What Is A Cold Wallet? 4 Effective Cold Wallet Comparisons

If you have a friend who’s into Crypto, then there is no chance they wouldn’t have told you about Cold wallet or Cold Storage at least once. Sure, they could have used another word for it or a sub type of it like hardware wallet or paper wallet or software wallet. So, What is a … Read more

Bitfi Wallet Review : 6 Cool Features – Bitfi Vs Ledger Vs Trezor

Bitfi Wallet is a hardware wallet that is completely safe and helps you keep your crypto safe.  It is completely wireless and self claimed to be the world’s first unhackable crypto storage. It offers higher security than other storages in the cryptocurrency market. This simple storage does not require any technical skill, download or installation … Read more

Are Crypto Wallets Safe? How To Keep Crypto Wallets Safe? 3 Secure Ways

Are crypto wallets safe? As cryptocurrency became popular and people started investing, it got the attention of potential hackers and cyber thieves for easy targets. People who are new to cryptocurrency and invest sometimes get robbed and get their funds stolen. This happened because they did not know the overall system well. Cryptocurrencies are driven by … Read more