have their eyes on it and so far its token value is increasing, and there are great expectations of growth in coming times.

Its main competition is Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Cardano.