Kusama Price Prediction : 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 KSM Price

Kusama was launched in 2019 and it was a branch network of the Polkadot blockchain. Kusama introduced its native token the KSM sooner afterwards.

We will be taking a detailed look at Kusama price prediction in this article and its wild shoot up in price since KSM genesis.

Kusama is an ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency that currently trades on the Kusama exchange as well as other exchanges.

It is the testnet for Polkadot ecosystem and has risen in KSM price heavily since its launch.

Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price
Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040


Who Created Kusama?

The brainchild behind Kusama is Gavin Wood. He was also the founder of Polkadot and the former CTO of Ethereum.


Kusama (KSM) Historical Price Analysis

The historical price analysis of KSM is quintessential in order to come up with a reasonably fair and accurate Kusama crypto price prediction. After all, understanding the historical trends is a key factor to understanding and creating an expectation of the future trends of the KSM price prediction.

Currently the KSM price stands at $465.10. The current level of market capitalization is at $3,938,043,659. It is currently listed on over 30 exchanges and has a trade volume of $563.82 million.

Historical price analysis of the KSM crypto is essential for all investors in order to make a seemingly reasonable KSM crypto price prediction for the future.


KSM Market Cap

The KSM prices have steadily risen overtime. According to the KSM price prediction, the price of the coin will fluctuate depending on the market as well as government policies. KSM recorded an all-time high price of $ 623.75 around May 2021 and it’s all-time low price stands at $0.9143 around January 2020.


KSM Circulating Supply and Total Supply

The total supply of KSM coins stands at 9,651, 217 KSM and the circulating supply at the time of this writing is 8,470,098 KSM.


Kusama Price Today – Current Price

The current price of KSM is $376.36.


Kusama (KSM) Future Price Forecast Prediction

Let us have a look at some of the prediction figures outlines of potential high as well as low Kusama (KSM) price predictions forecasts in 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030 among other years as presented by different analysts and industry experts.


Kusama (KSM) Short Term Prediction

Many investors are wondering what the crypto experts are forecasting regarding the Kusama crypto price in 2021. Now that we have already reached mid-2021, it would be interesting for investors to speculate how the prices for the KSM would be for the remainder of the year.

As far as the price prediction of KSM is concerned, Wallet Investor forecasts predict the price of KSM is expected to rise steadily during the year 2021 and at the year end it is expected to average at $901.060. Refer the table below for the KSM price prediction forecasts for the average prices at month end for the rest of 2021. It reflects a steadily rising trend which makes investment in KSM worthwhile.

Month Expected Average Price
July 2021 $553.576
August 2021 $625.215
September 2021 $694.251
October 2021 $760.101
November 2021 $832.208
December 2021 $901.060
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Kusama (KSM) Long Term Prediction

Investors are interested to learn about the long-term price predictions of the KSM crypto in order to maximize their gains in the future. Different analysts and forecasts predict the future price predicts of KSM to move in different directions at varied paces but nonetheless even in the long term, the KSM crypto does have a lot to offer since it shows great growth potential.

 However, bear in mind that every rise comes with a risk of a fall as well. So, make the right decisions and invest wisely. Let us explore the long-term price prediction of the Kusama crypto in the years to come.


Kusama Price Prediction 2022

According to the Wallet Investor price predictions for the KSM crypto in 2022, The forecasts indicate a rising trend where the price of KSM is expected to steadily rise over the months.

At the start of the year 2022, the average price of a KSM is expected to be around $903.871 and by the end of the year 2022 it is expected to be at $1731.840. T

hat would account to around a growth rate of 78.2% within the year 2022. Once again, investing in the Kusama crypto seems to be worthwhile given its highly lucrative growth rate and reward potential.


Kusama Price Prediction 2023

The KSM price prediction for 2023 is also quite positive as it shows a rise in value over the years. At the start of the year 2023 the expected average price of the KSM stands at $1731.370.

While at the end of the first month it is expected to hit $1936.020. By the end of the year 2023 the KSM price prediction according to the Wallet Investor reports predicts an average price of $2559.340.

The highest and lowest prices at the end of 2023 are expected to vary between $3079.330 and $2004.100 respectively.


Kusama Price Prediction 2025

The Kusama crypto price prediction for the year 2025 also seems to be very positive given the expected trend of KSM gradually increasing in value overtime.

According to the Wallet Investor reports, the price of KSM is expected to vary between $2493.46 and $4263.150 by the beginning of the year 2025.

At the end of the year 2025, KSM prices are expected to hit the bar at an average price of $4226.920. The Digital coin price forecasts also predict that by December 2025 the price of KSM would be around $1495.48.


Kusama Price Prediction 2030

By December 2030, the KSM crypto is predicted to have reached its peak whereby by the end of December 2030 the price of KSM is expected to be around $14,690.36 according to the cryptocurrency price predictions report.

This evidently proves that the Kusama is indeed one of those cryptos that will assure you of abundant gains in the long term and is an ideal crypto for holding and trading purposes in the long term.

Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price
Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price


Is Kusama a Good Investment?

Of course, the Kusama is a good investment that will undoubtedly bring you rewards. The price predictions of the KSM expects it to move favorably both in the long term and short term which makes it a great investment for investors with different objectives. Invest in Kusama today and stand to reap the rewards in future.

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Is Kusama Safe to Buy?

Yes, the Kusama is a verified and legitimate cryptocurrency. It can be purchased from many crypto exchanges or exchanged for a different type of crypto. To date, there has been no security or safety breaches reported about the KSM crypto hence it is a very safe and secure crypto to invest in.


How to Buy Kusama? Step by Step Guide

Generally, Kusama cannot be purchased directly using cash and it is purchased using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies via a crypto exchange. Follow these steps and you will be able to easily purchase KSM.

Step 1- Register on an authorized crypto exchange such as Coinbase

Step 2- Complete the KYC verification process and buy coins in return for Fiat money. You may not be able to directly buy KSM, but you can buy other popular cryptos such as BTC and ETH.

Step 3- Transfer your coins to an Altcoin exchange of your choice. Binance is our top most recommendation.

Step 4- Deposit your coins to the Altcoin exchange. You can use your wallet address to transfer some BTC or other accepted cryptos to the Altcoin exchange.

Step 5- Now you can use this deposit to trade using KSM.


If you are from the US, you can buy Kusama KSM against USD directly from Kraken but you need to do Wire transfer instead of ACH until the Kraken Crypto Bank becomes live.


Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy Kusama

Kusama is available on many popular exchanges. Listed below are the most commonly used exchanges that deal with the KSM crypto:

  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • OKEx
  • Huobi Global
  • MXC
  • BitMart
  • Bitfinex
  • Crypto.com


How High Will Kusama Go?

The KSM reached an all-time high price of $614.64 in May 2021 and analysts predict that the KSM will continue to rise in value overtime. Different reports have different views on the maximum price that the KSM will reach. Wallet Investor predicts that by the next 10 years KSM will easily hit the target of $15,000. After all, it has grown from merely $464 to $1265 in one year so hitting the peak in 10 years’ time is not a mean feat.

However, it is important to note that the market may change depending on the conditions at the time which may cause a rift in the current trends.


Will Kusama Go Up Tomorrow?

The current trends indicate that the price of KSM is rising by the day therefore, it is quite obvious that the price of Kusama is predicted to rise tomorrow. It is quite normal for the KSM price predictions to denote an increase in price between 1%-5% on a daily basis.


Will Kusama Reach $1,000?

Yes, the forecasts indicate that the price of KSM will easily nail the mark at $1,000. In fact, the current KSM price predictions show that by the end of 2022 KSM would surpass the mark of $1,000 very easily as per the Wallet Investor reports.

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Is Kusama Better Than Bitcoin?

This is a very subjective question but nonetheless analyzing the facts will help you to draw a reasonable conclusion. Bitcoin being the pioneer of the cryptos has a distinct competitive advantage as it is a trend setter and is very popular among investors. The Kusama on the other hand was introduced recently and is still in the early stages of rallying investors and traders. Since the KSM is a relatively new crypto, certain risk averse investors may deter from investing in it.

Further, Bitcoin is available on many exchanges and can be bought directly using fiat money. But the KSM cannot be bought directly and is not listed on all or many exchanges as the popular Bitcoin. This can make accessibility an issue to those keen on buying KSM.

However, as far as the reward and growth potential is concerned, the KSM has greater potential than the Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is already in a mature market the prices are not expected to rise significantly both in the short and long term. Whereas, the KSM is still in the initial stages and shows promising prospects of steady price increases that will benefit traders and investors.

Thus, the answer to whether KSM is better than BTC is heavily reliant upon your risk appetite and investment objectives.

Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price
Kusama Price Prediction Ksm Token Price 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040


Final Verdict On Kusama Price Prediction KSM Token Price Forecast

  • Kusama was launched in 2019 and it was a branch network of the Polkadot blockchain.
  • The founder of KSM is Gavin Wood
  • The total supply of KSM coins stand at 9,651, 217 KSM
  • KSM recorded an all-time high price of $ 623.75 around May 2021 and its all-time low price stands at $0.9143 around January 2020.
  • KSM can be purchased directly using USD if you use Kraken
  • KSM is listed on over 28 exchanges
  • KSM is a legitimate cryptocurrency and Kusama price prediction predicts a strong growth in the current decade
  • There has been no safety or security concerns regarding the KSM crypto since its inception
  • KSM is expected to rise in value over time according to the KSM price predictions which makes it a great investment

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