Weiss Crypto Rating Places Ethereum Ahead of Bitcoin

Weiss Crypto Rating places Ethereum ahead of Bitcoin as the most premium cryptocurrency. There are thousands of altcoins to invest into. Weiss Crypto Rating helps us identify the top and safe coins or tokens with a good ranking mechanism.

The top Crypto rating agency has updated its overall crypto rankings for the month of August. Weiss considers hundreds of factors into their model, boiling it down to five important indexes. Capitalization, asset quality, liquidity, profitability and stability. They assign different weights to each of the factors to arrive at the final rank.

Weiss Crypto Rating Update

According to WeissCrypto website, Ethereum (ETH) now tops the list. Following Ethereum in the top 5 list is BTC – Bitcoin, ADA – Cardano, LTC – Litecoin and XLM – Stellar Lumens.

In addition, Weiss Crypto Rating names Cardano as the coin with the finest technology. However, when someone asked if there was a change in rating for Cardano because of the Shelley upgrade, this is what Weiss’ analytics specialist Juan Villaverde shared on Weiss Crypto Twitter account

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Shelley upgrade is already counted for, in Weiss’ Crypto technology model. Everyone had full confidence that Cardano will be successful with the fork. The model already calculates Cardano with capability of having smart contracts and decentralization applications on top of it. It’s just a matter of code update.

Cardano executes the fork successfully as everyone expects but it doesn’t reflect any change in the ratings. There needs to be something new in the roadmap to change scores significantly in the tech model. As Cardano matures with its smart contract capability and more dApps on top of ADA blockchain, then the ratings may change accordingly.


State of Cryptocurrency Market in Weiss’ View

Juan Villaverde, follows up with a blog post, on the state of Cryptocurrency market in the eyes of Weiss Crypto. According to him, there is much more upside left in this large uptrend as investors prefer investing in large cap cryptocurrencies with high liquidity.

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He has a strong criticism, which is totally fair, about poor projects still taking the top 100 list by market cap.

We’ve been seeing this pattern of consolidation for years, as the crypto market remains littered with low value projects that still populate the top 100 list of assets by market capitalization. The reality is many of these projects have no realistic path to success going forward

Small Caps generally wait for Bitcoin movement as an indication of a clear signal. We generally observe multi-bagger gains in small altcoin than the large cap cryptocurrencies, once the bull enter its mainstream frenzy stage.

The fact this recent rally we have seen yet has high concentration in large market cap cryptocurrencies explains us that people are investing with caution into the crypto market.

Weiss Ratings is a behemoth in wall street analyses and research for around 30 years. Crypto Rankings were first published first in the beginning of 2018. Take the Weiss Crypto Rating with a pinch of salt and don’t totally make your investments depend on it. You need to learn to DYOR before investing in high risk markets.

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