What Is The Easiest Synchrony Card To Get? 3 Best Cards For Everyone

Are you worried about your retail financial problems? Or you have an unbalanced bank account? Well, synchrony bank just offers you a sigh of relief. Whenever there is a thing about credit card issuers, we mostly hear about American Express, Chase, Citi. But, Synchrony also has a good list of credit cards to choose from.

We will rank synchrony cards and let you take away one of the easiest synchrony card to get in this article.

If you are having store credit cards, then, there is much possibility of them being issued by synchrony bank. Let me tell you, according to the 2017 Nilson report, they are in the top 10 biggest issuer of credit cards in the US based on Purchase Volume and Outstanding balance.

Well, if you are looking to get the best card or just gathering info, you are at the right place. In this piece of article, we will be covering different and easiest synchrony cards to get as well some pros and cons of synchrony cards.

However, there are several cards issued by the bank. Synchrony cards are issued with the partnership to all types of industries. These industries may include the clothing brands to the local stores in the country.

The bank aimed to provide all types of support in terms of offering credit cards or financing programs to the customers. Let’s have a glance at some different synchrony cards they offer:

Easiest Synchrony Card To Get
Easiest Synchrony Card To Get

Easy to Get Synchrony Cards List

Below are some most popular cards worth having a look at based on your shopping and other retail habits.

Before starting to the detailed information, you can have a look at this table:

Easy to get Synchrony Cards: Good For: Bad For:
1.   Lowe’s Advantage Credit card: Getting a card with no annual fee.

Large home renovations. May be an interior designer.

Looking for everyday use.

Constructors or business owners.

2. Sam’s Club® Mastercard® Focus cash back earning.

No annual fee or foreign transactions.

No signup bonus.

Sams club members important to qualify.


3. Amazon prime store card:

0% interest financing option for both prime members or not. Rewards can be redeemed to amazon credit.


1.  Lowe’s Advantage Credit card:

If you are a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) things or frequently shop at Lowes’ this is the perfect card to get. More, if you are a person, didn’t hesitate to carry multiple cards at a time, lowe’s advantage credit card comes in favor.

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We cannot move further neglecting the amount of the discount it offers. Further, this card is the best choice if your budget is unbalanced, or you are renovating your home.

Lowe’s Advantage credit card just gives you a 5% saving on every purchase from Lowe’s store. For instance, if you have bought anything that costs $100; you will automatically charge $95 leaving you $5 to your bank. Isn’t it a cool offer?

In addition to all these benefits, this card can be included in the list of easiest synchrony cards to get because it comes with no annual fee. Moreover, it’s a store card which means it is much easier to qualify with the help of a shopping card trick. However, other credit cards might be tough to pull over.

You can leave the payment. For instance, if you are buying any home decorating product for $400, you can leave the payment up to six months―even if you are eligible to pay. However, these features are benefits that just work when you purchase at Lowe’s store.


2. Sam’s Club Mastercard

This is the best and secured option for someone who’s already a sams’ club member. To qualify for this credit card, membership is necessary or mandatory. But, you will not get any bonus points for shopping in Sam’s club store. Go for this card if only you have a lot of fuel, travel, and dining expenses.

The card features 5% cashback on the gas station, on the first $6K you spend on the card. After that, it is only 1% reward.  It will not benefit you for the Sam’s Club store shopping as it gives only 1% cashback. However, the rewards just stack up to the calendar and are added to your sam’s club account every February. This means no new reward every year.

The toughest thing, which let most of the people stay out of this hassle is the membership. The membership of the club costs $45-$100 depending on your level. Unfortunately, we cannot add it to the easiest synchrony cards to get as you may find it difficult to qualify the card if you don’t have a membership. Unlike other store cards, SCT does not work here.

3. Amazon prime store card

Well, if you are an amazon prime member this can be your best choice. But, if you don’t have a Prime account, you are not suggested to have this store card as you won’t be eligible to earn any reward.

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When it comes to the feature and benefits the account gives the best reward. If you are a prime member and update works with amazon prime at the time of applying, you will get the best rewards of up to 5%. Moreover, you can split the amount of payment to equal months using financing features.

Well, there is so much for a prime member to have this card. Moreover, it can be the easiest synchrony card to get if you have excellent credit. Try shopping card trick before applying for the store card directly to see if you get better offers.


What Is The Easiest Synchrony Card To Get And What Credit Score Is Required?

Unlike other banks, this bank does not support SCT to the credit card approval. Moreover, we have tried to find that store cards like amazon prime store cards, or Lowe’s Advantage store card can be the best and easiest synchrony card to get.

Whereas, Lowe’s cards do not ask for any good credit score. Credit score of 640 or above can be the fair requirement to apply and maintain for Lowe’s card. However, as mentioned above, prime cards need excellent credit which can be higher than 640.

How To Get A Pre-Approval Using Shopping Card Trick?

If you have issues getting your card pre-approval, SCT is the best trick to apply. Firstly, you trick the retailer’s website to think you are going to purchase some thing by adding thing to your cart. Then, you normally proceed to checkout, as if you are going to buy the product. But, you are doing it only for the website to send you a pre-approved offer for the store credit card.

You will know you are on the correct path if you start seeing phrases like “Check if you pre qualify” or “will not impact credit score”. Then, with full confidence, click on the apply button and go fill the application.

Shopping card trick is particularly useful for people with low credit history or low credit score. As a result, these SCT cards may one of the easiest synchrony cards to get approved for.

This trick helps you get a pre-approval credit card during the checkout process from the store website. However, it does not work all the time. But, more often than not, you may land into a good offer this way. So, maybe it can work if you are having a hard time with a normal credit card pre-approval.

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Pros and Cons of Synchrony Cards

Pros of Synchrony Cards Cons of Synchrony Cards
There are enormous cash backs on the purchases, included home, goods, or any service purchase. No signup bonus
Cards manage multiple promotional financing over the same card. There is no annual bonus
Automatic redeemed of the cashback. 29.99% fixed APR.
Hundreds of options to fit your best need. The cardholder is between next or nothing
There is no annual fee to the cardholder.
Average yearly reward rate to the cardholder.
Store cards can save a lot like 5% of cashback to the purchase.



If you are looking for any financing program to resolve, these cards can be the best choice for them. Also, I will suggest to go with store cards as they just save you some percentage of all your spend in that store or a few stores.

Are you looking for easiest credit cards to get, other than Synchrony? There are a lot of options there. But, there are a lot of hidden gems in Synchrony’s list of store credit cards.

Synchrony is a big brand and it features consistently in the top 10 credit card issuers and in the top 10 by payment balance too. You can go ahead and apply without a doubt if you find a good fit credit card in their list of credit cards.

Finally, Amazon prime store card and Lowe’s advantage credit card are some of the best and easiest synchrony cards to get. However, there are tons of names and cards that do not feature in this list. We feature only the top Synchrony Credit cards that we think are useful to people, from our perspective. But, you can leave your feedback freely or share your experience with any of these cards or bank and we are open to hear.