Terra Price Prediction : LUNA Price 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030

As the use of digital money spreads worldwide, the prices of existing cryptocurrencies are continually subjected to changes, and amidst the price shifts in the market, new coins are launched into the scene as well. Consequently, every investor must stay alerted about price predictions. 

If you’re interested in the latest Terra price predictions, you have fortunately come to the right place — This crypto forecast focuses on the LUNA token; the native cryptocoin of the Terra ecosystem.


What Is Terra?

Terra is a unique decentralized blockchain protocol that offers multiple stablecoins, each pegged to a different fiat currency, as well as its very own native coin, LUNA. This token powers the network’s DPoS (delegated proof of stake) system to reinforce security and stability in the blockchain. The token is named Terra and symbolised as LUNA. Note that Terra LUNA coin is entirely different from and should not be confused with Terracoin (TRC), another cryptocurrency.


Who Created Terra?

The Terra crypto project was created by Terraform Labs, a Korean blockchain company founded by Daniel Shin (president and founder of a billionaire Korean e-commerce firm, TicketMonster). Terra currently has 3 team members along with the founder, including co-founder and CEO,Do Kwon, and Head of Research, Nicholas Platias.


Terra (LUNA) Historical Price Analysis

Before diving into the future Terra price predictions, the previous records of LUNA should be crucially considered by any interested investor. Launched almost two years ago in April 2019, the Terra coin LUNA has recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $583,124,984 today, and currently stands at a high price of $18.64.

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) price of one Terra LUNA coin was $0.8. Now, the token is traded on around 28 markets and 13 different cryptocurrency exchanges, most actively on the popular Binance Exchange. On March 22nd this year, Terra LUNA achieved an all time high (ATH) of $22.33, substantially higher compared to the all time low of $0.1199 experienced exactly a year ago (March 2020). 

Considering the history of the LUNA coin, the market has been favourable and the crypto continues to display improved performance as time goes on. It is essential to skim through these significant data before investing in any chosen cryptocurrency.


LUNA Market Cap

Terra LUNA enjoys a high rank of #15 in the market, and as of today, LUNA CoinMarketCap records a 12.01% increased market capitalization of $7,465,794,831.07. With such high readings, the fully diluted market cap (the predicted capitalization value if all tokens in the total supply were issued) is estimated to be over $17.9 billion.

Additionally, with the latest market price, the return on investment (ROI) is over 995%, according to the same reports.


LUNA Circulating Supply And Total Supply

As of today, LUNA consists of a total supply of 958,713,506 tokens, which is also believed to be the maximum supply. With a circulating supply of around 399,486,752 coins, Terra might as well be the next best stablecoin protocol as it gains recognition in the crypto market. 

Evident throughout this Terra price prediction review, you will see that this profitable token is prepared for a bright future. However, note that as Terra attracts the attention of an increasing number of investors, the LUNA token supply will inevitably but gradually become out of stock.


Terra Price Today – Current Price

The price of one Terra coin is currently around $18.6, fluctuating between a low of $16.06 and a recorded high of $18.83.

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Terra Price Prediction Luna Token Price
Terra Price Prediction Luna Coin Price 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Terra (LUNA) Future Price Forecast Prediction

Terra Price Prediction Overview

According to various crypto analysts, Terra is believed to experience a crucial moment as LUNA price predictions suggest a possible price surge. LUNA prices have shot up defying the previous warnings, more so because of the natural volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Reddit Terra price prediction discussions have gone live to expect both short-term as well as long-term LUNA price increases.

That said, summed below is the updated Terra price prediction for the ongoing year, as well as throughout the following years 2023 to 2025. The estimate for the far future in 2030 may help you gain some insight into the future of Terra LUNA.


Year Highest Price Lowest Price
2021 $5.46 $35.75
2023 $20.58 $36.52
2025 $33.46 $59.29
2030 $594.54 $298.76


Terra (LUNA) Short Term Prediction

Terra Price Prediction 2021

FIrst and foremost, what does the LUNA price prediction 2021 show? Judging from the direction Terra price is taking in the market, many analysts are eagerly expecting an exponential rise in Terra LUNA prices.

Regardless, since digital markets face volatility, several Terra crypto price predictions have forecasted varying results. The DigitalCoinPrice reports forecast an end value of $24.71, for the year 2021, while a different analyst Cryptocurrency Price Prediction estimates an end value of $45.50

Ever since its 2019 launch, up until today, Terra prices have been almost stable; but in the recent months, a spike was witnessed. Accordingly, Terra prices continue to rise steadily. Observe the analytic chart below.

As shown in the data recorded by Terra price prediction analysts, the cryptocoin didn’t see a surge until early 2021, and since then, prices have been excitedly climbing higher.

The following table summarizes the average estimated price throughout the remaining months of this year, adapted from DigitalCoinPrice’s LUNA price prediction reports.

Date Average Terra Price
March $25.32
April $24.61
May $24.75
June $28.36
July $31.36
August $29.53
September $30.88
October  $28.46
November  $28.3
December  $24.71


The above data is displayed in the following chart. As you can see, the optimistic side of Terra price predictions infer that the coin will perform well until the year ends, even surpassing $30 at some times, a value higher than Terra’s last ATH.


Terra (LUNA) Long Term Prediction

Forecasted on separate Luna price prediction documentations, it is clear that the upside momentum experienced by the cryptocoin is powerful, with many experts on the lookout for a spike in buying pressure.

This has the potential to affect the market performance of Terra, both short term and in the long run.


Terra Price Prediction 2023

While one source predicts that 2023 will bring LUNA to a high of $76.41, and a low starting value of $53.89 – more realistic forecasts estimate that the highest Terra coin price in 2023 will be around $46.96, and can reach a low of $32.47 in that same year.

Nevertheless, statistics for LUNA price prediction 2023 expect a rise in LUNA prices anyway.


Terra Price Prediction 2025

With an average price of up to $51.58, Terra price predictions in 2025 expect a high of $59.29. However, some reports claim that the coin will cost as high as $65.21. The predicted lowest price is around $33.46.

Looking at the approximations from another forecast, some extreme LUNA price prediction 2025 forecast, that Terra coin prices will have surpassed $200 by the year 2025 Terra coin prices will have surpassed $200. While this is indeed possible, it is best to be prepared for fluctuations in market prices that can be influenced by a number of other factors.

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Terra Price Prediction 2030

At this moment, there are insufficient data resources to provide a reliable Terra price prediction for the far year 2030, but optimistic forecasters like Cryptocurrency Price Predictions are hopeful to see Terra LUNA experience a high of $594.54, and a respective low of $298.76.

So although LUNA price prediction 2030 is currently unclear, the present increasing trend is expected to continue.

This is vulnerable to the volatility risks, however, so make sure you remember that if you have long term oriented plans to invest in Terra.


Is Terra A Good Investment?

Based on the Terra price prediction forecasts from numerous investment analysts, it can be concluded that Terra (LUNA) is a profitable investment.

 Additionally, the crypto community on Terra price prediction reddit actively await the expected LUNA price rise. Now might be an ideal time to purchase this coin, for it is predicted to climb higher in the next couple of years.


Is Terra Safe To Buy?

The decentralized and permissionless payment system that Terra makes possible has been proven to be secure and safe. By implementing innovative strategies to enforce stability throughout the network, Terra is trusted by a large community of crypto users.

Nonetheless, it is highly recommended that you conduct plenty of research before investing in any cryptocurrencies in general; eventually, the safety of your funds and transactions will be your responsibility.


How To Buy Terra? Step By Step Guide

If you’re determined to take part in this profitable investment, but don’t know how or where to get started, don’t fret! This simple guide will walk you through the steps to buy Terra LUNA. 

The most important part is that you must register with a digital brokerage and have a wallet. In this guide, Coinbase is used. This is because fiat/Terra trading pairs are not supported yet. So you must first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, then trade the cryptos with LUNA.

  1. Create an account on Coinbase. Once you get past the account verification, you can go through extra steps to secure your account.
  2. Purchase cryptocurrency using fiat money; you can buy Ether (ETH or Bitcoin (BTC).
  3. Additionally, invest in a good wallet so that your funds will be stored safely.
  4. As Terra is an altcoin, you must transfer your coins to an altcoin exchange such as Binance. 
  5. Using your cryptocoins, trade to get LUNA. You can now store this in your wallet or use it as you wish! 


Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Terra

A list of several digital exchanges now support the purchase of Terra tokens. Some of them are right below for your reference.

LUNA can be traded for fiat currencies or other cryptos and stablecoins.


How High Will Terra Go?

Due to the increase in demand for UST (Terra USD), the price of Terra LUNA is directly affected; and as a result, LUNA climbs higher in both the market charts and prices.

That said, LUNA Terra price prediction analysts are optimistic to watch the crypto skyrocket.


Will Terra Go Up Tomorrow?

Terra is forecasted to reach up to $15.64 tomorrow, according to DigitalCoinPrice. This implies an obvious reduction in price compared to today’s amount. However, some hopefuls are expecting a rise tomorrow.

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Will Terra Reach $1000?

Assuming that these Terra price prediction results are 100% not subjected to significant changes, Terra will continue to rise higher in price as time goes on. When the price of Terra follows this increasing pattern, it may as well reach, or even surpass $1000 given another 15 or so years. For those looking to hold onto digital assets, this may seem like a valuable investment.

Nevertheless, the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies must be taken into account. As a consequence, there is no guarantee that Terra LUNA will not have a price downfall without any warning, for example, when a major shift in the market takes place. It is essential to be mindful of the price analytics of Terra before considering investment.


Is Terra Better Than Bitcoin?

Conclusive from the above LUNA price prediction reports, it is noticeable that the crypto is doing well in the market. If you’re seeking to invest in profitable cryptocurrencies, you may want to find the coin most suited to your goals. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the world’s leading and most popular cryptocurrency, and by 2030, it is expected to reach a price of around $500k.

By comparing Terra price predictions of the next 10 years to that of Bitcoin, it is solely up to you to see which coin you prefer. While some analysts suggest holding onto growing cryptos like Terra LUNA, some may prefer the mainstream Bitcoin. It is necessary to bear in mind the volatile nature of both Terra LUNA and Bitcoin, as forecasted future predictions could still take a downturn.


Key Takeaways – Terra LUNA Price Prediction

  • LUNA has seen an explosive rally in the recent Terra crypto price predictions. As such, Terra is currently on a bullish track towards a high price, as it may even break its previous ATH records.
  • Terra is expected to gain higher rankings in the cryptocurrency markets as the innovative project continually improves.
  • By the end of 2021, Terra is expected to be in the $20s range. 
  • Gradually, LUNA price prediction shows that price will rise to more than $100 before 2030 arrives.
  • Overall, the cryptocurrency displays excellent market performance and is the perfect choice for those looking to invest in digital money today.
Terra Price Prediction Luna Token Price
Terra Price Prediction Luna Token Price

Hope you liked the quick information about Terra Luna project and Terra Luna Price Prediction. Now, here’s a video if you are interested to watch a video content.


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