Xinfin Network Crypto Review: 11 XDCE Interesting Facts

No doubt that smart contract blockchains have come a long way as a breakthrough technology within the financial industry. This has been made possible due to the capacity to yet transfer value all across borders at a certain fraction of cost and time over legacy systems. There have been numerous high-efficiency platforms that have emerged …

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Livepeer Review : 7 Clear Steps To Stake LPT And Earn Rewards

Livepeer is built as an ERC-20 token upon the Ethereum blockchain and it specializes in providing a platform for decentralized video streaming services. Let’s take a detailed look at Livepeer LPT in this Livepeer review to unlock maximum insights about the on-demand video decentralized platform that’s competing with Theta. What is Livepeer? Livepeer has revolutionized …

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TerraUSD UST Crypto Review : Best Interchain Stablecoin?

Terrausd Ust Stablecoin Crypto

Cryptocurrency and its exchange online requires hundreds of advancements and modifications to make sure that the world is keeping up with the technology. This required something new to be implemented in US dollars and a system that is scalable to another level. All of this led to the foundation of a new system of crypto …

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Ethereum Classic suffers 51% attack twice in five days

51% Attack

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain has experienced a second 51% attack in a week. This is not normal for a blockchain that is in top 25 cryptocurrencies, at the time of writing. What is a 51% attack? A 51% attack is a hard attack on a blockchain to manipulate and double spend the cryptocurrencies on …

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Ethereum Final Testnet Medalla Goes Live


Ethereum Medalla, the last public official testnet, runs for the next 3 months before the mainnet Ethereum 2.0 comes into picture. It went live on Aug 4 2020 aiming to help Ethereum complete a smooth transition in 3 months period. Based on this, the launch date of ETH 2.0 is expected to be November 4, …

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Celer Network Review : Best Layer 2 Scaling On Ethereum?

Celer Network Review

Progressing through the years, new brilliant crypto projects have launched to enhance blockchain experience and promote the evolution of worldwide cryptocurrency usage. From insurance services to digital exchanges and development tools, the crypto world has a lot in store now. An exciting new addition to the DeFi world is Celer Network; the latest technology aimed …

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DeFi Centralization Problem

Defi Centralization

DeFi Centralization issue is a great pain in Crypto purists’ decentralization minds. MakerDAO community elected to have a portion of DAI’s peg to the Centralized US Dollar pegged stablecoin, USDC amidst the brutal mid-March coronavirus market crash. Now, an Ethereum address holding $100K worth of USDC is on a deny list by CENTRE. Centre is …

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Ethereum Review : ETH 2.0, ERC-20, ERC-721, Decentralization

Ethereum Review

What Is Ethereum? If you are interested in cryptocurrency then Ethereum has to be the most popular name you have heard of. You should know that every cryptocurrency platform is directly or indirectly connected with a blockchain. As for Blockchain, it is the mechanism that holds the record of any digital asset and its transaction. …

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xDai Review : 3 Unique Tokens Model, xDai Stake, Pros, Cons

Xdai Review

Amongst cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are without a doubt, the ideal type designed to efficiently reduce the volatility of crypto prices. These coins have values pegged to another stable asset. One such well-known stablecoin, Dai, allows users to carry out transactions with one Dai approximately equivalent to one US dollar. But gaining popularity as a better alternative …

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