Xinfin Network Crypto Review: 11 XDCE Interesting Facts

No doubt that smart contract blockchains have come a long way as a breakthrough technology within the financial industry. This has been made possible due to the capacity to yet transfer value all across borders at a certain fraction of cost and time over legacy systems. There have been numerous high-efficiency platforms that have emerged …

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Livepeer Review : 7 Clear Steps To Stake LPT And Earn Rewards

Livepeer is built as an ERC-20 token upon the Ethereum blockchain and it specializes in providing a platform for decentralized video streaming services. Let’s take a detailed look at Livepeer LPT in this Livepeer review to unlock maximum insights about the on-demand video decentralized platform that’s competing with Theta. What is Livepeer? Livepeer has revolutionized …

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TerraUSD UST Crypto Review : Best Interchain Stablecoin?

Terrausd Ust Stablecoin Crypto

Cryptocurrency and its exchange online requires hundreds of advancements and modifications to make sure that the world is keeping up with the technology. This required something new to be implemented in US dollars and a system that is scalable to another level. All of this led to the foundation of a new system of crypto …

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Ren Token Review : Republic Protocol, 3 Best Use Cases, Pros

Ren Token Republic Protocol

If you’ve been exposed to the cryptocurrency world, you may have come across terms like REN token, or ‘Republic Protocol’ (which are essentially related). For new users and returning users alike, it’s easy to get confused with the many products and services in the digital dimension — but worries aside, everything you need to know …

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Ethereum Improvement Proposal : EIP-1559, EIP-2537

Ethereum Improvement Proposal Review

On Ethereum — the most actively used, blockchain-based platform where users are granted access to develop decentralized applications and carry out fraud-free transactions, it is common to come across Ethereum Improvement Proposals, or EIPs for short. From what it is, to why it is significant to the Ethereum community, we have just the right information …

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Guarda Wallet Review – Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Guarda Wallet Review

What Is Guarda Wallet? Guarda wallet is the cryptocurrency wallet you are asking for. It is a versatile digital wallet that offers services like buying, exchanging, transferring, and storage of different cryptocurrencies. As for now, it allows more than 40 blockchain and their respective more than 10,000 tokens. Guarda is more like the metamask wallet …

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SushiSwap Review – SUSHI Token Review

Sushiswap Review Sushi Token Review

Defi projects and startups are in the trend these days. Why? Well, because they are exciting, and users are interested in the crypto world. The last year had some projects such as Aave ($AAVE), Uniswap (UNI), Synthetix (SNX) etc. New projects in this space keep coming. There are currently around $11 billion locked in different …

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DeFi Crypto Guide : What Is DeFi And Top DeFi Coins Review

Defi Crypto Guide

What Is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? DeFi is a short term that means Decentralized Finance. Talking about DeFi would take you into a deep world of virtuality. But, there is no need to dive into such complex words. You can get the idea just from a simple explanation. We will discuss the review as a beginners …

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Zerion : DeFi Asset Manager Review

Zerion Crypto Defi Review

“Zerion is the right product to bring DeFi to a mainstream audience.” – said Brad Burnham, Venture Partner at Placeholder. Zerion is a universal non-custodial interface. It allows users to lend, invest, borrow, swap, and more with DeFi. If you are looking for your favorite crypto defi wallet to connect and manage your assets, Zerion …

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Smart Contracts – Beginners Guide Updated 2021

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the answers to make your complex transactions easy. Industry leaders and Blockchain experts have been figuring out ways to use Smart contracts in blockchain to make the transactions easy and accurate. If you are looking for smart contracts explained in detail, you have come to the right smart contracts guide.   What …

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