Matcha Crypto : Best Smart Order Routing DEX?

What Is Matcha Crypto? 

Matcha is a simple decentralized crypto trading platform designed for everyone. Matcha has an automated process of handling orders which is called Smart Order Routing.

The aim of this process is to take the best available opportunity throughout the range of different trading venues. Matcha aggregates liquidity from different sources like 0x, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis and many more. Matcha is powered by 0x a place where tokenization combined with global peer-to-peer markets helps to eliminate the geographic lottery and unlock the latent human potential.


Who Founded Matcha Crypto? 

Matcha crypto is founded by Chris Kalani who is a product designer & entrepreneur from San Francisco. Chris also had past 2 professions including founder & CEO at Wake which was acquired by InVision in 2018. Before starting at Wake Chris was a designer at Facebook where he worked on the growth engagement team.


When Was Matcha Crypto Created?

June 30th 2020 is the date when 0x protocol – a leading DEX liquidity aggregator has officially launched Matcha. However, it followed the months of closed beta testing from the community which features a small window of free transactions.


Matcha Crypto Investor

0x is the investor of Matcha crypto, 0x is a decentralized exchange protocol that developers can use to build their own crypto currency exchanges and post them online.

The mission of the 0x is to create a world full of tokenization and is decentralized where network value flows freely. ZRX is a great infrastructure for the wildly blooming crypto economy with decentralization and helps create new markets with ease.


Matcha Crypto Price 

Matcha finds the best prices for DeFi traders by using 3 components under the hood to find better price than DEX aggregrators and individual DEXs.

The first one is that Matcha takes a look at prices across all decentralized exchanges and market makers to explore best prices for you at that particular time.

As soon as the best possible price is found, Matcha utilizes its smart order routing that makes sure your trade is routed in the most efficient and quick manner.

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Last but not the least, to reduce your transaction cost even further Matcha employs gas tokens and meta transactions. This way, you will save hugely on ETH gas fees.

All of these functions happen automatically and are abstracted away for your stress-free trading experience.


Is Matcha Crypto Decentralized? 

Yes, Matcha is a decentralized finance or DeFi platform that promises to get best rates on currency exchange for crypto traders. Matcha do this by using “0x API” technology to check 17 decentralized exchanges or DEXs at once.

Matcha finds and executes the best prices for your trades which often requires. Put simply, if you are looking to exchange one kind of crypto currency for another, DEX aggregator like Matcha gets you better prices than directly going to a single DEX platform.


How Does Matcha Crypto Works? 

Matcha is a decentralized exchange or DEX aggregator which is built on Ethereum. Matcha sources liquidity from DEXs like Uniswap, Balancer, Curve and many more to offer the best token-swap rates to traders.

Matcha DEX has the functionality to optimize the slippage factor, lower swap fees and optimize token prices which offers the best rate for traders.

For example, a token swap deal with transaction between many DEXs may be able to get a trader a better price than just a transaction on one single exchange.

Primary aim of Matcha is to provide a trader the best swap rate from a group of DEX within the shortest period of time. Matcha also aims to protect traders from price slippage and also tries to reduce possibility of failure in transactions.


What Is Matcha Crypto Used For? 

Matcha is a DEX aggregator built on top of Ethereum blockchain. It can help connect and source liquidity from multiple DEXs like Curve, Balancer, Kyber and Uniswap. Matcha is an useful tool for finding the best rates for the traders across various networks. 


What Makes Matcha Crypto Unique? 

On other exchanges, navigating to markets requires a couple of clicks into different drop-down menus to find the assets you are looking for. But on Matcha you’ll find a token shortcut and a search bar which makes it easy to navigate.

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For example, you can quickly type whatever token or pair you are looking for in the search bar to jump immediately into that market to start your trading. On Matcha there are hundreds of assets with 1000s of different pairs you can trade.

So, Matcha aims to make it as fast as possible for traders to find and navigate to whatever markets they’re looking for with less interactions.


Is Matcha Crypto A Good Investment? 

Matcha has spontaneous access to Uniswap, Kyber, 0x mesh, Curve, Oasis and other DeFi protocols. Traders get benefits from price comparisons in an automatic manner. Also, Matcha splits trades automatically between different liquidity sources to make sure traders get the best price when they purchase.

Matcha’s user education focus makes it even more unique than other exchanges. Most of the other exchanges just add many random trading pairs and never have any documentation or information on what that crypto is all about and how to use it.

Matcha wants traders to have a comfortable feeling and have a good understanding from the beginning by explaining what’s going on with simple English language and making effort to protect trader funds.

For example, Matcha shows you an order review that has all details with estimated slippage factor, value loss and transaction completion time approximately to avoid surprises after you make the transaction.


Where Can I Buy Matcha Crypto? 

Currently Matcha does not offer the ability to purchase crypto with flat currency. Although this is a highly demanded feature, and Matcha is actively working to make it possible in future. 


How Do I Invest In Matcha Crypto? 

However, if you are looking for ETH to make your first trade on Matcha I recommend that you buy it from a centralized crypto exchange operating in the United States like Coinbase, Binance, eToro and many other exchanges.

Once you have ETH transfer it from the exchange’s custodial wallet to one of Matcha’s non-custodial wallet and then connect it to Matcha.

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Matcha Crypto Staking

Matcha Crypto Staking will start once Matcha airdrops its token. There is no plan yet as said by their founder on Twitter but it should be here anytime soon.


Matcha Connect Wallet 

Matcha supports all Ethereum wallets since it runs on Ethereum blockchain without any modification. It supports Web wallet, Mobile wallet and Desktop wallet. Find out all the wallets that Matcha supports below. 


How Do You Make Money With Matcha Crypto? 

Matcha is a marketplace for crypto currencies or blockchain investments that is totally open sourced. Nobody is in control at Matcha, instead buyers and sellers deal with each other on a one-on-one basis via peer-to-peer trading applications.


Matcha Crypto Alternatives 

Matcha has many competitors, top 10 alternatives of Matcha are listed below. 


Matcha Crypto Social Media Handles


Matcha Crypto Review

Matcha is truly a trader friendly decentralized exchange aggregator which always aims to provide best rates to traders. Matcha is built with simplicity and ease of use from the very beginning.

The homepage features important tools like token shortcuts and search bar which makes it easy to navigate. Matcha also supports hundreds of tokens with thousands of trading pairs. Find out how you can save more on Matcha here.

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