Nebeus Review – Instant Crypto Backed Loans – Crypto Lending Platform

What Is Nebeus?

Nebeus is a globally recognized cryptocurrency platform. Regarding that, it offers many services. Here, you can borrow, buy, sell, exchange, or rent cryptocurrencies. Besides, you can also mobile top-up with nebeus. It is a secured crypto lending platform for any amateur and professional cryptocurrency holder. Some of the best Nebeus competitors are BlockFi and Celsius Network with both crypto earning interest through lending and crypto borrowing loan options available. Let’s take a quick look at Nebeus review to understand the platform fully.


Is Nebeus Anonymous?

No, it is not anonymous. You need to provide proper basic information to register. After registration, you have to verify a mobile number with the verification code. Later, you have to provide national ID or passport information before making any deal.


Who Owns Nebeus?

Konstantin Zaripov and Sergey Romanovskiy are the founding members of Nebeus. Sergey Romanovsky is leading the business as the co-founder and CEO. Michael Stroev is holding the position of COO and Head of Product. They are backed by the British Business Bank as their leading investor.


How Does Nebeus Make Money? Instant Crypto Backed Loan

For every service, Nebeus charges a fixed or a percentage amount as a fee. For every buy-sell transaction, you have to pay a fixed 0.75% fee. The interest fee stands between 6%-13.5%. It is their simple term of making money. Check out their “fee” section to find out the detailed rate.


Nebeus Instant Bitcoin Loan

Let’s talk about the loan system in our Nebeus review. There are two types of loans available. Quick and flexible. A quick loan is limited to up to 500 Dollar, EURO, or British Pound and requires limited collateral. It has a 3-month duration with a 0% interest fee. There is also a 5-days early return option for quick repayment. On the other hand, a flexible loan is fully customizable as per your choice and it needs collateral.

A flexible loan plan starts from any value. There is no initial limit, you can go as much as from 50% to 80% of your crypto value. The APR (fee and interest) stands from 6%-13.5% depending on the loan amount. The loan duration is flexible from 1 month to 36 months as per choice.


Nebeus Instant Bitcoin Loan Without Collateral

There is no collateral less instant loan from Nebeus. Nebeus does not offer any loan without collateral. You have a quick loan option without paying any interest. Else, you can go for a flexible loan that offers 50%-80% LTV with more flexibility but there is a 6%-13.5% interest fee.


Nebeus Instant Ethereum Loan

Now, we are going to describe the Ethereum loan in our Nebeus review. The loan policy for ethereum is the same as bitcoin. There are both quick and flexible loan options available. You can get from $50 to $500 in the quick loan. Collateral is required for a quick loan. The duration will be 3 months and there is no interest fee as well.

On the other hand, a flexible loan is fully customizable as per your choice. The duration will be up to 36 months. There is a 6%-13.5% charge depending on the loan amount. The loan amount starts from any value you want and there is no end-limit. You can go as far as 50%-80% of your crypto value.


Nebeus Crypto Wallet

So far, we have described Bitcoin and Ethereum in our Nebeus review. You need a virtual crypto wallet to use those currencies. A Crypto wallet is a virtual store where you can stock bitcoin. It is safer and trusted comparing other options. A wallet provides you full control over the currencies. Nebeus offers two crypto wallet options. Cold wallet and hot wallet. There are some major differences between a cold and hot crypto wallet.

A cold wallet is the most secure wallet service for the users. Basically, it is an offline wallet that is not connected to the internet. Hence, there is less chance to be hacked. Depending on the market status, a user can stock the cryptocurrency for a long time. Generally, this is due to the global currency conversion rate.

Users want to store bitcoin at a lower rate and exchange them when the rate goes high enough. Thus, a cold wallet is the best service they can ask for. It keeps the private key and currency safe from any kind of harm.

On the other hand, a hot wallet is an online store that is connected to the internet. Even though the security is as good as a cold wallet, it has a higher risk of getting hacked. But there are other advantages as well. Hot wallets have access to both private and public keys. So, a user can easily make a transaction like storage, transfer, or receive a token.

A hot wallet is rather popular due to instant access and transaction facility. Though it is online, that makes it vulnerable to hacking and other harmful stuff. Follow our Nebeus review to learn more versatile usage of a crypto wallet.

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Nebeus Savings Account

People used to store their cryptocurrency for the highest profit. But, the market situation can change at any time. The currency rate can go much higher but it can also go down within a short period. So, the chance of gaining and losing is always 50-50. Considering that, depositing crypto value into a saving account is the best way to deal with these unknown circumstances.

Nebeus saving account or nebeus bank is like an account that does only renting. You store your cryptocurrencies into the account as savings and rent them to Nebeus. They use it and in return, you get a healthy profit. Because of that, you can earn some extra cash without risking or losing any of your crypto value.  Follow the Nebeus review to learn more about Nebeus renting system.

For a saving account, Nebeus offers a 6.45%-8.25% annual profit in return. Although, the rate has different deposit terms. But still, the rate is much higher than most of the crypto service providers. While waiting for the market to rise, a Nebeus savings account using rent service is the perfect opportunity to earn a good amount of revenue.


Nebeus Crypto Exchange

A crypto exchange is pretty similar to a wallet in terms of storing but there are some major differences. Keep your keen eye on the Nebeus review to learn about the crypto wallet. Unlike a wallet, an exchange is more like a service from the website where you can do buying or selling, and convert real currency like USD, EURO into cryptocurrency.

Think of it as a bank where you have a store but the services depend on multiple users and systems. The first thing about exchange is control. Unlike a crypto wallet, you don’t have full control over the exchange. You can put your stock for the service and the website will do the rest.

Although, the major feature is converting currency. Unlike a wallet, Nebeus crypto exchange service lets you exchange real currencies into cryptocurrency. With this, you can earn real money by exchanging or even store cryptocurrency from real money.

Once you sign up, you will know a lot of trades being done by crypto bots. The next step is to learn how to develop a crypto bot to trade for you. If you feel you don’t have the skills, then it makes sense to review the best crypto trading bots built by crypto expert companies.


How To Sign up For Nebeus Account?

In our Nebeus review, we have the sign-up process for you. Signing up for Nebeus is easy. Go to homepage and look at the top-right corner. You will see the option “open account”. Click it and you will be redirected to the “sign-in” page. Look at the mid-bottom and you will see the “sign up” link. Click it and the account creation page will come forward.

From there, it is pretty much the same as regular websites. You have to provide information like name and surname. Then you have to provide an email that hasn’t been used before.

Then you have to create a password for your account. It should be a complex one for safety. Using uppercase, lowercase, number, and more than 8 digits are a good follow up. Then select your county. Next, accept their terms of use. Doing all these, click on the “create account” menu and you are ready to go. Follow the Nebeus review to learn the next log-in step.


Nebeus Login Process

Nebeus login is as easy as you are expecting. First, go to homepage. You will see the “login” option. Click it and the page will be redirected to the “sign-in” page. Write down your email and password within the given space. Click the “login” option and it is done.

If you forget the password then click the “forgot password” button just over the “password” option. It will let you verify the account through an email confirmation. Then you can reset and set up a new password.


What’s The Process For Applying A Nebeus Crypto Loan?

You can learn more about a loan in our Nebeus review. Now, let’s talk about the process to apply for a nebeus loan. You need a registered account to apply for a loan. If you don’t have a registered account, follow our signup and login process. Another important fact is, you need to have currency in the wallet. Currency can be either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Make sure you have verified your account. To apply for a loan, you can go to the loan page directly from the menu bar on the left side. The third menu on the list is the loan page. It may vary depending on the site update but you can get that anyway.

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On the loan page, there are two loan options, quick loan and flexible loan. As you already know that every loan needs collateral. In a quick loan, select any of the given values like 50, 100, 250, 500. The value is available in EURO, Dollar, and British Pound currency. All the external terms are given on the loan page.

The flexible nebeus loan option is right beside the quick loan. You have more set up options there. Loan amount, collateral amount, LTD, Loan term, are the selectable option. Put your desired value there. There are two other boxes below them. They are monthly repayment and interest fees. They will passively change depending on the selected values.

After selecting all the available options, click on the “get a loan” and it will be done instantly. Follow the Nebeus review to learn more about other features besides the loan.


Nebeus Review

As we have talked about Nebeus and its service, it is time to give a proper Nebeus review. Nebeus is one of the popular platforms to deal with your cryptocurrency. There are options like buying, selling, renting, exchanging, and even more.

They have a clean and beautifully decorated website. It is easy to use that comes with an all-in-one feature. Their interest fee and other benefits are more than most of the crypto platforms offer. An overall summarized discussion will help you to grasp everything easily. Let’s talk about the Nebeus review at a glance.


Ease of Use At Nebeus

According to our given Nebeus review, they offer necessary services to a cryptocurrency holder. Recently, Nebeus has updated all their services and terms. They have updated the website and all the components. The interface design is pretty minimalistic and professional. You can easily select or search for anything.

As a reminder, all the services are described on the homepage. You can redirect to the service page from there. Creating an account and getting verified is as easy as possible. Even more, the user-friendly interface makes it easy even for a beginner.

The next part is identity verification which is pretty complicated in most cases but not for Nebeus. You can easily be verified with your NID or Passport. Talking about services, they have an individual page for each service. You can rent, loan, or exchange. There is another mobile top-up option as well.

Each page holds a clear description and user-friendly interface to get the service done. For a loan, put all the desired amount and get the nebeus loan as fast as you would expect. It goes the same for the rent and exchange as well. There is wallet information available on every page so that you don’t have to go to the dashboard every time.

The dashboard is what contains all your activity statistics and progress. Use it for an overall view of your activities. Nebeus offers flawless security and connectivity to add any value to a credit card end the other way around. Nebeus app is another service to get access from anywhere.

So, overall, Nebeus provides you the most efficient service and security along with a smooth transaction facility. The interface is user-friendly enough that even a beginner will get everything under control without any hassle. You just need verification and valid credit to start with Nebeus, it is as easy as described.


Nebeus KYC Requirements

Before the requirements, you have to know about the KYC. KYC expands into “Know Your Customer”. It has some requirements to control and prevent any abusive usage of the site from the users. It ensures safety and helps to detect any illegal transaction or activities. The KYC requirements are below.

  •         Full Legal Name
  •         Home address
  •         Personal Mobile Number
  •         Social Security Number (SSN)
  •         Proof of Identity (National ID Card, Govt. approved Licence, Passport)
  •         Verified Date of Birth
  •         Any necessary documents or verification for external usage.

These are requirements and the Nebeus authority has the authority to update any requirement as per need.


Crypto Yield At Nebeus

Many users lend their cryptocurrency  (Bitcoin and Ethereum) to earn an extra profit. Following that, the crypto yield is a strategy where you use the current crypto value to earn more value without losing anything. It is the same process as lending but yielding means doing it with a strategy for the highest profit.

In Nebeus, lending your cryptocurrencies for an annual profit is the only yielding system. You can rent the crypto value by depositing them. There are two deposit options for different profit scales. Learn more about the rent in our Nebeus review.

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You can deposit 0.006 BTC or 0.3 ETH   for 3 months with an annual 6.45% profit. Else, deposit 0.35 BTC or 18 ETH   for 6 months with the highest 8.25% annual profit. As long as you don’t commit any scam or illegal transaction, yielding is allowed in Nebeus.

Remember, you need to learn how to reduce crypto taxes legally, once you start earning more Crypto.

Although, most yielders constantly change their cryptocurrency platforms to earn the highest profit. There is no specific strategy for it, you have to use your strategy through practical earning experience. Make sure to avoid any illegal activities while yielding. Else, you may lose the account immediately.

There are not just crypto lending platforms but you can also earn more crypto via staking it. Congress has even asked IRS to clarify taxation on staking rewards and make it easy to encourage the new domain to grow.


Nebeus Tokens Acceptance

Besides the nebeus coin, the nebeus token was accepted pretty well and it was pretty easy to create one. But, there is no update or information after the recent update. If Nebeus decides to let users use tokens then it will be approved in all available platforms.

There will be a token option where you can put the desired amount and just click the create option. It will generate a nebeus token for you.


Nebeus Pros Vs Cons

In the Nebeus review, let’s talk about their pros and cons directly. You will get proper knowledge about their incredible offerings.

Pros Cons
Simple and user-friendly No clear instruction about Nebeus-token
Multiple services like rent, exchange, loan are available available Cryptocurrency options are limited
Mobile top-up is available Online wallet security needs improvement
Secured and Fast transaction Need collateral for any type of nebeus loan
No interest charge for quick loans Limited transaction without a fully verified account
High profit for yearly crypto rent  
Instant and Flexible loan plan available  
Both hot and cold wallet available  
Perfect for beginners and experts  
Active NYC verification procedure  
Supports EURO, Dollar, and British Pound as real currency  
Two-factor authentication available  


Takeaway – Is Nebeus Safe?

At the end of our Nebeus review, let’s give an overview of them. Nebeus is a professional platform to make the best use of your cryptocurrency. Not only do they have so many great features but they are trustworthy as well. First of all, they have an eye-catching and clean website. Even for a beginner, all their instructions are pretty clear and understandable.

Anyone can easily create an account using the sign-up option, log in for an existing account, and change the password. Nebeus has multiple services to deal with your cryptocurrencies. First, they have two types of nebeus loans like quick which is a short amount for a short duration. There is no extra charge for a short loan.

Another one is flexible for any amount within a 36 months period. You need to deposit collateral for any nebeus loan. The next service is renting crypto values. If you want to have a saving account or yield cryptocurrency then rent them to Nebeus. You can earn 6.45%-8.25% interest over the year depending on the deposit amount.

You can also exchange your cryptocurrency with real currency and vice versa through the exchange option. Another amazing feature is the mobile top-up. You can recharge from your wallet anywhere at any time. Nebeus offers both cold and hot wallets for crypto storage.

Every user has to be verified with necessary documents and information before doing a transaction. Thus, Nebeus makes sure to keep every user within their track along with keeping their privacy safe. They follow KYC requirements to prevent any illegal activities.

Considering all of their capable service quality and instant availability, Nebeus is amazing and safe for every professional and amateur cryptocurrency holder. Let’s give it a shot. Maybe, this is the platform you are looking for. Follow our Nebeus review to learn everything about them.

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