New United Gateway Card With No Annual Fee

United Airlines and Chase have recently introduced the new United Gateway Card. The card offers several perks to the holders. It lets you save on groceries and gas while stacking the reward numbers in terms of miles to win you the ticket to your dream destination for a vacation.


Annual Fee

The card offers a $0 annual fee. Several cards offer no annual fee to the customers, but fewer ones offer perks like the Gateway card. It gives its customer a number of discounts on groceries, gas, and other purchases while not charging them a single penny in return.

Along with no annual fees of the card, the Chase has also waived off the foreign transaction fee on it to ease off the customer traveling experience.


Sign-Up Bonus

The sign-up bonus is a lucrative plan if you have just added traveling to your wish list. The card offers the customer a 20,000 miles bonus on the MileagePlus program on your spending in 1st three months of the membership.

Once you spend $1,000, you can expect the deposit of 20,000 United MileagePlus miles in a few days in your United account. miles on your card, you have to spend $1000 in your 1st three-month membership. The Gateway card offers a return rate of 2 miles per $1 spent on your purchases on various points of sales.

With regular use of the card for your monthly shopping list, spending $1000 in three months is an easy requirement to meet. While swiping your card for your necessities is earning you the vacation to your dream destination.

The company is offering this perk for a limited time that ends on November 30, 2020.

The eligibility criteria for the card does not concern what type of cardholder you already are. The customers of TravelBank cardholder or another cardholder of the same brands are eligible for the card as long as they full fill the requirement of the 5/24 rule set by the Chase.

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Reward Structure On Gateway Card

For any no annual fee card, the Gateway card offers a variety of benefits to the customer in terms of miles earned and saving on necessities. The reward structure design gives the cardholder a maximum value to the spending through the card.

Gateway card offers from 1x to 3x MileagePlus miles on various purchases.

  1. For United purchases, gas stations, local commuting, and public transport, the new card offer 2 miles for every 1 dollar spent. The reward is 2x for these purchases.
  2. On groceries, the card can provide up to 3x miles on purchases of $1500 per month with the limited time offer that ends on September 20, 2021.

Besides, the cards also offer a 25% back on your in-flight purchases of food, beverage, or any other United purchase while traveling, making a good fit for your traveling plans.


What Does This New Launch Mean For The Existing TravelBank Customers?

The arrival of the newer version of the United TravelBank card, Gateway card, does not bother the already existing customers of its predecessors.

For TravelBank cardholders, the arrival of the newer card will not affect their previously stacked score of reward earned from the past shopping.

The only difference they will experience will be the conversion of their previously earned cashpoints into redeemable miles instead of cash that the travel bank has to offer.

The ones with the predecessors of gateway cards would also be able to redeem their treasures of saving through the newer card without any alteration to their numbers on the previous cards.

The TravelBank customers are eligible for holding the gateway card.


Is The Card Worth It?

The card comes under the 5/24 rule of Chase that states if you have been issued five or more credit cards on your name in the past two years, the bank will not let you have the next card.

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Knowing that you have a limited number of card slots to fill on your name, the question becomes more worthy of consideration. Is the card really worth over the others?

If you are a regular traveler or even the beginner one that has just found out his or her dream destination, the card is of great help while letting you save the ticket for your dream place. While you are spending your money on the monthly grocery list or even while using the transit while commuting to work, family, or friends, you are saving yourself a possible free vacation.

The card also offers a great return on your shopping at different stores across the country. While you stack the miles in reward for the swipe at the shopping center, the card lets you save money on a daily basis by offering a good discount on the purchase.

Knowing or anticipating your lifestyle and needs will help decide whether the card is worth filling the space in your wallet or not!


What Benefits Does This No Fee Card Not Give You?

While the annual fee waived off, the card may look like bliss at the moment, but it takes away some perks that you might not be able to enjoy.

The united airline does not offer the United Club Lounge access and free checked bags while traveling. Though the card saves you a good portion of your ticket through miles earned, with features like club lounge or checked bags, the ease of traveling will not be among the list of perks that are offered by the cards like United Explorer Card.

The United Explorer Card offers a $0 annual fee in the first year of membership and then later charges $95 per year. The card offers double the number of miles, 40,000 MileagePlus, on spending 2000 in 1st their months of the membership that makes earning a free ticket faster. Along with 40,000 miles perk, the card gives you the luxury of priority boarding. You can get your first bag checked for free and a $100 free-credit for TSA PreCheck. The Explorer card makes you save up to $140 on tickets buying for your roundtrips. It also provides the customer with two free access to United Club in a single year.

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United Gateway card offers impressive features for a card that has zero annual charges. Yet, it provides you with a number of benefits that may suit your needs and lifestyle. Other no fee annual cards are not as good as United Gateway card.

Just keep in mind about the Chase 5/24 rule and the limited slots you have in 24 months. Beyond that, there is also an enticing credit card sign up bonus to hook you up with new card.

The card best fits if you are a beginner traveler. Are you looking to save money for a trip to friends or family? You have the best use case to get the card.

Among many perks, the card gives you miles while commuting or doing groceries for a month. It can also save you a large sum on your groceries and gas. Also, as usual all United purchases will get that sweet bonus multiplier and add up to your savings.

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