Can You Buy Bitcoin At CVS? 7 Easy Tips For BTC Purchase

Cryptocurrencies are growing all the time, and many people want to start now. If you are still a beginner and confused when buying BTC, you need to know the access where you can buy BTC easily. But don’t worry because you can buy bitcoin at CVS.

Bitcoin (BTC) can now be purchased at select CVS, 7-Eleven, and Rite Aid and is only limited to the United States. You can buy Bitcoin at stores like CVS, and what made it possible was an ATM from LibertyX. If you have the LibertyX app, you can use the store locator and find the nearest location that provides Bitcoin ATMs.

To find out more info about buy bitcoin at CVS, you need to read this article to the end.

Buy Bitcoin At Cvs Pharmacy Store
Buy Bitcoin At Cvs Pharmacy Store


How To Buy Bitcoins With Cash At CVS?

Bitcoin can already be purchased at CVS because LibertyX launched a bitcoin cashier service and is already in the CVS store. Before you buy CVS Bitcoin, you must create a LibertyX account via the mobile app and must provide your BTC address.

Once you have registered and can access your LibertyX account, you need to find a retailer close to your location and head there. Select the “add cash now” feature, and users can buy BTC according to what they want.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin At CVS Store?

You can buy bitcoin at CVS using LibertyX ATM, which can be accessed from the mobile app, then you need to go to the store for the next step.

CVS Crypto will be processed after you select the “add cash now” feature, and the app will issue a barcode where the cashier can scan it. After the scan process is complete, you have to pay a cash amount. BTC will enter your wallet a few moments later.


Buy Bitcoin At CVS Store

If anyone asks about “can I buy bitcoin at CVS,” you can answer and tell a simple way when buying bitcoin at CVS. In the LibertyX app, a feature is provided to search for CVS Pharmacy®, which already has a Bitcoin ATM cashier service that you can use when buying bitcoin using cash.

There have been 20,000 buying centers, 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States since 2014. Retailers such as Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy®, and 7-Eleven can already be your destination when you want to exchange cash for BTC.

You need to remember that you must have an active wallet and a LibertyX account to process BTC purchases with cash at CVS.

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How Do You Buy Bitcoins At CVS?

The most frequently asked question is, “can I buy bitcoin at CVS with cash?” and the answer is “Yes” by using the LibertyX app.

Create a free account via the LibertyX website or the LibertyX app. After the account is ready, you can search for the nearest CVS store from your location that has been integrated with LibertyX for the Bitcoin buying process.

Don’t forget to fill in your BTC address before heading to the store to complete the purchase.


How Can I Buy Bitcoins At CVS With Cash?

Are you still confused about the steps on how to buy bitcoins with cash at CVS? I will provide a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you.

How to Buy Explanation
Create a LibertyX account Go to LibertyX website or LibertyX mobile app and create a free account.
Enter BTC address BTC addresses can be obtained from the exchanges and wallets you use.
Start Purchase, select retailer, tap “add cash now” Select CVS stores near your area. The barcode will appear for processing at the store you selected.
Scan barcode Give the barcode to the cashier and pay according to the amount you want.
Retail service fee There is a $4.95 service fee or selected miner fee that is deducted from your deposit.
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Final Verdict On Buy Bitcoin At CVS

Buying bitcoin with cash is very easy with the help of LibertyX, which has launched Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin cashier service in the United States since 2014.

All you have to do is use the LibertyX app to find retailers close to your location. Follow the steps to earn BTC in no time.

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