Livepeer Review : 7 Clear Steps To Stake LPT And Earn Rewards

Livepeer is built as an ERC-20 token upon the Ethereum blockchain and it specializes in providing a platform for decentralized video streaming services.

Let’s take a detailed look at Livepeer LPT in this Livepeer review to unlock maximum insights about the on-demand video decentralized platform that’s competing with Theta.

What is Livepeer?

Livepeer has revolutionized the traditional blockchain and cryptocurrency models by providing businesses and individuals with an opportunity to add live or on-demand videos onto a decentralized platform. The native token of the Livepeer network is the Livepeer token or LPT which is used for staking and making payments on the Livepeer network.

Livepeer Review Lpt Token Staking
Livepeer Review – Lpt Token Staking


Who Created Livepeer?

The Livepeer network and the Livepeer crypto was created by Doug Petkanics.


When Was Livepeer Crypto Created?

The Livepeer crypto was launched in March 2017.


Livepeer Investors

Livepeer has a total of eleven investors funding and driving the project and the lead investor is Northzone.


Is Livepeer Decentralized?

Livepeer is a decentralized network and everyone who is connected to the network basically owns and runs the network.


Is Livepeer an ERC-20 Token?

Yes, the Livepeer crypto is an ERC-20 token that is available on a variety of blockchains including Ethereum.


What Makes Livepeer Crypto Unique?

The Livepeer crypto and the Livepeer blockchain is the first of its kind that aims to revolutionize the broadcasting industry by allowing users to upload and record live or pre-recorded videos using concepts of the blockchain technology.

Livepeer has opened the doors of the blockchain industry to alternative uses and industries besides serving the investment and trading industry alone.

The Livepeer reviews also prides itself on being the world’s first open video infrastructure. They also make a tumultuous change in the video broadcasting industry by substantially reducing the costs of video uploading and sharing. This makes it easier for local businesses and individuals to share video content to a wider audience at minimal cost.


Is Livepeer Crypto A Good Investment?

Yes, the Livepeer crypto is definitely a good investment as shown by its visibly rising prices. Initially the Livepeer crypto was not offered in many exchanges but lately it has gained more coverage as it was listed on Binance. And what’s more, it is also an ERC-20 compliant token which makes it a safe, stable and well-recognized crypto.

The Livepeer crypto is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice of a cryptocurrency and due to the increasing concern and pressure to be eco-friendly it is highly likely that the Livepeer crypto will have a promising future.


 What Is LPT Token?

The LPT token is the native token of the Livepeer network. It is also an ERC-20 compliant token. Since the Livepeer network is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, the LPT token is also available on Ethereum as well as other blockchains.


How Many Livepeer Coins Are There?

Livepeer crypto has a maximum supply of 22,906,951 LPT tokens and a total supply of 22,859,012 LPT tokens. The circulating supply of the Livepeer crypto currently stands at 21,164,655 LPT.

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How Do I Get Livepeer Token?

The Livepeer token is available on many exchanges. The most popular exchanges for trading in the Livepeer crypto are Binance, ZBG, Hotcoin Global, Kraken, MXC and OKEx.


Is Livepeer On Binance?

Yes, Livepeer crypto was recently introduced on Binance.


Is Livepeer On Coinbase?

Yes, Livepeer crypto started trading recently on Coinbase Pro.


Can I stake Livepeer?

Yes, of course you can stake as many Livepeer tokens as you desire and earn rewards. Are you unsure of how to stake Livepeer tokens? Do not fret, we have got you covered. All you need to do is to follow the quick and easy steps below in order to be able to start staking on the Livepeer network. Check out the steps to staking Livepeer in the section below.


Livepeer Crypto Staking Rewards

By Delegating Livepeer cryptos you can stand a chance to earn a reward of around 21.17%. On the other hand, by running a transcoder node you can earn a reward of 23.52%. According to Livepeer crypto news the rate of annual earnings stands at $212. Hope you stake and earn huge amount of crypto staking rewards after reading our Livepeer review.


How Do I Stake My LPT?

Follow the quick and easy steps below in order to be able to start staking on the Livepeer network.

Step 1- Navigate to the site explorer. Livepeer and click on Orchestrators.

Step 2- Filter out the orchestrators by performance and select the best performing orchestrators.

Step 3- Pick the orchestrator you would like to stake to.

Step 4- Select the option “Connect Wallet”

Step 5- After connecting to your wallet, select the amount of LPT you wish to stake and click on the option “Unlock Livepeer tokens for staking”.

Step 6- Approve the transaction in your wallet

Step 7- Close the pop-up window, hit “Stake” and confirm in your wallet.

Step 8- Once the transaction is confirmed, now you are ready to start staking on Livepeer.

Livepeer Review Lpt Token Staking
Livepeer Review – Lpt Token Staking


How Do You Make Money with Livepeer?

Livepeer crypto is definitely a great way to make more money and triple your incomes in an instant. Livepeer crypto news has it that you can earn around 24% per year by Livepeer staking alone which is quite a great return. If the network wide stake is at a lower rate, the yield increases daily which can even go up to the rate of an annualized yield of 50% for stakeholders.

Besides Livepeer staking, you can also earn more Livepeer crypto by transcoding video content for video broadcasters. Here the transcoders will receive a reward in the form of newly minted LPT crypto and transaction fees for the transcoding services.

Apart from these usual ways, you can also make money with Livepeer merely by holding and selling off your Livepeer tokens when the price is right. Livepeer price predictions present an optimistic view of the future which makes it a great choice of an investment asset as well.


Why Is Livepeer Going Up?

Livepeer prices have been rising gradually over time since its inception until it reached 2021. In early 2021 around late February, the prices of Livepeer started to sky-rocket and those with LPT coins made a fortune from this sudden price increase. One major reason for the LPT price hike was due to the launch of the new LPT trusts launched by Grayscale. Presently, the LPT trust has $1.7m in assets under management, per Grayscale.

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Further in 2021, the Livepeer network saw an increase in the number of transcoders which in turn pushed the fees for the transcoders and prompted more people to actively get involved. The increased demand and popularity have been the main reason for the price of Livepeer to go up. Livepeer recorded an all-time high price of $45.22 in May 2021 and continues to rise ever since.

Livepeer crypto news on Reddit and other sources forecast that this rising trend will continue into the future.


Livepeer Price Prediction

Livepeer prices have significantly increased in the first two quarters of 2021 with the all-time high price being recorded in May 2021 at $45.22. Experts and analysts predict that this trend is most likely to continue into the future.

According to Wallet Investor reports, Livepeer crypto price will grow from $27.13 to $63.791 in one year. By 206, it is expected to reach a staggering $208.631.

Long term Livepeer crypto forecasts by Digital coin price expects that by the next five years LPT will rise up to $89.581. It is forecasted to hit the mark at $45.55 in 2022 and continue this increasing trend into the future. Looking at the price predictions for LPT published by Digital coin price, the Livepeer token seems to be a very profitable and lucrative investment.


Is Livepeer Crypto Legit?

Yes, the Livepeer crypto is a legit crypto that is widely accepted and used in the crypto market. It is also safe and secure with no known security breaches or incidents being reported to date.


How Do I Connect Coinbase Wallet to Livepeer?

Livepeer is not available for purchase or trade directly on the Coinbase network but nonetheless, you can use your Coinbase wallet for Livepeer transactions by connecting to the network. Are you interested to learn how to connect your Coinbase wallet to Livepeer? Well then, all you have got to do is to follow the simple and easy steps spelled out below and stay connected to Livepeer via your Coinbase wallet.

Step 1- Ensure your Livepeer tokens as well as a small amount of ETH are available in your Coinbase wallet.

Step 2- Click on the option “Connect wallet”

Step 3- Select your wallet location

Step 4- Now your wallet is connected, and you can start Livepeer staking


Livepeer Crypto Alternatives

Despite Livepeer being a pioneer in entering the blockchain industry with the view of revolutionizing video broadcasting, it has had to deal with a good deal of competitors along the way.

A few alternatives of the Livepeer crypto are EXMO, Input Output, Crypterium and Ontology. These are all blockchain networks that provide almost the same services as provided by the Livepeer network.

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As far as the Livepeer crypto is concerned there are a variety of cryptocurrencies flooding the market. To name a few, we’ve got the market leader and by far, the oldest crypto, the Bitcoin followed by the Dogecoin, Litecoins, Ethereum, Cardano, XRP and Solana.

In our Livepeer review, these are numerous other cryptocurrencies available in the digital currency market and I have named only a few of the most popular and top-ranked cryptocurrencies that effectively serve as Livepeer crypto alternatives.


Livepeer Vs Theta

In our Livepeer review, just like Livepeer, Theta is also a blockchain with similar functionalities. Refer the table below for a summary of the key similarities and differences between the Livepeer and Theta blockchains.

Livepeer Theta
Focuses mainly on live streaming of content Offers both live streaming and content storage facilities
Offers transcoding services Offers transcoding services
The front end of Livepeer is managed and accessed by a third party DApp using API The front end of Theta is managed and easily accessible by a mobile, VR and the web
Livepeer is currently an open source protocol Theta is not currently an open source protocol
The native token of Livepeer is LPT The native token of Theta is THETA
Founded in March 2017 Founded in March 2019
Not supported on Coinbase Not supported on Coinbase
Does not allow for advertising and related payment Allows advertising and related payment


Livepeer Crypto Social Media Handles

Livepeer constantly updates its fans and users via various social media handles. Once you read our Livepeer review, You can use the following social media handles to stay connected with the Livepeer community.

Twitter – @Livepeer.Org

Facebook – livepeer

Instagram – livepeer.Tv

Livepeer Review Lpt Token Staking
Livepeer Review – Lpt Token Staking


Takeaway – Livepeer Review

  • Livepeer was founded in March 2017.
  • Livepeer is funded by 11 investors.
  • The Livepeer network was created by Doug Petkanics.
  • The current price of the LPT is $24. 82.
  • Forecasts and crypto news predict that the Livepeer price will rise in the future.
  • Livepeer promotes live streaming of video content.
  • Livepeer token is an ERC-20 compliant token.
  • LPT reached an all-time high price of $45.22 in May 2021.


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