Atomic Wallet Review – Pros And Cons, Fees, Best Security

Atomic Wallet is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. It offers safe, reliable, and transparent management of crypto-assets to its users. In the digital crypto ecosystem, the Atomic Wallet provides the best functionality with certain advantages to its users.

This article is designed that will help you to understand all about Atomic Wallet, how it works, atomic wallet review, and more. Let’s proceed.

What Is an Atomic Wallet?

The latest atomic wallet is an all-in-one cryptocurrency solution. It is a third-party wallet for certain functionality. The features include decentralization, atomic swaps, anonymity, security, and more.

Furthermore, the wallet is a downloadable application, which is compatible with a host of operating systems. Also, the platform offers an atomic wallet promo code for rewards via Airdrop Campaign.


Who Created Atomic Wallet?

Konstantin Gladych is the creator of the Atomic Wallet. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Changelly, which is a leading cryptocurrency exchange.


Atomic Wallet Investors

Investors of the atomic wallet are not available in the public domain.


Atomic Wallet CrunchBase

According to the CrunchBase data, the following data of atomic wallet is below:

Founded Year: October 2017

Company Type: Profit

Headquarter Regions: European Union(EU)

Industry Type: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech


Where Is Atomic Wallet Located?

The location of the Atomic Wallet is in Tallinn, EE.


Is Atomic Wallet A Cold Wallet?

Yes, an atomic wallet is a cold wallet. It means that all the data and passwords get stored on the user’s device. As it is not on any server and, so there are no custody risks nor any possibility of losing funds through centralized services.

Furthermore, the risk in Atomic Wallets occurs if you send it to another person. Also, if you lose your backup phrase.


Is Atomic Wallet Safe? How Secure Is Atomic Wallet?

Yes, Atomic Wallet is safe and secure for its users. However, the users need to take precautions from their end too. Atomic Wallet is an open-source that reduces the risk of bugs. Also, it reduces hidden vulnerabilities that pop into the programming and critical data encrypted and stored on your device.

Furthermore, the risks could be tackled effectively by connecting Atomic Wallet with a hardware wallet. Moreover, it creates a shield layer of security. For example, a  button that requires to be pressed manually. It prevents people from stealing funds remotely.

Moreover, the pairing of Atomic Wallet and supported hardware offers features that add security and build confidence.

Additionally, it is mandatory to keep a backup phrase. It is a combination of words provided at the time of the creation of your wallet. Further, this phrase acts as a secondary password. Moreover, it allows and maintains access to the funds held in your Atomic Wallet. Users need to keep it safe and private to protect their accounts.

Also, it’s better to write down phrases in a physical form and store them in a safe place. It helps to restore the account if any technical glitch occurs.


Pros And Cons Of Atomic Wallet

Following mentioned points are the pros and cons of Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet Benefits

  • It is simple, powerful, and user-friendly that offers convenience to its users. 
  • Offers P2P order execution in Atomic swap.
  • Atomic Wallet also allows users to buy crypto via credit card. It is legally executed through a licensed EU card processing service.
  • The Atomic swap allows cross-chain swapping. It is done between BTC-QTUM-LTC pairs. 
  • Offers Atomic Wallet promo code for rewards. It is implemented through the Airdrop Campaign.
  • Atomic Wallet supports more than 500 ranges of coins and tokens.
  • It supports the additional decentralized trading currency.
  • It also supports decentralized atomic swaps exchange. 
  • Only the user can store vital data. 
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Atomic Wallet Risks

  • Users solely hold the responsibility of their wallet’s security.
  • The Hardware Wallet is still under construction.
  • It requires precautionary and critical steps to maintain your password and backup phrase safe & secure. 


Does Atomic Wallet Require KYC

No. According to the atomic wallet review, KYC is not required. Users do not have to engage with platforms that need KYC checks. Therefore, it preserves their anonymity on online crypto platforms.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized atomic exchange that allows its users to work with cross-chain exchanges while avoiding third-party risks. This wallet offers strong encryption and free-custody solutions. Also, it means that the user’s private keys are encrypted and provides security & stability.


How Do You Use An Atomic Wallet?

When you will download the Atomic Wallet. Then users can download the software by clicking the Download button. Furthermore, when the user opens the application, it provides two options to choose from. The first is to create a new wallet, and the second is to restore from backup.

Moreover, if you are a new user then choose the first option. Then it will prompt you to insert your password. Furthermore, once you set the password then it will provide the user a 12-word phrase code. This code needs to be stored safely. Then the wallet is set up successfully.

Besides, after successful login into the Atomic Wallet, the user gets directed to the landing page. It contains certain features, which the platform supports. It includes a wallet, exchange, buying crypto, and atomic wallet promo code, and more.


Is Atomic Wallet Anonymous?

Yes, atomic wallets offer an anonymous exchange. It also offers a safe, secure, and reliable platform to atomic wallet users.


How Do You Create A New Wallet In Atomic Wallet?

Let’s proceed to learn how to create a new Wallet in Atomic Wallet:

Step1: Open the Atomic Wallet application on your device. 

Step2: Then, click on the Create Wallet tab.

Step3: Set up a strong password for your account. It’s recommended to use a password manager to keep it secure. Also, make sure to create a unique password if you are creating it on your own. Then click ‘Set Password’. Allow the wallet load.

Step4: Then, you will view your 12-word backup phrase. It is an important step to secure your assets. It’s recommended to write down the phrase and click Open Wallet. 

Step 5: Furthermore step is to enable the Atomic Wallet. It is an anonymous process. However, if you want you can skip this step. Later, click ‘Start using Atomic’.

You are now ready to use your wallet. Also, you could take advantage of the atomic wallet promo code through the AirDrop Campaign.

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Can You Buy Crypto On Atomic Wallet?

Follow these steps to buy crypto on Atomic Wallet:

Step 1: Install Atomic Wallet from the app store or browser

Atomic Wallet is a secure and free platform. Moreover, it offers to manage Bitcoin, XRP, ATOM, Ethereum, and more.

Step 2: Verify

The next step is verification. It is important to protect users from any identity theft or online fraud. Also, the Photo ID is proof that will confirm your identity.

Step 3: Get Bitcoin

You need to start with USD 50 up to USD 20,000 daily. Then you will receive crypto on your wallet. Moreover, debit/credit cards are accepted.


How Do I Withdraw Money From Atomic Wallet?

Unfortunately, the user cannot directly withdraw from the Atomic Wallet. Furthermore, the platform does not support converting to fiat. However, other services such as sending, receiving, buying cryptocurrency, and storing are easily available.


How Do I transfer Coinbase to Atomic Wallet?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer Coinbase to Atomic Wallet:

  1. Open the Coinbase Wallet app.
  2. Click on the settings at the bottom.
  3. Then, click on Transfer.
  4. Choose the supported coin.
  5. Input the transfer amount. Tap Continue.

You would be able to transfer CoinBase to Atomic Wallet.


How Do I Connect My Uniswap To Atomic Wallet?

To connect Uniswap to the Atomic Wallet, the user needs to open the Atomic Wallet. Then click on the Settings button, which is in the upper right-hand corner. Further, choose ‘Wallet Connect’ and a QR code scanner will show up.

Here are the further steps to follow if you want to process the trade on Uniswap:

  1. After the user opens the QR scanner. Visit the official Uniswap DEX (Decentralized-Exchange). Then, connect your wallet.
  2. A QR code will show up. Now the user needs to scan that code with Atomic Wallet QR scanner. Moreover, with this step, the user will successfully connect the atomic wallet mobile to the Uniswap exchange. 
  3. Now click on the top right corner tab ‘Connect to a Wallet’. Select WalletConnect as the option. 
  4. You need to confirm the transaction. Also, the Atomic Wallet will provide you all the details of the token swap, including the transaction hash. 
  5. The later step is to wait for confirmation of the transaction for your new digital assets to appear in the wallet. 


How Do I Update My Atomic Wallet?

Follow the below mentioned steps to update your Atomic Wallet:

Step 1: Open your Wallet. If the version which you are using is not updated then you will get the message ‘New version of Atomic Wallet Download is available. Then, you have to Click on Download. 

Step 2: Once you click download, the loading will automatically start. 

Step 3: The system would ask to restart. Click on ‘Restart’.

Step 4: Then, enter your password, and you will be able to access your wallet.


What Is Staking In Atomic Wallet?

Staking is a process that locks atomic wallet coins or tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet. As a result, it generates a reward. Moreover, staking does not require the user to be a technical expert. It is implemented directly from a cryptocurrency wallet.

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Furthermore, the Atomic Wallet staking allows its users to stake cryptos without any staking atomic wallet fees. Participants in the staking get rewards directly from the validators. Moreover, the users could review their approximate gain from staking certain crypto coin.


Atomic Wallet Vs Exodus

Below is the comparison table. Let’s check

Atomic Wallet Exodus
Available in desktop & mobile versions that provide convenience.  Available only for the desktop version.
It is a decentralized wallet. The user will get a private key for every coin they store.  Supports very limited coins. 
It is an open-source wallet. It means that no one could induce any malicious code into it. Therefore, it offers trust, security, and transparency.  Exodus is not an open-source wallet. It means developers could induce malicious code into the wallet. As a result, it poses a huge risk to the assets stored. 


Atomic Wallet Vs CoinBase Wallet

Below is the comparison table. Let’s check

Atomic Wallet CoinBase Wallet
Available for all platforms. It includes Windows, Mac, Saas, iPad, iPhone, Android. Supports a few platforms. It includes Android, iPad, and iPhone. 
Offers custody-free decentralized swap exchange with the multi-currency wallet. Offers traders to store all kinds of digital assets with a crypto wallet. 
Provides 24/7 and online support Does not provide 24/7 support. 


Atomic Wallet Alternatives

The following crypto wallets are the Atomic Wallet Alternatives


Takeaway – Atomic Wallet Review

The Atomic Wallet has managed to create its way in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Moreover, the technical team of the Atomic Wallet is working on the development of a Hardware wallet that would be added for Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor, and more.

Also, the Atomic Wallet review suggests that the platform has released a mobile version and browser extension. It will significantly work and improve the user experience on the Atomic Wallet platform. Also, the users could enjoy the atomic wallet promo codes and coupons through the Token AirDrop campaign.

Furthermore, with updated ability to withdraw fiat and trading desks, the atomic wallet would be a leading platform for the crypto exchanges. The future of Atomic Wallet would unleash new innovative services in the cryptocurrency exchange market. 

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