Visa Cryptocurrency Ambition Refresh

Visa Cryptocurrency ambitions have become more clear with their latest blog post explaining how they are advancing their Crypto plans. Building a platform that is currency agnostic will bolster Visa’s leadership position in the Payments tech industry.

In a blog post, Visa says it focuses on delivering value to individual customers, small or large businesses and all types of economies. So, this means they realize the character of cryptocurrency assets in driving the economy forward, well into the future.

Visa is rethinking how money transfers across countries with the help of new technologies and partnerships. And, digital currencies fit well within their vision to expand and support new versions of commerce. This is possible because of the strong blockchain technology.

It is really nice to see Visa quoting that Bitcoin is transforming the way we hold and store assets on blockchain.

The digital cash version crypto is fully in control with the holder through the private key is a remarkable achievement. Bitcoin was the pioneer which has been successful for more than ten years with no successful attacks on its blockchain, thus positioning itself as the most solid cryptocurrency asset.

They also fully understand the role of stablecoin which has a 1 to 1 peg with the fiat currencies like USD. So, they are providing a new path to work with the ever growing Cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition, they completely understand the potential to have more sound solutions for all user problems using blockchain.

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Visa Cryptocurrency ambition refresh will clearly define the company’s vision briefly

  • Secure, private, maintain integrity and trustable
  • Developing solutions that are not dependent on a particular network or currency
  • Aligning with Visa fintech (crux) capabilities

Visa Cryptocurrency Partnerships And Solutions

Visa is not entering into the space suddenly from nowhere. The payments behemoth is an existing player in digital currencies ecosystem, with a partnership between unicorn cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and Bitcoin rewards card company Fold.

Digital currency virtual wallets are planning to use Visa’s full range capabilities. As a result, you can instantly convert digital currency into fiat and transfer funds through your Visa account.

Visa Crypto

In addition, Visa’s FastTrack allows vendors to amalgamate with a merchant network of sixty one million, across the globe. Payments leader Visa exclaims this is just the start and have grand plans. Those include extensive support for cryptocurrency, with more news coming in relation to digital currency. However, they aim to develop currency agnostic solutions.

Visa has been constantly advancing or evolving their digital currency game plan for sometime. Their investment into Anchorage is a testimony to that value. Anchorage builds top security infrastructure in the virtual currency space

Visa believes that virtual currencies will become integral to people’s everyday lives across the world. As such, Visa want to take the leadership position in guiding the industry on leveraging digital money in future.

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As a result, Visa quotes it is closely working with regulators worldwide and policy think tank. Visa cryptocurrency ambition refresh is a necessary thing at this important juncture. It ensures fintech behemoth’s virtual currency master plan reflects its core beliefs for the payments space.

Finally, expect a lot of companies in the fintech space to quickly follow Visa and invest into cryptocurrency space. As we always say in the Crypto space, DYOR!

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