Avalanche Price Prediction : AVAX Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Are you one of those who feel heavy with Ethereum’s network transaction times, low throughput, and high fees? Do you already know about Avalanche? This will be interesting information for finding new opportunities that can be a bright path to your profit.

Avalanche (AVAX) is a new layer one solution with a promising smart contract platform that is ready to compete with other layer 1 platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and Cardano.

In this article, we will discuss the origin of Avalanche, what you should know about Avalanche, to Avalanche price prediction. Let’s get started.

Avalanche Price Prediction
Avalanche Price Prediction Avax Coin Price Forecast

What Is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a smart contract platform that builds custom blockchain networks and becomes a hub for decentralized applications (suitable for anyone focused on DeFi).

The Avalanche aims to allow anyone to trade or launch any form of assets using smart contracts to control them in a decentralized manner.


Who Created Avalanche?

Avalanche was created by Ava Labs led by Emin Gün Sirer, and the project started entering the mainnet in September 2020. Since launching, many have made Avalanche price prediction because this platform is promising, and many people are interested in each project.


Avalanche (AVAX) Historical Price Analysis

It’s been a year since Avalanche entered the mainnet, and in the first few months after launching in September 2020, Avalanche has experienced rapid expansion.

If we look at AVAX’s historical price 2021, Avalanche has an increase of up to 1,265.78%, with the highest increase in January with a change of 324.40% and in August with 192.81%.

From these rapid changes, it is possible if Avalanche has a rapid expansion, and Avalanche crypto price prediction can analyze Avalanche price increases at any time.


AVAX Market Cap

Based on Yahoo Finance, the Avalanche market cap is at 7.858B with Circulating Supply 175.18M and Volume 1,116,000,256. Trading volume for 24 hours reached 1.12B as of writing the article.


AVAX Circulating Supply And Total Supply

Circulating supply is at 24%, with 175,436,818 AVAX. The total supply from the beginning of Avalanche price until now is 388,940,757 AVAX. In contrast, the Max Supply for Avalanche is 720,000,000 AVAX.


Avalanche Price Today – Current Price

The current Avalanche price is $44.14 with a Market Dominance of 0.34% and is number 24 in the market rank.


Avalanche (AVAX) Future Price Forecast Prediction

Digital coins like Avalanche will be promising if they become a long-term investment. From the historical Avalanche price prediction, they are an A score and can be a promising investment for one year or several years ahead.

Let’s go to the AVAX price prediction based on short-term and long-term, so you can determine which is the best move for you to invest by choosing Avalanche.


Avalanche (AVAX) Short Term Prediction

To make a short-term prediction, you can do it with a gap of days or weeks. Let’s start with AVAX price prediction for the next 14 days. The price target for 14 days is $72,255 upside and $36,216 downside.

If you look at the current price, Avalanche in the next 14 days can get a short-term potential of up to 60% for 14 days ahead.


Avalanche (AVAX) Long Term Prediction

Looking at Avalanche price predictions on Reddit, many are enthusiastic about Avalanche’s definite rise and want to discuss Avalanche’s potential for long-term investment. Long-term prediction is made by predicting data with monthly or annual gaps.

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To convince us that investing in using Avalanche, we have to look at the Avalanche crypto price prediction per one year, or it could be two years to four years. Let’s get into it.


Avalanche Price Prediction 2022

Avalanche forecast to start from January 2022 will experience a heavy boost when viewed from the mass adoption of Avalanche crypto since early 2021. The expectation of AVAX price prediction 2022 is strong capitalization with a concrete value coin increase.

We will look at the table below to see the price prediction in 2022 per month.

Month Price prediction
January $112.88
February $115.06
March $154.44
April $161.00
May $189.44
June $154.44
July $150.66
August $132.46
September $150.16
October $123.71
November $132.44
December $128.10


Avalanche Price Prediction 2023

With Avalanche being fully compatible with Ethereum apps, assets, and tools and having high throughput, low fees, and faster speeds, Avalanche will see an increase in AVAX price prediction 2023.

If Avalanche continues to strive to create a fast and reliable network, then Avalanche could experience an increase up to $52 per coin in mid-2023 from today’s price, although it will appear to be declining when compared to predictions for 2022. Let’s look at the table below.

Month Price prediction
January $88.80
February $95.32
March $66.99
April $70.32
May $80.25
June $85.42
July $64.78
August $92.20
September $110.60
October $112.90
November $108.20
December $119.40
Avalanche Price Prediction
Avalanche Price Prediction $Avax Forecast


Avalanche Price Prediction 2025

Let’s get the prediction into four years further. This will be a long forecast, but this will assess whether Avalanche can still stay at high prices and experience big profits if we start investing this year. Let’s take a look at the AVAX price prediction 2025 with monthly forecasts in the table below.

Month Price prediction
January $119.88
February $100.30
March $116.86
April $135.30
May $152.25
June $140.63
July $132.92
August $190.75
September $216.70
October $251.33
November $222.15
December $201.42

If you look at today’s Avalanche price, you can estimate the price increase per coin up to 500% in late 2025. Then what about the next nine years? Will the coin increase continue, or will it decrease?


Avalanche Price Prediction 2030

After 2025, maybe we will see a gradual increase or decrease in the price of AVAX. Although it will not be the most valuable cryptocurrency on the global assets exchange, smart traders will wait and assess Avalanche to perform until 2030 later.

Let’s take a look at AVAX price prediction 2030 in minimum price in the table below.

Month Price prediction
January $966.20
February $1,038.30
March $1,070.42
April $1,093.62
May $1,126.66
June $1,151.34
July $1,185.71
August $1,200.22
September $1,232.12
October $1,232.12
November $1,321.00
December $1,325.11


Is Avalanche A Good Investment?

Avalanche is undoubtedly an investment with great potential, very suitable for long-term investment starting from one year to the next nine years. AVAX Avalanche price prediction will continue to rise in line with their aim for low transaction fees with faster transaction speeds.

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While you can’t predict that Avalanche will be the highest-priced cryptocurrency, they have high potential in line with the platform’s functionality.


Is Avalanche Safe To Buy?

If you want to be safe in buying AVAX, you must know a safe wallet for AVAX exchange. You need to open an account on a platform that supports AVAX, then deposit funds into your account.

Pay with credit, debit card, or your deposit cryptocurrency to exchange to AVAX. Make sure after you buy an AVAX, you can see the balance in your wallet.

If you’ve seen Reddit Avalanche price prediction and many people are involved in the discussion, then you know that AVAX is safe to buy. You can also request a reference for a safe wallet that Redditors use to exchange Avalanche.


How To Buy Avalanche? Step By Step Guide

Before you buy Avalanche, you need to look at Avalanche price prediction to convince you to invest in this crypto. After you choose a wallet like Coinbase, you need to follow it step by step according to the platform you are using.

First, you must register by entering your email and pressing the “Get Started” button, then follow the steps until the verification stage.

After that, you can enter the payment method before you fill in any coins. You can either choose a debit or credit card or use a bank transfer. After everything is set, you can start buying coins according to what you need.

Have the steps been completed? not yet. You need to change from crypto to Altcoin exchange because AVAX is an Altcoin. You can use Binance as an exchange to get AVAX. Register for Binance with the same steps as on Coinbase, then follow through to the verification stage.

After that, you need to deposit BTC to Binance from Coinbase by copying the BTC address on Binance. Then go to Coinbase, go to the send BTC step and enter the BTC address. After you send it, look at your Binance wallet and check whether it is entered according to the number you sent.

Once there is BTC ready on Binance, you can trade to AVAX by logging in to exchange pairs by selecting BTC to AVAX. After looking at the comparison table between BTC and AVAX, find the Buy button, and you are ready to buy AVAX.


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Avalanche

While learning about Avalanche crypto price prediction, you also need to find the best crypto exchange so that you can take easy steps to get AVAX.

I prefer to do Coinbase for you as a beginner in crypto, then use Binance with the lowest fees and cheapest option or FTX. Other well-known exchange names such as Okex, Kucoin, Huobi, Bitfinex that you can try if you are already an intermediate trader.


How High Will Avalanche Go?

If we look at the Avalanche price prediction, Avalanche could rise up to 500% or more in the next few years. This can be seen from the hype of customers about the Avalanche and the progress of the network, which continues to strive to achieve high throughput and faster speed.

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Will Avalanche Go Up Tomorrow?

Probably, because if we look at the daily development of Avalanche, there will be ups and downs. But if we look at September 2, 2021, Avalanche has decreased. There is a possibility that there will be an increase on September 3, 2021, to $47.134.

You can make short-term predictions up to the next seven days because if you make an Avalanche price prediction per day, you can have difficulty in making investment decisions.


Will Avalanche Reach $1000?

If you look at the predictions for the next nine years, Avalanche could reach $ 1000 if the interest of investors also continues and many people support AVAX’s progress in cryptocurrency.

AVAX also has high potential because it has become the world’s 48th largest digital coin and could further increase its ranking for the next few years.


Is Avalanche Better Than Bitcoin?

The answer can be yes, or no, depending on what aspect you see. The Return of Investment shows that Avalanche has upside potential than Bitcoin and can be a better investment than Bitcoin.

In terms of utility, Avalanche also has more utility than Bitcoin as a smart contract platform. Bitcoin is more directed to digital assets for exchange and store value, while Avalanche is used to pay for transaction fees by all dApps supported on the Avalanche network.

When viewed from community acceptance and network effect, Bitcoin is more superior because Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and has received global acceptance than Avalanche.

Bitcoin is also the largest market cap of the entire global cryptocurrency, making Bitcoin a more trusted crypto than Avalanche.


Final Verdict – Avalanche Price Prediction AVAX Coin

Avalanche is a useful smart contact platform for anyone focused on DeFi and has high potential since it appeared on the mainnet.

Avalanche Price Prediction
Avalanche Price Prediction Avax Coin Price Forecast

We can see hard expansions from their start in September 2020, starting from $4 price to $44 during a year in cryptocurrency. This makes people want to see the AVAX price prediction to ensure their move to invest by choosing Avalanche.

If you look at the forecast for the next few years, AVAX could still rise to more than $100 and could even reach $1000 for the next nine years.

Although this is still a prediction, seeing many people using this platform because of its utility makes Avalanche more stable and can increase the price per coin.

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