Coinbase Looking To Add 19 New Cryptocurrencies


Unicorn Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase had disclosed at the end of July 2020 that they are reviewing 19 cryptocurrencies. These are potential coins up for listing on Coinbase Pro, and eventually on Coinbase. Interestingly, most of the tokens up for a potential listing are DeFi coins. According to Coinbase’s announcement, potential new crypto assets include mostly …

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Beefy Finance Review : Best DeFi Yield, BIFI Token, BEP20

Everyone in the Crypto world has heard of Binance – the popular digital currency exchange that has been functioning for many years now. Binance has a US specific crypto exchange, Binance US. Beefy Finance runs on top of Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. Running parallel to the main Binance blockchain, the independent Binance Smart …

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GoldFinch Finance : GoldFinch Protocol, Best Collateral Free Loans?

Goldfinch Finance Protocol Review

Goldfinch Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) credit platform that offers collateral-free crypto loans. This is the missing piece in the puzzle which enables crypto lending for a handful ofhandful amount of people around the world. This organization is named after the European Goldfinch, a bird that reflects the guiding principles of trustworthiness and constancy. …

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DeFi Centralization Problem

Defi Centralization

DeFi Centralization issue is a great pain in Crypto purists’ decentralization minds. MakerDAO community elected to have a portion of DAI’s peg to the Centralized US Dollar pegged stablecoin, USDC amidst the brutal mid-March coronavirus market crash. Now, an Ethereum address holding $100K worth of USDC is on a deny list by CENTRE. Centre is …

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xDai Review : 3 Unique Tokens Model, xDai Stake, Pros, Cons

Xdai Review

Amongst cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are without a doubt, the ideal type designed to efficiently reduce the volatility of crypto prices. These coins have values pegged to another stable asset. One such well-known stablecoin, Dai, allows users to carry out transactions with one Dai approximately equivalent to one US dollar. But gaining popularity as a better alternative …

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Dharma Crypto : Dharma Wallet, Dharma App, 1.5% Fees, dToken

Dharma Crypto Review

With the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies, the number of people interested continues to grow, including those who are completely new to digital finances. And as such, a variety of systems that make cryptocurrency usage much easier have come forward. Dharma — a convenient system for automated crypto orders owned by Dharma Labs Inc., has enabled …

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Pancakeswap Review : Uniswap SushiSwap Competitor BSC

Are you looking for a unique food-themed Defi protocol? We have the best recommendation of PancakeSwap for you, a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX. It is quite similar to Ethereum’s SushiSwap, but at the same time, it even incorporates various other features to earn handsome rewards. Let’s get into a deep discussion related to the Pancakeswap …

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ShapeShift Review : Swap Crypto, Wallet, Exchange, DeFi

Shapeshift Review

What Is Shapeshift?  Shapeshift is a digital exchange platform that allows you to swap crypto currencies in pairs. It was founded in 2014 by Erik Voorhees who is considered as one of the pioneers in developing and promoting such platforms and a strong advocate of giving investors full freedom and control of their crypto assets. …

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Cream Finance Review – 3 Best Exchanges To Buy $CREAM

Cream Finance Review

While checking out the cream finance guide, one may stumble upon seeing the word cream. Well, C.R.E.A.M in Cream finance expands to “Crypto Rules Everything Around Me.” Cream finance is a clone or a fork of compound finance, but it is better. Cream finance review is a beginner’s guide to know exactly what it does. …

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