Algorand Review : Decentralization, ALGO Price 10 Yrs, Pros

Want to know how smart the Algorand Crypto has stood out to outshine the other cryptos in the US, check our full Algorand guide here for free. ALGO got an early listing in Coinbase Pro than even some of the largest competitors like Cardano. Without much further ado, let’s get started with our Algorand review.

What Is Algorand Crypto?

Algorand is a cryptocurrency brought into market by the Algorand company. It was designed to rule out transactions costs incurred by other cryptos and to benefit users with easier, faster and secure transactions. Differently from other cryptos, it utilizes the Proof-of-Stake protocol which is discussed here below. 


Who Founded Algorand?

Silvio Micali is the coin’s founder, a professor and a computer scientist in the MIT university. He is a keen researcher on cryptos and holds the three most recognized awards in the US, the Godel prize, the RSA price and the Turing award.


When Was Algorand Crypto Created?

In 2017, Silvio Micali made the Algorand crypto while at Boston which saw him win the ACM award that year. Two years later, he created the Algorand coin.


Algorand Investors

According to statistics from the Crunchbase, this private company has a permanent management of six members. Ideally, the Algorand crypto coin was created to earn profits which it has, according to the Algorand review given out by the Medium. It has a total of 22 investors including three main shareholders.


Algorand Price

With the current market value of $1.09, Algorand is positioned at the 31st place among all Cryptocurrencies ratings. But that is a tremendous improvement in its price having increased incredibly from $0.1 in just less than two years. Its lowest recorded was at $1.067 and $1.124 highest. 


The Algorand reviews are giving a positive expectation of its price rise in future.


Is Algorand Decentralized?

Yes, Algorand is decentralized. In fact, this was part of the reasons ALGO was invented. It is neither influenced nor powered by any controlled forces. Refer to this Algorand guide from Algorand foundation here for more.


How Does Algorand Crypto Work?

I have got you covered in every way, check the comparison table below for a clear and a precise description. As shallowly said in brief, it works under the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. 


Proof of Stake(PoS) examples: Algorand coin Proof of Work(PoW) Examples: Bitcoin, Ethereum
Stakeholders influence the coin relatively to the amount they hold. The more the tokens withheld, the more the influence caused. Influenced entirely by blocks which are determined by miners who successfully show their PoW through mining which happens in about 10 minutes.
Any members can earn rewards provided they are online and have a stake.  Only the first to solve the block puzzle, through mining equipment, earns and benefits from the block that everyone else was trying to solve.
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What you need taken care of is checking the daily Algorand crypto news from all the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is always handy to view the Algorand crypto opinions from other traders in their Algorand reviews.


How Many ALGO Tokens Are There In Algorand?

In circulation, there are more than 2.2 billion Algo coins in all the exchange platforms, while the maximum supply is set at 10 billions.


What Is Algorand Used For?

Initially, it was created to promote the development of crypto-related applications. Due to its level of integrity, as from the Algorand review given out by the Accesswire, it’s platform is used in real estates and microfinance in the US.


What Makes Algorand Crypto Unique?

Its name of tune is the ability to exercise the Proof-of-Stake protocol, which benefits all its shareholders. Again, Algorand is the first crypto to possess all these three key qualities: scalability, speed and security. See the general explanation from the Algorand coin designer here.


Is Algorand A Good Investment?

Yes, Algorand is a good investment. Check out our Algorand price prediction below.

Starting from a friendly environment to all investors by creating a common pool of funds shared among the members, awesome security and great returns.


Where Can I Buy Algorand?

Thanks to its massive global community which has enhanced its popularity to rank among the first 40 of all the 4000+ cryptos. As an investor in the US, you can buy Algorand tokens through any deposit methods that you personally prefer. The best sites to buy Algorand cryptos are these listed below:

  • Coinbase
  • Bitit 
  • Kraken
  • CoinBene

If need be, look at the Algorand reviews of these platforms to have ideas of your expected experiences given by past users.


How Do I Invest In Algorand?

To maintain it short and brief, these are the four basic steps:

  • Open an account, in any major cryptocurrency exchange platform which support the Algorand crypto pair
  • Buy a safe wallet like Ledger or Trezor. If you are just investing a small amount, you can go to the next step.
  • Buy the Algorand crypto coin through either a market order or a limit order
  • Invest in your coin by holding it to sell at a higher price either for a long-term or a short-term


What Is ALGO Token?

It is the token created by the Algorand Blockchain as an estimation of its network’s worth, denoted with the sign $ALGO.  


How Many ALGO Tokens Are There?

Only about 20% of the total number of Algo tokens are in circulation which in numerals are about 2 billions compared to the set total number of these tokens at 10 billions.

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Is ALGO An ERC-20 Token?

The short answer is no, Algorand by itself has a native token, $ALGO, on its own blockchain, which is similar to the Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens.


How Do I Get ALGO Crypto?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mine Algorand and that leaves us with only two ways:

  • Being a stakeholder of the Algorand foundation, Algorand developers developed the official Algorand wallet which you can access here.
  • Purchasing the coin from the platforms which trade it

Common pairs to trade include BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP and USD, which you can trade them in all the listed exchange platforms such as ;


Can I Stake Algo Tokens?

Absolutely, yes, you can stake Algorand tokens!

Read the different Algorand reviews of websites to avoid staking them in ponzi schemes.


How Do You Make Money With Algorand?

If you own some cryptos in your Algorand’s network wallet, then you are automatically entitled to a yearly income yield of about 6% of the coins you hold. You are also expected to earn more if you participate in the network or transact more.


Is Algorand Crypto Legit?

Yes, definitely! It is crystal clear who created it, when it was created, how it has performed in it’s market trends, and most importantly. Moreover, it is listed in all the major global cryptocurrency trading platforms. Please take caution when referring to Algorand reviews supporting unrecognized sites, you might get scammed.


Algorand vs Cardano

I will base the approach of comparison first with their similarities, differences in a table format, and finally narrow down to the conclusion and the best overall.


Technical Analysis Algorand Cardano
Founders Silvio Micali IOHK 
Date Launched 2017 2015
Consensual protocol Proof-of-Stake Input-Output-Hong-Kong(IOHK)
Transaction costs per transaction $0.002 $0.007
Stakeholders’ rewards 6% 4%
Listed platforms Binance, Kraken, Coibase Pro, Huobi,Bitfinex, Bittrex and others Huobi, Latoken, Binance,, Upbit, Okex, Kucoin and much more 
Current price  $1.09 $1.15
Latency measure Above 5 seconds Lower latency
Trasnasactions per second More than 1000 Currently between 5 – 7


From the above neck and neck comparison, it is somehow hard to give the winner. However, if we base the debate on the Cluster Points, starting from the transactional costs to the investment form, then the Algorand wins. Other ways you can learn much further is by engaging into the Algorand review discussions in the Algorand crypto Reddit website.


Algorand Crypto Price Prediction

After the 30% rise in value when the Algo coin was first introduced in Coinbase, it left many investors puzzled. But the unshakeable coin has maintained its upward trend with an expected price value of $2 by the end of this year. It is expected to rise up to $7 by the end of 2025. Considerably, the price is expected to maintain an average of $2 at the end of the year. ALGO could reach $25 before 2030.

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Algorand Wallet

For a long term Algorand coin investment, consider creating a wallet for easy holding, receiving and fast transactions. The Algorand wallet is well just more than safe, easier to use and connect with other assets designed with the Algorand blockchain.


Algorand Crypto Alternatives 

As a key competitor to the Ethereum blockchain, its top five rivals include: Hyperledger, Blockcypher, Kaleido blockchain, IBM blockchain and Corda. If at any case you are inconvenienced while trading the Algorand tokens, consult the Algorand guide through the link attached above. Share your Algorand review with the Algorand’s website or social platforms for assistance before considering the alternatives


Algorand Crypto Social Media Handles

Apart from its main website, this organization is currently connected to top nine most popular social media websites: 

  • Facebook – @Algorand Foundation
  • Linkedin – @Algorand Inc.
  • Twitter – @Algorand
  • Telegram – @Algorand
  • Youtube – @Algorand
  • Medium – Algorand
  • Algorand community – @Algorand community
  • Reddit – @AlgorandOfficial
  • Discord – @Algorand

Might you be interested in following the Algorand cryto news or leaving your Algorand reviews, then, do so by following the Algorand’s social media handles.


Final Verdict – Algorand Review

The overall rating is an eight out of 10 and is one of the Undervalued cryptocurrencies with our Algorand review. It places Algorand crypto coin among the top 20 in the overall positioning. It’s rated highly for the exceptional team of service it has, a nine out of 10 actually.

Please feel free to share out your Algorand crypto opinions through the social media handles attached above.